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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 806 - Handing Over to Others

Chapter 806: Handing Over to Others

Shen Li’s eyes narrowed, and a cold glint flashed across her eyes. With a turn of her footsteps, she arrived at the corridor where Doyle and the others were.

A tall figure instantly appeared in front of her, blocking her path.

“Who’s there?!”

Shen Li raised her eyes and lifted her baseball cap slightly. Her voice was cold.

“It’s me.”

The person who had blocked her was a substitute racer from LY. After Ron’s accident, a few LY four racers who had been at the scene rushed over together.

The reason they were here was to guard against the media.

When he saw that it was Shen Li, he was stunned.

“Sister Li! Why are you here?”

When he heard the commotion, Doyle, who was in the middle of a heated argument, suddenly stopped talking and looked over.

When he saw that it was Shen Li, he frowned and a look of disgust flashed across his face.

Other than Doyle, there were six to seven other men present. All of them seemed to be from LY.

Shen Li glanced at them and realized that Gu Siyang was not there.

The person who was talking to Doyle was someone else.

It was a man who looked to be in his twenties. He was a very tall man who was dressed in a suit and looked very handsome.

Yang Tao, one of LY’s three major shareholders, was also LY’s only visible boss.

Shen Li was surprised, but after thinking about it carefully, she felt that it was very normal for him to appear here.

Today’s race was the penultimate race. The outcome of the race would determine whether LY could lock in the winning position in the championship in advance. It was extremely important.

He must have also been at the venue.

Yang Tao also spotted Shen Li and was slightly stunned.

Previously, he had only seen this girl in videos and photos. He had heard Gu Siyang praise her so many times. In addition, she was also Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend.

This was the first time he had seen her in person.

She was even more beautiful and taller than he had imagined, and her temperament seemed to be even colder.

Shen Li lowered her eyelids slightly to cover the ripples in her eyes.

“I came here to see Ron.”

The man in front of her immediately moved aside.

“The captain is undergoing surgery.”

Shen Li nodded and walked forward.

Ever since Shen Li had tied Ji Shu’s record at the base, many of the racers at LY now had a different opinion of Shen Li. Whenever they met, they had gotten used to calling her “Sister Li” along with Ji Shu.

Yang Tao moved forward and took the initiative to shake her hand.

“Shen Li, right? Hello, I’m Yang Tao.”

Shen Li shook his hand briefly.


Yang Tao sized up the girl in front of him. He felt a little helpless, but also a little emotional.

“I’ve heard so much about you. I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time, but I didn’t expect that it would under these circumstances.”

Shen Li shook her head and looked at the operating theater.

“How’s Ron’s condition?”

When she said this, Yang Tao frowned, his brows seeming to be heavy.

“Not too good. The only thing I’m glad about is that he didn’t hurt his head, but the other injuries on his body…”

Before he could finish her sentence, Shen Li already understood what he meant.

However, when she heard that he had not hurt his head, she was slightly relieved.

However, it was only a slight relief.

Suddenly, Doyle coldly piped up.

“He did not hurt his head, but there are many fractures on his body. Even if the surgery is successful, he may not be able to compete again in the future. If it wasn’t for his blind confidence in himself, how could he have caused such a thing to happen today!”

As soon as he said that, the corridor went silent.

The other drivers’ expressions became very ugly and even Yang Tao frowned.

After a moment, one of the drivers could not help but say,”Coach, it was clearly SR’s Su Yong who had wanted to take advantage of the situation and overtake the car. He did not control himself well and crashed into Ron. Ron had been dragged into this. How can you blame him?”

Doyle looked coldly at the person who spoke.

“He is a professional racer! Anything can happen on the field! He did not make a good assessment and did not respond properly. Isn’t this his fault?!”


The racer wanted to say something, but when his eyes met Doyle, he forcefully swallowed the rest of his words.

However, his expression was clearly still filled with dissatisfaction and anger.

The other racers had the same reaction.

Ron was LY’s captain. He was a good person who did not boast about his own strength. He was very popular with the rest of the team.

Now that he was in trouble, everyone felt bad. When they heard Doyle’s words, of course, they felt that they were extremely harsh.

However, they had to bear with it because he was the coach.

The atmosphere was stagnant.

“A team member was injured in a car accident on the field. Whether he lives or dies is still uncertain. As a coach, not only does he not care about it, all he cares about is scolding the team members. How experienced he is.”

A cold and indifferent female voice sounded in the quiet corridor. Her tone was calm, but there was no hiding her sarcasm.

Doyle’s face changed.

“You! I was just telling the truth! If he had reacted faster at that time, how could this situation have happened?”

Shen Li met his gaze and suddenly laughed.

“If I remember correctly, Coach Doyle was ranked ninth on the world’s racing leaderboard before? If you had reacted faster, it would have been easy for you to take first place. So, why is it that you were still only ranked ninth?”

Doyle choked.

Yang Tao glanced at him lightly, but his expression also showed some uneasiness.

He had already known that Doyle was an arrogant and conceited man. However, he had agreed to offer him the position of chief coach at LY because he considered him to be very capable.

Now, it seemed that it had not been a good decision.

Doyle seemed to have noticed something as well.

He did not care about Shen Li, but Yang Tao was the boss of LY, so of course, it was different.

He took a deep breath and decided not to continue dwelling on these issues with Shen Li.

He looked around and took out his phone.

“The race at the Puhe Racetrack has ended. Ji Shu only got third place. As for Lu Siyu, he barely got into ninth place! In other words, in today’s sub-race, only Ji Shu managed to get any points!”

According to the rules of the rally race, the top eight in each sub-race would get 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 points respectively. The points earned by the drivers could be used as the drivers’ and the team’s annual points.

Doyle continued.

“The drivers in first and second place for today are both from FN.”

The atmosphere in the corridor seemed to freeze.

Ji Shu had only finished in third place today, and his combined personal points had caused him to slip to into second place. LY had also dropped from first place to second place because Ron and Lu Siyu had zero points.

It was equivalent to the whole of LY being overtaken by FN.

Now that the situation that they had thought would be a sure win for them had turned out like this, everyone’s mood was definitely not good.

Just then, the downstairs area suddenly became noisy.

Shen Li walked over to the window and looked downstairs. A car slowly stopped out at the front and Ji Shu jumped out of the car, with Lu Siyu following behind him.

The media swarmed over and surrounded them.

Ji Shu’s expression became even colder. Without saying a word the whole way, he made his way into the building.

It was thanks to the help of the security guards that Ji Shu and the Lu Siyu managed to get upstairs.

Not long after, Ji Shu was the first to arrive.

Doyle saw him and coldly said, “I’m also worried about LY. Now that Ron is injured, and adding to that, Ji Shu and Lu Siyu’s performance, I think they must be planning to hand over the championship to others after the last race?”