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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 809 - Low-Key  

Chapter 809: Low-Key

The biggest shareholder of LY was Gu Siyang.

He was the real boss of LY!

In an instant, everyone present felt a sense of absurdity that was difficult to describe.

LY had been developing very quickly over the past two years. If it could win the championship this time, it would truly secure its position as the top racing club in the country.

However, compared to a behemoth like the Gu family, the size of LY was nothing at all.

To the eldest grandson of the Gu family, LY was nothing.

As for Shen Li… that was even more so.

She was cousin to Gu Siyang, the only young miss of the Gu family.

So, her participation in the rally was for fame and fortune?

What a joke!

What kind of scam was this?!

Just think about the way the Gu family had made such a big fuss to welcome her home!

Even if she wanted to compete, the Gu family would probably worry over whether she would be blinded by the wind and storm on the field!

Earlier, Doyle had tried to stop her from competing by implying that Shen Li was acting selfishly and only wanted to take this spot for her own benefit.

In the end–

This company belonged to her own family!

If she said that she wanted to compete, who else could stop her?


Amidst the suffocating silence, Ji Shu could not help but laugh out loud.

He casually walked up to Gu Siyang and patted her on the shoulder:

“Very good, Director Gu. Why did you keep such an important matter so tightly under wraps? If it wasn’t for Sister Li who couldn’t stand it and wanted to help, when would we have found out about it?”

Gu Siyang coughed.

“I didn’t mean to hide it on purpose. It’s only that my dad thinks that I don’t have a proper job. So, isn’t it better to keep a low profile?”

Everyone was speechless.

Young Master Gu seemed to be good at redefining what was not proper.

Gu Siyang excitedly spoke again.

“But things are different now! Ever since my sister came home and my family found out that she signed up with LY, they even made two additional investments!”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

Oh, did they really feel that sorry for the only little princess at home who had suffered so much?

Was it because they could afford to make eight-figure investments that they could make additional investments whenever they felt like it?

So, they were rich?


For a while, everyone cast subtle looks at Shen Li.

Ji Shu raised his chin and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

“Hey, Sister Li, I think it’d be better if you don’t compete. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. The main thing is that you’ve never officially participated in such a professional competition before. What if you don’t perform well on stage and you crash?”

Doyle’s face was pale.

Ji Shu was clearly using his own words to hit back at him!

Shen Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

“If LY needs me to compete, then I’ll compete. After all, I can’t just take LY’s signing bonus for free, can I?”

Doyle’s expression became even uglier.

These words had also been said when he had mocked Shen Li in the past.

Now, however, every word and sentence had been turned into a resounding slap that landed fiercely on his face!

Yang Tao smiled.

“Does that mean that Director Gu has also decided on Shen Li?”

“Ah!” Gu Siyang replied.

“There’s no one more suitable than her, is there?”

Yang Tao nodded and looked at Doyle.

“Coach Doyle, the company has already made a decision. In that case, I’ll have to trouble you to formally submit a replacement application to the organizing committee. The last sub-tournament will be held in two days, so the faster you can do it, the better.”

Doyle’s jaw tightened.

Yang Tao asked again.

“Why, is there any problem on Coach Doyle’s end?”


What problem could there be!

Doyle gritted his teeth. His answer seemed to be squeezed out through the gaps between his teeth.


Yang Tao smiled.

“Well, Coach Doyle has always been reliable and efficient in his work so we can’t be more relieved to be able to leave this matter to you.”

Doyle did not say anything else, but his fists were clenched tightly.

“Oh, right, Director Gu, the media outside…” Yang Tao recalled the situation downstairs.

Gu Siyang quickly gestured to him.

“Hey, hey! No need to keep calling me ‘Director Gu, Director Gu’. It sounds awkward to me!”

Following his request, Yang Tao then raised his chin in the direction outside the building.

“Those people still have to be dealt with, right?”

The corridor quieted down.

Ron was injured, and Ji Shu had only taken third place today. Both he and LY had been completely overtaken by FN.

Of course, they would not miss such a big piece of news.

Gu Siyang’s gaze swept over Shen Li and Ji Shu. After thinking for a moment, he said, “The last race is coming up. The most important thing for the two of you now is to adjust your mental state. Don’t worry. Before the match, I won’t allow those people to disturb you.”

As he spoke, he looked at Yang Tao.

“Go and tell them that LY will be refusing all interviews.”

Yang Tao spread his hands awkwardly.

“I’m afraid that’s not very appropriate. After such a big incident, if we really don’t give any response, it will also have an impact on LY.”

Simply avoiding them was not the best way.

Gu Siyang frowned.

Of course, he understood what Yang Tao meant, but the most important thing now was to protect the drivers.

Just then, the door to the operating theater was pushed open.

Everyone standing in the corridor immediately looked in that direction.

The doctor and nurse in surgical gowns walked out.

Yang Tao immediately went forward.

“Doctor, how is Ron’s condition?”

The doctor knew Ron’s identity and he knew that the man in front of him was LY’s boss. So, he said, “The surgery was very successful. Fortunately, no internal organs were injured, but the injured muscles and bones have been severely injured so it will take some time for them to recover.”

When everyone heard this, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Ron was still unconscious after the operation, so he was quickly sent to the VIP ward.

Shen Li and the others went in to take a look.

Although he was still unconscious, at least he was still alive, and his vital parts had not been injured.

It was truly a blessing in disguise.

Shen Li let out a light breath and looked around, but she did not see Ji Shu’s figure.

She walked out of the ward and saw Ji Shu standing in front of the doctor in the corridor as he asked something in a low voice.

“… I’d like to hear the truth from you. With his condition, will he still be able to compete in the future?”

At the moment, unlike his usual free and unrestrained attitude, Ji Shu looked extremely serious.

Shen Li watched quietly, feeling as if this scene was strange and familiar.

In her previous life, after Ji Shu had been exposed as being involved in drugs, he had also asked this question.

‘Can I still compete in the future?’

Even after such a long time, she still could not forget the image of the pride in the eyes of the youth, who had always been flamboyant and enthusiastic, being shattered inch by inch.

For any racing driver, being forced to withdraw from racing would mean great pain and torture.

The doctor’s voice spoke.

“… It depends on his subsequent recovery. If he recovers well, then there’ll be a high probability that he’ll be fine.”

Hearing this, Ji Shu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“That’s good!”

The corners of Shen Li’s lips also curved up.

Behind them, Gu Siyang and Yang Tao were still discussing how they would deal with the media.

Those people were very persistent. They had been waiting downstairs for a long time. It was obvious that they would not go back until they got some news.

She turned around and said,”Then let’s ask Director Yang to step in for us first.”