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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 813 - Yu Cheng Had No Reason to Provoke Her!  

Chapter 813: Yu Cheng Had No Reason to Provoke Her!

As the person in question, Shen Li did not seem to realize how much commotion her appearance had caused.

She merely glanced at the camera before she quickly withdrew her gaze and continued to walk forward.

Perhaps it was because she was LY’s substitute driver, or perhaps it was because of her overly beautiful face, the camera was especially fond of her, giving her a close-up of almost ten seconds.

Through the camera lens, it could be seen that the young girl had not put on any makeup, yet her face was exquisite and perfect.

The brilliant sunlight shone down, and her delicate porcelain-white skin seemed to be translucent. Her raven’s feather-like eyelashes left a faint shadow on the side of her straight nose bridge, like a fluttering butterfly.

The light fell into the depths of her eyes, which were clear and deep. When she raised her eyes slightly, the corners of her eyes rose, bringing with them an unrestrained and unruly wildness that could not be controlled.

Just by standing there, she was like a natural luminous body that attracted everyone’s attention.

Countless people were looking at her, and all kinds of gazes fell on her.

Yet, she seemed to be unaware of it. Her eyes looked around languidly as she walked forward unhurriedly.

The race car drivers came to the parking area and drove their cars to the starting point of the race track.

“Sister Li, shall I go first?”

Ji Shu said as he turned to look at her.

Shen Li nodded.

According to the rules, the starting order of all the racers was determined by their total points.

Ji Shu ranked second in the total points of the previous eight races, so naturally, he would be starting in second place.

Shen Li was ranked last with zero points.

Just as Ji Shu and Lu Siyu were about to leave, a voice called out.

“Shen Li?”

Shen Li looked up. Ji Lyu and Lu Siyu also turned their heads to look over.

A few men in black and yellow racers’ uniforms came to stand in front of them.


The one in the lead was none other than Yu Cheng.

Standing to his left was a skinny young man with a buzz cut and a scar on his brow, giving him a sense of fierceness.

This was FN’s strongest racer– Yu Pan.

He had also placed first in the last race.

He was one of the very few among these race car drivers who could compete with Ji Shu.

The one on the right looked about twenty-six or twenty-seven and quite ordinary-looking. This was the oldest racer in FN– Li Wenbo.

His strength in racing was slightly weaker. He was basically in seventh or eighth place, and his level was close to Lu Siyu’s.

As for Yu Cheng… He was slightly weaker than Yu Pan, but he was already pretty good compared to most of the racers.

In addition, he was also the captain of FN’s team.

“I didn’t expect to see you here again. What a coincidence.”

Yu Cheng looked Shen Li up and down.

It had to be said that Shen Li looked very different now that she was dressed in a race car driver’s uniform.

Cold, distant, and untouchable.

It was as if she had finally torn apart the layer of a gentle and reserved appearance, faintly revealing an unrestrained and wild spirit.

Yu Cheng restrained himself a little because there were cameras all around them. However, Shen Li still managed to catch a glimpse of the cold and greedy look that flashed across his eyes.

The look in her eyes was slightly cold, but the corners of her lips curved into an extremely shallow arc.

“Not coincidentally, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

Yu Cheng and the others around him were stunned. They had not expected Shen Li to give such an answer.

This scene had been recorded by the camera, so their conversation was also clearly heard by the audience in the live broadcast room.

Bullet screens quickly flashed past.

[ What? What? What are they talking about?! ]

[ What does this mean? Has this girl been waiting a long time to compete? ]

[ Probably. Isn’t she just a rookie? This is a very rare opportunity for her today! ]

[ This is so funny. Who wouldn’t want to participate in this competition as a professional racer? I don’t know what LY is thinking by actually choosing such a person. They’re really not afraid of ruining their own reputation! ]

[ Well, the competition hasn’t started yet. Maybe this girl’s skills are good? ]

[ Pfft. If she had the ability, why would she still be a substitute? Why is she only filling in after Ron has withdrawn from the competition? Can you not speak up for her just because of her looks? There’s no benefit to looking good in this competition! ]

Yu Cheng could not understand Shen Li’s thoughts. However, when his eyes met her gaze, he suddenly recalled the scene in Hong Kong City.

The black supercar had rushed over at top speed, seemingly without a care in the world, as if it wanted to run him over. However, in the end, it stopped right in front of him!

Even now, when he thought about it, his heart seemed to race uncontrollably, and a deep sense of unease and fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

The bloody marks on his face from being scratched by the gravel had long recovered, but now, they seemed to feel like they were faintly aching again.

Yu Cheng’s eyes turned cold. He wanted to laugh, but he did not.

“Okay, then we’ll see you on the field.”

He paused and turned his head to look at the number of cars that were ready to go at the starting point. Then, he gave her a look of pity.

“Tsk, I almost forgot that you’re just a replacement driver. You have zero points, and you’re ranked last at the starting line. I guess we won’t have much of a chance to meet.”

These words were straightforward and unpleasant to hear, but this had always been Yu Cheng’s character. This statement of his could already be considered relatively “polite”, due to his consideration of the live broadcast situation.

Many people were keenly aware of the undercurrents between them.

It was to such an extent that it could almost be considered a tit-for-tat confrontation!

However, thinking about it carefully, FN and LY were rivals. The atmosphere and relationship between the drivers from both teams were indeed not much better.

However, what puzzled many people was that when they heard FN’s taunts, her teammates from LY, Ji Shu and Lu Siyu, did not show any unhappiness or anger.

On camera, Ji Shu could only be seen to raise his eyebrows. Lu Siyu’s lips twitched slightly, but in the end, no one said anything.

In the eyes of everyone, this meant something else.

[ I knew there was something fishy about LY’s replacement driver! Their own teammate was being bullied, yet Ji Shu and Lu Siyu did not say anything at all! Isn’t it obvious that even they themselves do not think much of this newcomer? ]

[ She doesn’t have the ability, yet she still dares to push herself forward. Who would think of the word “admire” after seeing this? ]

[ I guess it’s really over for LY… ]

Numerous speculations and comments emerged one after another.

However, the young girl’s reaction was also beyond everyone’s expectations.

She was not angry. In fact, it was as if she had heard something happy. Her beautiful black peach blossom eyes curved up slightly.

She smiled and said, “It would be for the best if that’s the case.”

After the “friendly exchange” between the two sides, they finally went to their starting positions.

In the huge venue, there were two huge screens that were side by side.

Yu Pan moved to the first starting position.

The moment he got into the car, the screen flashed.

On the left, was his name, total points, and total ranking.

On the right, was his photo.

The crowd immediately screamed and cheered.

Shen Li lazily walked to the last starting position.

At the same time, at a certain spot in the stands, a man wearing a cap and sunglasses took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket. He then remembered where he was and stuffed it back in annoyance.

He looked at Shen Li and saw that she had deliberately slowed her pace. His eyebrows jumped.

“F*ck, why did Yu Cheng have to provoke her!”