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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 82 - One Step Away From Getting Married

Chapter 82: One Step Away From Getting Married

Tang Ziqing sent them off himself.

Gu Tinglan stood in front of his car. He ignored the invasive gaze at him and smiled at Ning LI and Yu Pingchuan. “Well, I hope to see you two in Gangcheng next year.”

Yu Pingchuan was overjoyed while Ning Li simply nodded.

The car then finally sped off.

“I didn’t know Dr. Gu was this hospitable,” Lu Huaiyu said nonchalantly as he averted his gaze. He enunciated ‘Dr. Gu’ heavily, as if he was reminding someone of the man’s title.

Gu Tinglan might have come from a renowned family, but he had always kept a low profile. He spent his recent years in physiological research and barely had any connection in his family’s business.

Thus, many people did not know he was the young master of the Gu family.

Gu Tinglan smiled without being overly concerned. “Since it’s still a family business, I give it my due attention when I have to.”

Lu Huaiyu scoffed.

The Gu family was extremely influential in Gangcheng. The horse races they held every year were considered phenomenal, and they were no short of visitors like Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan.

Moreover, the horse races were only considered a tiny portion of the Gu family’s business.

Gu Tinglan’s invitation was actually redundant.

“If you are interested, I’m more than happy to see you there. After all, the name Lu Huaiyu is quite influential in Gangcheng as well,” Gu Tinglan said as he looked at Lu Huaiyu.

It was the truth. After all, Lu Huaiyu had won the bid for his watch that cost 13 million in Gangcheng.

He came with a fist of gold, and his family was powerful and wealthy. On top of that, his cold and arrogant attitude, coupled with his unrivaled looks, made him an exquisite flower beyond anyone’s reach. Countless women in Gangcheng would jump on him if they had the chance to.

Lu Huaiyu looked at Gu Tinglan.

Speaking from his own heart, Gu Tinglan looked decent and kind. He was a humble gentleman while his temperament would easily win people’s fondness, but that was all just surface level. No one could say for sure what he was like deep down.

At least, based on what Lu Huaiyu knew, Gu Tinglan was not as harmless as people perceived.

“If I remember correctly, Dr. Gu, you’re 30 this year and still haven’t gotten married. Isn’t Old Master Gu worried?”

Gu Tinglan smiled warmly. “I have a few brothers at home. Even if my elders want the younger generation to get married, I won’t be the first in line. Thank you for your concern, Second Master Lu.”

“You’re welcome. I’m just thinking that 30 years old isn’t young anymore, and waiting it out doesn’t sound like a good idea.”

“Yes, it is. I remember Ning Li is just 17 this year, am I right? According to the law, one is considered an adult at 18. I really shouldn’t compare,” Gu Tinglan sounded rather sentimental as he spoke.

Lu Huaiyu squinted his eyes and scoffed. “Hmm, 18 is considered an adult, and 20 is the legal age of getting married. If you look at it this way, it’s not really that far away.”

Speechless, Gu Tinglan looked at Lu Huaiyu and pondered upon the words. It seemed like the man was trying to find something out from his words.

“Second Master, are you being serious right now?”

“You don’t need to test me,” Lu Huaiyu stated word for word. “At least, I don’t think you should take the risk on this matter.”

On the way back, Yu Pingchuan chatted to Ning Li about Lu Huaiyu.

“Lili, how did you get to know Lu Huaiyu?” The man did not ask her the question in front of the others earlier, but that did not mean he was not curious.

Ning Li recalled her first meeting with Lu Huaiyu. “Brother Xiyue had to deliver the invitation to the Ye family, and Lu Huaiyu was there with him, so that’s how we met.”

Yu Pingchuan nodded. A quick thought later, said with a laugh, “He’s a proud man. It’s rare to see him be this thoughtful about someone.”

Ning Li did not know how to continue the topic. Indeed, Lu Huaiyu was sweet to her, but she had no idea why. From the first time they met, the man seemed to care a lot about her.

“Well, our Lili is always lovable, aren’t you?” Yu Pingchuan said happily.

When he first saw Ning Li a few years ago, he liked the girl a lot.

Maybe every aspect of her really did click with Lu Huaiyu.

Ning Li merely kept quiet and looked outside the window.

Yu Pingchuan wanted to send Ning Li home, but she refused.

Aside from the distance, if any of the Ye family saw her with him, she would have some explaining to do again, so Yu Pingchuan did not insist since he knew that the girl had a complicated family.

When Ning Li arrived home, Su Yuan and Ye Cheng were still not back.

Even though Cheng Xiangxiang was not severely hurt, she was terrified and had gone to the hospital just to be safe. Su Yuan and Ye Cheng accompanied her for the check-up and only came back after dark.

Ning Li was in her room studying and answering mock test papers when she received a call from Ji Shu.

A loud engine rumbling could be heard from the other end.

Ji Shu shouted, “Sister Lili, are you coming to Xiaosong Hill?”

Ning Li rejected without a second thought, “No.”

A loud boo and a wave of groans sounded from the other end. She could even hear people calling her.

“Sister Lili, come on!”

“Yeah! We are waiting for you here! Some of us came here just for you!”

Ji Shu shoved the guys away. “Go away! Didn’t you hear that Sister Lili isn’t coming?! I told you guys, but you just don’t want to believe me! Are you happy now?”

Ever since Ning Li made a name for herself in that race at Xiaosong Hill, a lot of the underground racing enthusiasts had fallen for her.

She broke the time record of the Xiaosong Hill race, and no one has been able to break her record since. Even the fastest attempt was 40 seconds slower than her record.

A lot of fans came for her and wanted to either have a race with her or even just steal a glance of her, but Ning Li never showed up anymore.

“Sigh! It’s all Jiang Fan’s fault! If he did not lose 5 million to Ning Li the other day, she might still come for races!”

“Hahaha! It’s not entirely his fault! Who would have thought he would lose the race?”

“Too bad! Aside from her skills, Sister Lili is jaw-droppingly beautiful among the underground racing circle. Speaking of her beauty, Second Master Lu didn’t even kiss her after she won the race. What was he thinking—Ouch! Why did you hit me, Ji Shu?!”

Ji Shu covered his phone and kicked the person away. “Sister Lili is still on the phone. Shut up!”

“I’m just telling the truth.” He looked at the guys with contempt.

“You guys know nothing! Do you know that Sister got first place in Second High’s monthly test? She’s studying and is a decent human being, unlike you people who waste time on races!”

One of the guys whistled. “Ji Shu, stop criticizing us because you are literally talking about yourself! Hahaha!”

Ji Shu grunted. He walked to a quiet corner to continue the call. He actually wanted Ning Li to come over, but she had said that she would not be racing in the foreseeable future, so there was nothing he could do.

Based on the result of her monthly test, she was serious when she said she wanted to spend more time studying.

Of course, the main reason that she stayed away from the underground race seemed to be because she had gotten strong financial support. In short, Lu Huaiyu was wealthy.


“Sister Lili, you don’t need to care what the assh*les say. I’ll teach them a lesson later!”

“I won’t. But are you calling me just to ask me about this?”

Ji Shu bitterly kicked a pebble away. He rubbed his chin and said with a smile, “You know me best, Sister Lili. I actually have something else that I want to talk to you about.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“FN wants to sign me up. What do you think?”