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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 810 - Position  

Chapter 810: Position

Yang Tao had only just walked out of the hospital building when he was immediately surrounded by the media outside.

“Director Yang! May I ask what Ron’s situation is like now?”

“LY lost the match today and was overtaken by FN. What does LY plan to do next?”

“Director Yang! Ji Shu only finished in third place today, and Lu Siyu finished in ninth place. Were they also affected by Ron’s car accident? Can you ask them to come out for an interview?”

“For the last race, LY will still need a racer. Do you have anyone in mind?”

“Last year’s winner at the National Rally Team Championship was FN. LY had a chance of winning this year, but now Ron has been injured. Does this mean LY will still lose to FN this year?”

All kinds of tough questions kept on coming.

Yang Tao put his hands together.

“Everyone, what I’m about to say will represent LY’s official position.”

Hearing this, the media went silent for a moment, and then they became even more excited.

— This was a response!

Yang Tao looked into the camera, his expression calm and composed.

“First: Ron’s surgery was very successful, please rest assured. Second: Due to physical reasons, Ron will be withdrawing from the race. In the last race, LY will send a substitute driver to replace Ron. Third: All the upcoming drivers, including Ji Shu, will need to adjust their mental state to prepare for the last race. Therefore, they will not be accepting any interviews for the next two days.”

He gave a slight smile.

“All of the above is LY’s response and attitude towards this incident. Thank you for your concern.”

After a short silence, more questions were thrown out.

“Director Yang! How is Ron’s injury? Will he be able to return to racing in the future?”

“May I ask if it’s convenient to reveal the name of LY’s substitute driver now?”

“LY’s most outstanding racers are Ji Shu and Ron. Now that Ron has withdrawn from the race, Will LY be able to accept the result of losing?”

These words were undoubtedly quite sharp.

However, Yang Tao’s expression remained the same.

“I’m sorry, but I have no more comments. However–”

He paused briefly and recalled the girl’s cold and calm voice before he had come outside.

Something seemed to surge in his heart as he repeated her words with a smile.

“Victory or defeat will not be determined until the end. No matter what, the whole team at LY will persevere to the end and fight until the last moment.”

# Ron’s car accident #

# season’s third #

# LY’s response to Puhe racetrack sub-station loss #

By noon, several articles had already made it to the hot searches list.

If anyone were to click into Weibo, they would find that the front page was full of related reports.

Everyone was discussing this matter.

[ The scene of the car accident is so scary! ]

[ I wonder what Ron’s situation is now? He seemed to have lost consciousness during the live broadcast, I’m so worried… ]

[ I thought that this year’s championship would definitely belong to LY, but then such an accident happened! It looks like LY is going to be frozen out! ]

[ I wonder who LY will send to fill the spot? ]

[ FN’s luck is really good. Without Ron, LY’s remaining racers aren’t strong enough. Ji Shu is strong but he definitely won’t be able to carry the team alone. I’ll bet a bag of spicy sticks that this year’s championship will still belong to FN. ]


The door was pushed open as Gu Siyang walked in and handed Shen Li a USB drive.

“Here, this is the video of today’s live competition.”

“It’s all here?”

“All of it.”


Shen Li held her breath, took the USB drive, plugged it into the computer, and tapped on the keyboard twice.

Gu Siyang pulled a chair over and sat down next to her, looking puzzled.

“But Sis, why do you need this?”

After coming out of the hospital, Shen Li had not returned to school. Instead, she had followed them back to the LY training base.

The last race would be held the day after tomorrow. She had to adjust and check her car. She also had to familiarize herself with the race route. She did not have much time.

However, Gu Siyang did not expect that Shen Li would not be busy with these things after her arrival. Instead, she had asked him for a video of the race this morning.

Ordinary people would not be able to get their hands on this, but for Gu Siyang, of course, it was not a problem.

It was just that he did not understand why she wanted this.

A video was played on the computer.

Shen Li looked at the screen.

Gu Siyang thought of a possibility.

“Are you intending on observing their race route?”

Every race driver had their own race characteristics. If they knew more about their competitors, they would be able to do better during the race.

Shen Li did not say anything. Dragging the progress bar, she quickly jumped to the scene of Ron’s accident.

She moved forward again and started from that scene.

Gu Siyang had not expected her to come straight to this scene. He was momentarily stunned.


He was about to say something, but when he saw Shen Li’s calm and serious side profile, he quickly swallowed the rest of his words.

Shen Li stared at the computer.

Everything in front of him seemed normal. Ron was in fourth place, while Su Yong was in sixth place.

When they reached a corner, Su Yong seemed to want to take the opportunity to catch up. He suddenly accelerated and quickly surpassed the car in front, taking fifth place.

By now, he was getting closer and closer to Ron.

When they reached the corner, Ron made the turn, but…!

Su Yong’s car accelerated again, and he ended up very close to Ron!

At such a high speed, Su Yong was sure to crash into Ron if he was not careful!

Ron was obviously aware of this and immediately tried to dodge.

However, at this time, the direction in which Ron wanted to turn to, there was another car in front of him, blocking his path.

At this moment, Ron was practically being pincer-attacked from both front and back!

It was at the moment that he hesitated that Su Yong’s car crashed into him!

The two cars crashed into each other and flipped over!

Shen Li sat up straight.

Gu Siyang noticed the sudden change in her aura and could not help but be stunned.

“… Sister, what’s wrong?”

Shen Li stared at the screen. The car that had happened to block Ron’s car was very familiar.

It was Yu Cheng’s car.

She was silent for a long while before she suddenly let out a soft laugh.

“Yu Cheng should be very happy today, right?”