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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 816 - She Wasn’t Here to Compete, She Was Here to Control the Competition   

Chapter 816: She Wasn’t Here to Compete, She Was Here to Control the Competition


Shen Li’s actions at this turn instantly attracted the attention of many people.

“Wait! Wasn’t Shen Li slow before she entered the turn?”

“I think so too. At that time, Yu Cheng had been about to overtake her! In the end, Shen Li suddenly increased her speed before turning the corner and cutting off his lane! All he could do was continue to follow behind!”

“What the h*ll? Does that mean that she slowed down just now not because her entry skills were bad, but because she had done it on purpose?!”

“On purpose? No way? On the racetrack, it’s a race for time. Who had that kind of time for leisure?”

“Then what was the meaning of her slowing down before speeding up again just now? Besides, she passed the first two bends beautifully. Why did her skills suddenly become bad after she overtook Yu Cheng?”

The chaotic noise and the sound of the engine intermingled, almost causing the entire venue to be filled with excitement!

Those with discerning eyes could already see that something was wrong.

The drivers on the field could feel it even more clearly, especially Yu Cheng.

He stared at the pure black race car in front of him, feeling as if there was a ball of fire in his chest. He was shocked and angry.

He was shocked that Shen Li had caught up so quickly. He was also angry that she had clearly done it on purpose!

Yu Cheng had seen Shen Li drive in Hong Kong City before. He knew very well that Shen Li had some skills.

However, he had never expected her strength to be so strong!

How long had it been since the start of the race?

They had not even finished one lap and had only just passed the third corner, yet she had already rushed in front of him!

After all, she had been the last one in the starting line-up!

In other words, she had flown all the way from the last position and replaced him as the fifth!

All within such a short period of time!

After realizing that he had been overtaken by Shen Li, he had only one thought in his mind: he had to overtake her!

The next turn would be very suitable.

This was not his first time participating in a rally. Adding to that in his race experience and training sessions, he had run the Beining Racetrack many times, so he could not be more familiar with the road conditions here.

He was fully confident that he could overtake Shen Li again by relying on the curve.

He was even prepared to step on the accelerator and zoomed forward when the time came!

Who knew that Shen Li would be one step ahead?

She suddenly increased her speed, widening the gap between the two of them. Not only had she deprived him of the right to overtake, but she had also blocked his path in front, forcing him to continue to follow behind and reduce his speed. It was extremely frustrating!

After this turn, the track was in another straight line.

Yu Cheng took a deep breath and sped up without hesitation, wanting to overtake the pure black race car in front!

However, Shen Li had come all the way on the straight line racetrack. How could he possibly outrun her?!

Several of the cars in the first echelon sped past along the straight line racetrack, one after another. The loud roar ignited the stands, and even the wind seemed to have become extremely swift!

What was worth noting was that there was no change in their ranking during this period.

Ji Shu was still in first place. Yu Pan was one spot behind, and he was hard on his heels yet he still could not break through.

In third and fourth places were the drivers from the other teams.

Shen Li was in fifth place, and Yu Cheng was in sixth.

This scene looked very normal, but for some reason, it made people feel that something was not right.

Someone whispered to each other.

“Why do I feel that something is weird?”

“In what way is it weird?”

“I can’t tell. Anyway… anyway…”

At the moment, Ji Shu was the first to arrive at the fourth corner!

It was an extremely beautiful turn, drawing a smooth red arc on the track!

Many people in the stands shouted his name.

“Ji Shu! Ahhhhhhh!”

“Ji Shu is so cool!!!”

Yu Pan was firmly being suppressed by Ji Shu. No matter what, he could not seize the opportunity to seize the lane and overtake him. In the end, he could only follow behind Ji Shu and slide into the turn.

To be able to compete with Ji Shu, there was no doubt about the standard of his skills. However, Ji Shu’s turn had been been very exciting. In addition to his already high popularity, he was now even more eye-catching and was much better than Yu Pan.

After the two of them were the drivers in third and fourth place.

After that, it was Shen Li and Yu Cheng!

Everyone clearly saw that as they approached the turn, Shen Li’s speed had slowed down again!

She had originally been two cars ahead of Yu Cheng, but at this moment, the distance was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Countless gazes were focused on the two racing cars, one pure black and one bright yellow!

From afar, the bright yellow racing car was getting closer and closer until it was about to overtake the car in front!

It was at this moment that Shen Li stepped on the accelerator to turn the corner again to increase her speed!

Once again, she cut off Yu Cheng’s lane and forced him to retreat!

At that moment, the car that had originally been ranked seventh took advantage of the fact that Yu Cheng was being crushed by Shen Li and suddenly accelerated forward!

Due to the extremely fast speed, the car made a huge turn and barely brushed past the edge of the lane!

Just a little more and the car would cross the track. However, it was precisely because of this aggressive momentum that the car was able to overtake and jump to fifth place!

Now, Shen Li was one place behind in sixth place while Yu Cheng fell to seventh place.


Yu Cheng could not help but curse.

This Shen Li had to be f*cking crazy!

Instead of thinking about how to win, she was using all her means to completely suppress him?!

However, Shen Li did not care that he was exploding in anger.

With a smooth and flowing tail, Shen Li rushed out of the bend first!

Even though she was slightly behind in the rankings, she was still suppressing Yu Cheng!

If it no one had noticed it in the previous bend, everyone understood it by now.

In what way was Shen Li here to compete? She was just here to play with Yu Cheng!

Several cameras were filming and recording everything, so the situation on the field was clearly displayed in front of the audience.

After Shen Li had pushed Yu Cheng to seventh place, she then rushed out of the bend with ease and the entire live broadcast room exploded.

[ F*ck! She did that on purpose, right? She must have done it on purpose! ]

[ Really… My whole family is shocked! How can a race be played in this way? What the h*ll is happening?! ]

[ It seems like her target is the one from FN, Yu Cheng, is it? How did he offend Shen Li and become a target like this? ]

[ Has everyone forgotten that before the start of the race, Yu Cheng and the others had deliberately gone to provoke Shen Li? At that time, didn’t they say that because Shen Li was ranked last in the starting line, it would be a pity that they couldn’t meet her on the field? In the blink of an eye, he has been suppressed and crushed by her! Hahahahaha! ]

[ What about those people who mocked my sister for her lack of strength? Why are they all mute now? Why don’t they come out and show themselves now? ]

[ Pop, pop, pop! What a loud face-slapping sound! Hahahahaha! ]

Null had completely given up.

Sitting down with his elbows propped up on his knees as he supported his aching forehead with his hands.


All of his advice!

In the end, it had all been for naught!

The atmosphere was heated.

“I know what’s wrong! Earlier, Shen Li had overtaken Yu Cheng while they were on the straight section of the track until she was in front of Yu Cheng. However, she had not continued to increase her speed. Instead, she even maintained the same speed. It seemed that she deliberately wanted to maintain this position!”

“And that car in seventh place earlier, they only managed to overtake and get to fifth place because of Shen Li’s moves, right?”

“F*ck me… Is she here to compete, or is she just trying to control the competition?”