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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 814 - She Came Through the Waves Like a Sharp Blade!   

Chapter 814: She Came Through the Waves Like a Sharp Blade!


How many times had he reminded this little ancestor to slow down in the past two days! She had to slow down!

He had even specially rushed over here from Lincheng!

He had thought that he had finally managed to persuade her, but then that idiot, Yu Cheng, had insisted on provoking her!

Moreover, it just had to be right before the match!

Null took a deep breath.

If she had been in a better mood, she probably would have listened. However, her encounter with Yu Cheng had been recorded by the camera. Those light and smiling words had really made his heart skip a beat.

He could not help but let out a muttered curse again.

Perhaps it was because the volume of his voice was not very soft, or perhaps it was because his tone was too harsh, some people in the surroundings looked in his direction strangely.

Those who were sitting near him had heard what he said, and a hint of uncertainty and confusion appeared in their eyes.

This man, was he talking about FN’s Yu Cheng just now? Who had Yu Cheng offended?

Moreover, with Yu Cheng’s background, it was always others who offended him. Was there anyone that dared to come out and say that he had offended them?

Null suppressed his anger and shut his mouth.

It just so happened that LY’s rest area was right in front of the stands.

LY’s manager, medical staff, and other members of the team were waiting there.

Of course, this included Doyle and a few of LY’s substitutes.

When he heard the commotion behind him, Doyle turned around to take a look.

Null turned his face to look at the field.

Doyle’s gaze lingered on Null for a moment before he hesitantly withdrew it.

He did not know if it was an illusion, but he felt that this person… looked a little familiar.

However, that person was wearing a cap and sunglasses, so it was difficult to identify him.

Doyle pondered it for a moment but did not really think much of it.

At this point, the audience erupted into cheers again.

Doyle’s attention was quickly diverted, so he dispelled the little feeling of doubt in his heart and turned back around.

It was Ji Shu’s time to move into place.

The total number of his personal points was only one point lower than Yu Pan’s, which meant that he was temporarily ranked second.

As long as he could beat Yu Pan in this match, he would basically be able to regain first place and officially become the champion.

His handsome, unruly face appeared on the huge electronic screen. The screams for him almost boiled over and were significantly more enthusiastic than before.

Ji Shu was indeed the most popular among all the race car drivers. Many of his fans were also present today.

A cold look flashed across Yu Pan’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared and was not captured by the camera.

One after another, the drivers behind them then followed to get into place according to the order of their total points.

One by one, the racing cars lined up in order. The sound of the engine set off a fascinating sound wave which made people’s hearts beat faster unconsciously, and adrenaline soared.

Mixed with the cheers and screams, it intertwined into a web of excitement and ecstasy.

It was only March, yet the atmosphere had become extremely hot.

Shen Li was walking when she spotted a familiar face out of the corner of her eye.

Yu Yu was also present.

She was sitting in the other corner of the VIP area. Today, she was dressed as elegantly as always, so people could see her at a glance.

Not far in front of her was the rest area for FN.

It was obvious that she had made this trip for Yu Cheng.

Since her cousin would be competing, naturally, her cousin had to show her goodwill and improve their relationship.

Shen Li’s red lips curved slightly. She quickly withdrew her gaze and stopped in front of a black racing car.

Then, she got into the car and looked up at the two largest electronic screens on the field.

The lights flickered, and in the next moment, her name was displayed on them!

Name: Shen Li.

Total points: 0.

Total ranking: NO30.

In front of her name, there was a small blue sketch of a race on a white background. That was the LY logo, which meant that she was a race car driver from LY.

At the same time, this also meant that she would be representing LY in this race!

On the screen to the right, her photo had appeared at the same time.

The young girl’s facial features were beautiful beyond compare, but her eyes were aloof and cold, giving off a faint coldness that would intimidate anyone from coming near.

The vast and lively venue suddenly fell into a strange silence at this moment.

This female racer, who was also a newcomer, had replaced Ron to represent LY.

Where did she gain the right to do so?

Boos began to come from the audience seats.

“Little Sister! This is not the place for you! It’s better for you to quickly step down now!”

“Is LY going to be okay? Are they really going to let her go on?”

“Once the competition starts, she won’t be crying if she loses, right? Hahahaha!”

All kinds of comments which were extremely ear-piercing were being said.

In the VIP seats, Gu Tingchuan’s expression had become frighteningly cold.

“What are they saying?”

Gu Siyang saw his expression and began to tremble.

“Second… Second Uncle! Calm down! The competition is about to start! We can’t let our cousin be distracted at this time!”

The last sentence finally persuaded Gu Tingchuan, but his tightly furrowed brows did not loosen, and a low pressure lingered around his body.

In fact, the entire atmosphere in this space had already frozen.

Gu Tingfeng was expressionless.

Gu Tingyun’s smile became even more gentle.

Gu Tinglan lightly tapped on his knee with one hand.

Shen Zhijin’s gaze was cold.

Gu Siyang could not speak.

What had he been thinking of when he had brought these big ‘Buddhas’ over?!

He turned around to take a look and once again regretted not going to sit on Second Master Lu’s side.


Second Master Lu had a smile on his face and he was sitting with a leisurely posture. It was so calm on his side!

On the other side of him, Yang Tao hesitated for a long time before he finally could not hold it in anymore. He turned his head and looked at Lu Huaiyu very seriously.

“Lu Er, don’t be like this. You’re scaring me.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly. His gaze was still on the young girl on the field. He smiled faintly.

“What are you scared of? Just watch the competition.”

Yang Tao was at a loss for words.

Suddenly thinking of something, Lu Huaiyu casually asked, “Oh, by the way, the owner of Beining Racetrack is also here today, right?”

Yang Tao did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu finally looked at him.

“I accepted his invitation to dinner previously.”

Yang Tao trembled.

“A long time ago, he wanted to visit you, but you refused! Now–”

“Yeah, well, I can visit him too.”

Lu Huaiyu spoke thoughtfully, in a cool tone of voice.

“It’d be good to ask him how he has managed this racetrack to such an extent.”

Yang Tao kept quiet.

He was thinking that he should not have sat next to him!

Shen Li did not mind the boos from the crowd at all.

She put on her helmet to hide the ripples in her eyes.


With a sharp sound, she fastened her seatbelt.

Then, like all the drivers in front of her, she started the car.


The sound of the engine burst into action! It was like thunder that made one’s heart waver!

Then, there was a loud bang!


The white race car that was first in the starting position immediately rushed out!

Immediately after that, the race car that was behind it also followed closely behind!

The first part of the race track was a straight line.

Generally speaking, everyone’s speed would be about the same on a race track that was straight. It would be at the bends where the distance between the cars would increase.

A huge wave of noise quickly erupted from the audience seats with screams and whistles!

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

“Yu Pan is indeed leading the pack! However, Ji Shu is also catching up very quickly!”

“It’s still hard to tell at this moment. Only when we reach the first bend will we be able to– F*ck!”

The people who were in the midst of a heated discussion suddenly stopped talking and stared at the field with their mouths agape.

On the track, they had seen a number of racing cars set off in unison.

Since they were in a straight line, they were unable to increase the gap between them. Almost all of these cars were maintaining the same ranking that they had as when they had first set off.

However, there was a pure black race car that was rapidly overtaking the other cars at an amazing speed!

It was like a sharp blade that was cutting through the waves!