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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 819 - Glory!  

Chapter 819: Glory!

This wave of overtaking was too sudden. Just a moment ago, everyone had worried that Shen Li’s ranking would remain at this level until the end of the competition. Who would have guessed that she would immediately pass two cars at a single turning!

Then, before they could react, she rushed to the second bend!

The pure black racing car made an extremely beautiful drift and passed two cars in a row!

The moment she rushed out of the corner, Shen Li’s ranking immediately jumped from sixth to fourth!

The atmosphere in the huge venue seemed to freeze for a moment, and all the noise seemed to have frozen with it.

Everyone had been caught off guard because she was too fast!

Then, in this strange silence, Shen Li came to the third bend!

This would also be the last bend before the finish line!

Without giving anyone time to catch their breath, she quickly lined herself side by side with the car in front, before overtaking it without hesitation!

Without any pause, like a gust of wind, at a strange angle, she glided smoothly through the bend!

She passed two cars in a row!

The engine roared, and the pure black racing car flew out of the bend and rushed onto the last straight section of the track!

The distance to the finish line was within reach!

At this moment, only Ji Shu was left in front of Shen Li!

After a short period of dead silence, the whole field seemed to be boiling and burning up!

“F*ck! Three bends and six cars in a row! Isn’t this some kind of miracle?!”

“Awesome, awesome, awesome! Today’s race was worth watching! It was really worth it!”

“I didn’t even see it clearly. She already passed the other cars?!”

“LY is going to win this time! This is such a blast!”

Cheers and screams continued, and someone began to shout her name.

“Shen Li!”

“Shen Li!”

“Shen Li!”

At first, it had only been one or two voices, but gradually, more and more people were driven to join in.

Almost everyone stood up in excitement, their faces and eyes unable to hide their excitement!

The passion!

The fervor!


This is the background color that belonged to this arena!

When the drivers who were now behind Shen Li saw how quickly she had overtaken them, they were shocked and immediately began to try and catch up!

However, by this time, Ji Shu and Shen Li had entered the final section of the straight track!

It would be hard to overtake here, let alone overtake these two!

The many people in the stands were eagerly looking at them, their cheers were like the waves of the sea that were getting louder and louder! The cheers were so loud that the sound seemed to cover the whole stadium!

Several cameras were also focused on the same spot.

The drones flew past at a high speed, but even these could not catch up. From the angle of the camera, all that could be seen were the red and the black racing cars that were speeding towards the finish line!

Finally, in a moment, Ji Shu was the first to cross the finish line!

Following that, Shen Li followed closely behind at the distance of one body!

All at the same time, an unprecedentedly loud cheer erupted from all directions!

Both cars flew past the finish line and rushed into the overwhelming enthusiasm and grandeur!

Shen Li slowly stopped the car and looked forward.

Ji Shu had already gotten out of the car and was turning around.

There was a wide smile on the free and unruly youth’s face.

Behind him, the black and white checkered flag that was being waved exclusively for the champion was fluttering in the wind.

“Sister Li!”

He raised his voice and called out to her. Then, he raised his right hand high and gave her a thumbs up.

This flag!

This victory!

This championship!

His name was engraved all over it!

Everyone was watching this scene.

Then, they saw the young girl get out of the car and casually take off her helmet. The breeze blew and lifted her hair.

The blue and white racer uniform outlined her tall and slender figure. The sunlight shone just right showing off her face that was so clear and bright.

The cold look of her brows relaxed and the layer of aloofness in her eyes silently shattered, which was then replaced with endless joy.

Her eyes curved up and she gave Ji Shu a thumbs up.

“Ji Shu!”

Today, there was endless glory!

The camera recorded this scene, so countless people saw this smile, the flag, and the raised hand.

Then, as if by some kind of tacit understanding, the audience in the stands gave a thumbs up one after another.

Endless noise surged and resounded in their ears.

“Shen Li!”

“Ji Shu!”

“LY is the champion!”


The live stream’s bullet screen was already flooded with celebratory fireworks.

[ Ahhhhhhhhh! LY is the champion! ]

[ I’m going to cry, sob sob sob! That last half of Shen Li’s lap was so amazing! My heart is still beating wildly! ]

[ Me… Me, me too! My hands are shaking as I’m typing! I’m just so excited! ]

[ Ji Shu is the champion! LY is the champion! ]

[ Shen Li is also the champion in my heart! ]

[ + 1! ]

[ + 2! ]

[ + ID card number! ]

One after another, the cars behind them also arrived at the finish line.

Yu Pan was in third place, and he was also the only driver who had gotten points for FN in this match.

Perhaps it was because he had been overshadowed by Shen Li in the end, the expression on his face was very unpleasant.

Lu Siyu had performed well and ended up insixth place.

He got out of the car and went straight to Shen Li and Ji Shu’s side. It was clear that he was also very excited.

“Sister Li! Ji Shu! We won!”

Shen Li looked up at the big screen in the center of the venue, which had recorded the results of all the drivers.

She laughed.

“Your performance was good.”

Lu Siyu was very happy to receive her encouragement, but he scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Thank you, Sister Li! But compared to the two of you, I’m still a long way off!”

Ji Shu hooked his arm around his neck and carelessly laughed.

“It won’t be that easy to catch up to Sister Li. Brother, you still have to work hard!”

The audience in the live broadcast room finally realized what was going on.

[ Ji Shu and Lu Siyu’s faces are full of admiration. Could it be said that they are both like Shen Li’s little brothers? ]

[ It’s so obvious! Do you even need to ask? ]

[ So, when Yu Cheng provoked Shen Li previously, the reason the two of them didn’t say anything wasn’t because they didn’t get along with Shen Li. Actually, it was because they knew that Shen Li could completely crush Yu Cheng mercilessly and were too lazy to bother with him? ]

[ Hahahahahaha, I think the person above speaks the truth! I think so too! ]

[ Wait, wait, wait! Yu Cheng seems to be heading towards Shen Li! What is he trying to do? ]

“Shen Li.”

A cold and deep voice came from the side with suppressed anger.

When Shen Li heard the voice, she turned her head and saw that it was indeed Yu Cheng.

At this moment, his gaze was extremely cold and sinister.

It was obvious that after being suppressed by Shen Li for four and a half rounds, his heart was already filled with resentment.

Shen Li looked at the big screen. Yu Cheng, 11th.

Tsk, it seemed that even without her suppressing him in the latter part of the race, his state of mind had also collapsed.

“So, did you think it was very interesting to target me in this way?”

Shen Li blinked.

“Oh? Didn’t you say before that you felt sorry for me because you might not be able to see me in this competition?”

Yu Cheng’s face stiffened.

Then, he saw the lips of the young girl opposite him curve upwards.

“This time, have you seen enough?”