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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 808 - My Own Company, As Expected  

Chapter 808: My Own Company, As Expected

When she said this, everyone was shocked.

Wait, discussed?

When had she discussed this with them?

She had not even mentioned this just now!

However, the moment she opened her mouth, she had said that she would be representing Ron?!

Gu Siyang was the first to react.

He looked at Shen Li in surprise.


Actually, he had been pondering this question since Ron’s accident.

Now that Ron could no longer participate in the race, he would have to choose one of the remaining people to fill the vacancy.

However, who would he choose?

Ji Shu, Ron, and Lu Siyu were LY’s most outstanding racers.

No matter who he chose, they seemed to be inferior to these three.

All except for one person… Shen Li!

He knew Shen Li’s strength very well. However, Shen Li had never seemed to have any interest in the competition before, so he was not sure if he could persuade her.

He had not expected Shen Li to bring it up on her own before he could even speak!

“That’s great!”

Gu Siyang’s worried heart finally relaxed.

Ji Shu was also very surprised. He looked at Shen Li and asked in seriousness, “Sister Li, have you thought about it?”

Shen Li had always chosen not to compete if she could because she was afraid of trouble.

If she really took Ron’s place this time, it would definitely cause quite a stir. When that time came–

Shen Li nodded.

At this point, this was the best solution.

A cold and deep voice suddenly sounded.

“So, you decided on such an important matter with just one sentence?”

Shen Li glanced sideways and looked at Doyle expressionlessly, raising her eyebrows slightly.

“Why, do you have a problem with it?”

Hearing her voice, Doyle was so angry that he laughed instead.

“Shen Li, do you know that this rally is a top-tier race in the country? Any change in the drivers and personnel will have a huge impact! Do you think this is still the LY base? Do you think you can go in whenever you wish?”

The higher-ups on LY’s side had not said anything yet, yet she had made the decision with just one sentence!

How could it be so easy?

When Shen Li heard this, she did not seem to be angry. She merely tilted her head slightly.

“I know. It’s precisely because I know it that I have to compete.”

If this was just a normal race, she would not have bothered to worry about it. However, the matter of this race was related to LY and Ji Shu, so she obviously could not sit on the sidelines.

The corners of her lips seemed to curl up slightly.

“Or does Coach Doyle think that I’m not strong enough to compete?”

Doyle was instantly dumbfounded.

He could say that Shen Li was always absent from training. He could also say that Shen Li’s attitude was bad. However, he could not say that Shen Li was not strong enough!

Everything that had happened on the LY training field was still vivid in his mind.

If LY had to choose someone to replace Ron, then there was no doubt that Shen Li was the best choice!

Only when she was on the field would LY barely have a glimmer of hope of turning defeat into victory!

His face darkened.

“Even if you want to go on the field, according to the rules, you should first submit an application to the team’s chief coach. Only after everyone has made a comprehensive decision can it be confirmed! How can you decide this so casually with just one sentence?! Do you even care about LY?!”

Shen Li suddenly laughed.

He was not asking if she cared about Ly. He was clearly reprimanding her for not giving him the proper respect as the chief coach.

She looked at Yang Tao.

“I understand what Coach Doyle means, but ultimately, the final decision of this matter is in the boss of LY’s hands, right? I wonder what Mr. Yang thinks?”

Doyle immediately looked at Yang Tao and frowned.

“Mr. Yang, I admit that Shen Li’s standard is indeed good, but she has no experience of officially participating in professional competitions before. When the time comes, no one can be sure how she will perform on the field. This last match, especially, is too important for LY. If we let her go on just like that, I’m afraid it won’t be safe.”

Yang Tao glanced at Shen Li.

“Then what you mean is…”

When Doyle saw Yang Tao’s reaction, he felt that Yang Tao probably had the same thoughts as him, so he immediately became more confident.

“In my opinion, let’s choose from among the other team members. Kong Wenwen or Gao Rui are pretty good too.”

When he said this, everyone who was present was stunned.

Kong Wenwen and Gao Rui, who had been called out, were also there. When they heard this, their eyes widened. They looked at each other, almost thinking that they had heard wrongly.

The two of them were not bad drivers, but at most, they were only capable of competing with Lu Siyu. Compared to Shen Li, they were far inferior.

When Shen Li said that she would be competing, they also silently agreed.

Who would have known that the coach would oppose it?!

The irritation almost overflowed from Ji Shu’s eyes. Even Gu Siyang was so shocked that he seemed bewildered.

He could not help but turn his head to look at Shen Li and mutter, “Sis, what kind of bullsh*t is he talking about?”

This was a competitive competition!

There was no reason for them to use someone who was of lower rank instead of using a team member who had top-notch strength with a chance of winning!

Just to keep her safe?

As if!

Ji Shu suddenly laughed.

He smoothed his hair. The silver-gray hair complemented his handsome and unruly appearance, making him look even more unrestrained and wild.

“I think it’s you who doesn’t want LY to win the most, right?”

He really wanted to see what was going on in this person’s mind!

With such a chief coach, how could LY not worry that they would be defeated at every turn?

Doyle frowned and could not be bothered with him anymore.

After all, Ji Shu was only a driver. He did not have the right to decide on such matters, so there was no need to argue with him any further.

He looked at Yang Tao.

“Director Yang?”

Yang Tao touched his chin as if he was deep in thought.

“What you said makes some sense…”

Doyle tilted his head and looked at Shen Li mockingly.

Did she really think that she could do whatever she wanted just because she had some strength?

Even if she wanted to, she would not have the chance this time!

However, the expected disappointment did not appear on Shen Li’s face.

She took half a step back and leaned against the wall. With one leg slightly bent, she took out her phone. Her expression was calm and indifferent, and her posture was lazy.

It was as if she could not be bothered to listen to all this.

Doyle felt even more uncomfortable.

This Shen Li–

“This matter is indeed very important. I will discuss it with the other directors of the company.”

Yang Tao said.

Doyle was stunned for a moment before he quickly nodded.

If they still had to discuss it, then it could still–

“Director Gu.”

Yang Tao looked at Gu Siyang with a faint, gentle smile on his face.

“Did you hear all of that just now? What do you think?”

Dead silence.

Apart from Shen Li and Yang Tao, everyone else in the corridor was deeply shocked.

They slowly turned their necks stiffly to look at Gu Siyang with their mouths agape.

Director Gu.

Director Gu?!

With a start, Ji Shu turned his head.

“Gu Siyang, you’re one of the bosses of LY?!”

Outsiders thought that the boss of LY was Yang Tao, but they knew internally that LY had actually been founded by Yang Tao and his friends.

Other than him, there was also Director Jiang Xinjiang.

The last one was said to be too busy and had never shown himself at LY.

However, in the end… it was actually Gu Siyang?!

“Let me give you a friendly reminder,” said Yang Tao as he smiled lightly, “Director Gu is the biggest shareholder of LY.”

“In other words, LY is mostly owned by Director Gu.”

The air seemed to freeze.

The smile on Doyle’s face froze completely. The smug look in his eyes cracked open inch by inch. Gradually, disbelief filled his eyes.

“How is this possible?!”

“How is it impossible?”

Gu Siyang raised his eyelids.

“He’s rich, isn’t he?”

There was a deathly silence.

Shen Li put away her phone, raised her eyes slightly, and smiled.

“Coach, you may have misunderstood me a little. I’m not trying to take this opportunity to compete and make a fortune, but–”

She paused for a moment, then continued by enunciating each word carefully.

“We can’t just leave our own company to die. Don’t you think so?”