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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 815 - Her Race Had Just Begun

Chapter 815: Her Race Had Just Begun

The car was moving at an extremely fast speed!

In the blink of an eye, that streak of black had already passed several of the cars that had been in front of them!

It seemed to carry the wind with it as it rushed forward at a rapid speed!

Everyone was shocked, so much so that everyone in the stands fell into a dead silence.

After a moment of suffocating silence, someone finally came back to his senses. His voice trembled slightly as he spoke.

“W-what number is that? Who is that?”

The race had only just started, yet this driver was already driving at such a terrifying speed on a straight track?!

There was only one pure black race car in the whole arena, and more importantly, it was clearly chasing from the last position!

In the crowd, someone cried out,”It’s Shen Li’s car! That race car driver– it’s Shen Li!”

Just like a single stone that caused a thousand ripples!

Shen Li!

Three minutes ago, this name had been mocked and ridiculed by many of the spectators.

However, within this short period of time, the situation had been reversed!

When she had been ridiculed by Yu Cheng and the others, she had not explained herself.

When she had been booed by the audience, she had not said anything either.

From beginning to end, she had remained unmoved in the face of overwhelming doubt and contempt. It was as if she did not care at all.

However, it was only at this moment that everyone finally understood that it was true that she really did not care!

All the rumors, all the doubts, and all the contempt were crushed under the wheels of her powerful stance!

Everyone was hit with such a huge shock that they were all completely stunned.

Then, the entire arena suddenly erupted!

“F*ck! How can she be so fast!!”

“That must be a record-breaking start speed, right? She was only just in last place. It’s only been a short time yet she has already surpassed six… No…! Seven cars!”

“What the f*ck? I only glanced away briefly to look at the screen! How did she manage to fly past another car?!”

The last place in the starting line was a position that was almost destined to fail. It was also the most easily overlooked existence on the field.

However, at this moment, in just a blink of an eye, everyone’s attention was attracted to the pure black race car!

And… that young girl!

She was wearing a helmet, so no one could see her expression at this moment.

However, everyone could see that the pure black race car was flying over the racetrack at a high speed. Without any pause or hesitation, it passed one race car after another.

She was passing one opponent after another!

She was doing it so easily, yet so decisively!

The tires rubbed against the ground, and the black body of the car cut a smooth line as the engine roared.

All of these were enough for people to feel its threatening sharpness deeply!

In the live broadcast room, the countless people who had seen this shocking reversal were going crazy.

[ ????? ]

[ What happened?! Have I gone blind? How did I see a car overtake the other cars in the first section of the straight track?! ]

[ I must be blind too, I saw that car overtake more than one! ]

[ That car rushed ahead from the last starting position, right? Shen Li?! The driver who’s doing all the overtaking is LY’s replacement driver Shen Li?! ]

[ Amazing, really amazing! This is the first time I’ve seen someone overtake so many cars in such a short time! Who is this Shen Li? LY has been hiding such a trump card! ]

“Sister looks so good… Ahhhhhhh!”

“Sister, I can do it! I really can! I want to get into Sister’s car!”

Among the audience, Null knew that it was bad from the moment Shen Li had set off and quickly overtaken the car that had been in the penultimate starting position!

Yu Chengzhen had offended this little ancestor!

The people around them had already started a heated discussion.

“Isn’t this awesome?! How can she be so fast?”

“That’s right, everyone is on the same straight track, but her speed is so much faster than the others!”

“That car of hers was also provided by LY, right? However, no matter how you look at it, that explosive power is much stronger than Ji Shu and Lu Siyu! They’re from the same club. How is it that there’s such a big difference in their cars?!”

At the moment, the people who were watching the match in LY’s rest area were also stunned.

Manager Zhang opened his mouth and pointed at the track with trembling fingers.

“What… what’s going on?! That’s Shen Li’s car!”

All these had been shipped over from LY’s base. Why was Shen Li’s car so abnormal?

After a while, one of the substitute members seemed to remember something.

“Ah! Right! I remember that when Sister Li first came to LY, she had personally modified her car! However, after making the modifications, she had not driven it much. The last time she had driven it had been in that encounter with Coach Doyle–”

He suddenly stopped and carefully glanced at Doyle who was standing nearby.

At the moment, he was looking at the track with his hands behind his back. Only his back was visible. The expression on his face could not be seen.

“… Anyway, everyone had practically forgotten about this matter after that… Oh right, during the past two days, Sister Li also personally tuned that car herself.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately shut his mouth, and all the surrounding people went dead silent.

The relationship between a race car and a driver was extremely special.

In a certain sense, it was almost like a relationship between comrade-in-arms.

Therefore, every race car driver would understand and love their own car extremely well.

Professional racing allowed drivers to modify their own cars to a certain extent. As long as they met the inspection standards, everything would not be a problem.

As for breaking in and tuning the car, those were things that should be done anyway.

In other words, from beginning to end, Shen Li had only done what she could and should do as a race car driver.

However, these were the things that allowed her to swiftly take out each opponent, one after another, the moment the race had started!

Everything had been fair and square!

Null continued to stare at Shen Li’s car as he continued to pray in his heart.

Slow down!

You need to slow down!

However, Shen Li clearly could not hear what he was thinking, so she continued to maintain that shocking speed and continued to overtake her opponents!

Finally, they reached the first bend. With a swing of her tail, she managed to shake off half of her opponents!

Screams and cheers erupted from the audience!

After passing the second bend, Shen Li entered the top eight!

The competition had not even started that long ago!

“Shen Li! Shen Li!”

Someone shouted out Shen Li’s name.

Null’s temples throbbed when he heard it.

He could not help but take out his cigarette case even though he did not really want to smoke. His eyes were fixed on the field, his cigarette case tightly clenched in his hand.

They were about to reach the third turn.

At this moment, Ji Shu was in first place, Yu Pan was in second place, and Yu Cheng was in fifth place.

Without slowing down, Shen Li immediately passed Yu Cheng!

Null finally could not hold it in anymore.

“F*CK, F*CK, F*CK, F*CK, F*CK!”

What was this little ancestor trying to do?

Finally, as if she had heard his thoughts, Shen Li suddenly slowed down after passing Yu Cheng.

Seeing this, Null’s worried heart finally relaxed.

Luckily, she could still think rationally.

If she continued like this, she would basically–

Before he had time to be happy, Null saw Shen Li reach the next turn.

This was the key point in overtaking a car. Once the distance between the back car and the front car was less than the distance of half a car, the front car had to give way to the back car according to the rules.

At this moment, there was indeed only half a car’s distance between Yu Cheng and Shen Li!

Yu Cheng was about to force Shen Li to give up the lane!

However, Shen Li suddenly increased her speed! The distance between the two sides instantly widened!

In an instant, Yu Cheng was behind, and he had already entered the bend. He had lost the right to overtake!

In a moment, the pure black race car smoothly and quickly turned the corner in an extremely ostentatious manner!

The smile on Null’s face instantly froze. He immediately threw the cigarette case to the ground and rubbed his face in despair.


This little ancestor was just playing around!

For her, this race had only just begun!