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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 83 - Maybe There’s A Better Way

Chapter 83: Maybe There’s A Better Way

FN was one of the top racing car clubs in the country. Their racing teams had gotten champion in national-level races more than once.

If Ji Shu were to be signed to FN, he would then be a professional racer.

He liked racing a lot, and it had always been his dream. Now, with FN knocking at his door, it seemed to be a golden opportunity.

Ning Li stopped writing.

“What are the conditions?”

The delight in Ji Shu’s tone was obvious as he explained, “The basic contract is already 5 million per year, and the bonus from racing and other endorsements are considered extras.”

5 million was not enough to move Ji Shu, but he liked the sound of the deal. Moreover, if he got the racing bonus and other endorsements, it would be a considerable amount of income, so it was quite tempting to him.

Ning Li simply grunted as a reply.

“What does NULL say?”

She sounded nonchalant, which felt strange to Ji Shu as she should not be reacting so indifferently.

After all, they had known each other for quite some time now, and she should know how important this contract meant to him. He thought that she would be happy for him.

“NULL said it’s up to me.”

NULL would accept racers on his behalf from time to time, but they were mostly underground races. When it came to professional races, he was never involved.

Ji Shu sensed something in between Ning Li’s words. “Sister Lili, is the…condition not good enough?”

“No.” Ning Li paused for a moment before she added, “I’m actually thinking about FN. They are not good enough. If you are calling to ask for my opinion, I only have one piece of advice for you: don’t sign it.”

Ji Shu did not expect her to say that.

He had already planned to negotiate the terms with FN, so he was actually calling to inform Ning Li of the good news, but who would have thought that she would say no?

“No, wait, why not? Why not, Sister Lili? That’s FN that we are talking about.” Ji Shu was baffled.

While it was every racer’s dream to join FN, Ning Li had said no precisely because it was FN.

The racing club was famous, especially in recent years. All the racers that it signed on were amazing and performed outstandingly. However, none of those glorious achievements could make up for the owner’s mistake.

In Ning Li’s past life, Ji Shu had also joined FN around this time. Everything was smooth at the start and he even won a few national-level championships. He was young and brave back then, and he achieved a lot in a short period of time.

However, just when he was about to lead the team abroad for a race, the owner of FN got into trouble because he was caught doing drugs.

The entire FN group was involved, and all the related personnel, including Ji Shu, were arrested for investigation.

He was unable to make it to that year’s national-level race, but it was not just one race that got affected; his life was severely impacted.

After the owner of FN was arrested, the media launched furious attacks at the group and FN sank into the whirlpool of condemnation. The public called them a ‘den for junkies’.

FN eventually went bankrupt and the racing team was disbanded, but the worst had yet to come.

What robbed Ji Shu of his prestige was his urine drug screening report—it returned positive. He was knocked off his precious pedestal overnight and became someone everyone resented.

However, the report was actually tampered with. Even though Ji Shu did another screening test to prove his innocence, it was too late to change people’s impression of him. Henceforth, he was permanently banned from the racing league.

FN was not somewhere he should go.

“I know, but there is more than one racing club. FN is not the only one.”

Ji Shu was a great racer with potential. If FN had their eye on him, most racing clubs would love to have him.

He flipped his hair, feeling rather moody because of what Ning Li said.

“The others are simply not as good.” He liked FN the most but since Ning Li voiced her disapproval…

Ning Li had a glance at the calendar.

“Well, why don’t you wait it out? Maybe you will find something more suitable. The contract usually lasts 3 to 5 years, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.”


Ji Shu might have been a year older than Ning Li, but he always behaved like an obedient little brother in front of her. Despite being a proud and arrogant person, there were only a handful of people who could tame him, and Ning Li was one of them.

Ning Li could tell that Ji Shu was a little disappointed. She said with a smile, “If they really want you on their team, they won’t mind being turned down the first time. Maybe there’s a better offer waiting for you, like an offer from LY.”

“LY?” Ji Shu scoffed. “Sister Lili, you really dream big.”

LY was another prestigious racing club that was considered even bigger than FN.

“LY only signs 2 racers per year, and they have already used up their slots this year.” While Ji Shu might be confident in himself, LY was still a distant goal for him.

Ning Li chuckled. “Who knows?”

Ji Shu should receive an offer from LY next month.

Ning Li had actually met the owner of LY and found out that they had the intention of recruiting Ji Shu from the start. Unfortunately, back then, Ji Shu had already signed with FN, so they were forced to give up on him.

Footsteps came from outside the door.

“I have to go now,” Ning Li announced.

Ji Shu simply answered with a soft grunt.

Right after Ning Li hung up the phone, knocks came from her door.

“Ning Li? Can you open the door?”

It was Su Yuan.

Ning Li walked to the door and saw her mother standing outside. She was still wearing the same white outfit from the day, so she had probably just come back from outside.

“Yes?” Ning Li was as cold as ever, and it made Su Yuan frown.

Nonetheless, Su Yuan decided to calm her emotions because she had her reason for approaching the girl.

“Do you have time to talk? I want to have a chat.” She seemed to have reverted to the elegant and delicate Mrs. Ye. It was quite rare for her to show this side of hers in front of Ning Li.

“Just spill it.” Ning Li did not budge as she had no intention of letting her mother into her room.

Still, Su Yuan insisted on entering. “Ever since you came, we’ve never sat down and talked properly, so why don’t we go in first?”

Ning Li stared at her and scoffed, “It’s fine. We’ve never really talked in the past few years, but we still came this far anyway, didn’t we?”

Su Yuan felt uncomfortable as if something stung her in the heart. She never thought that Ning Li would be this stubborn and difficult to teach. She had tried to lower herself and be as gentle as possible, but Ning Li did not appreciate her effort at all.

Neither of them was willing to take a step back, and the limbo lasted for a few moments.

In the end, Su Yuan decided to take a step back because she was not here to argue with her daughter.

“Fine. We’ll talk here.” She took a breath and arranged her words before she said, “Did you go to the horse-racing club with Second Master Lu today?”

Finally, Ning Li knew why her mother was here. She said nonchalantly, “No.”

“No?” Su Yuan frowned in disbelief. If she had not been with Lu Huaiyu, who else could it be?

Cheng Xiangxiang and Ye Cheng had said that she was with Lu Huaiyu during the day and that the man had even lent her his helmet and knee guards.

“It’s okay to tell me about it. You don’t have to—”


Su Yuan did not utter the last word, but the look on her face was self-explanatory.

Ning Li found it disgusting. If Su Yuan did not believe her, why even bother asking?

The moment Su Yuan realized that the conversation was heading towards a dead-end, she changed the topic.

“Then, what about your riding skills? Where did you learn how to ride a horse?”

Although Ning Li curled her lips, she did not look like she was smiling.