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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 805 - Car Accident  

Chapter 805: Car Accident

Shen Li stopped in her tracks. She turned around and saw that many of the boys in the classroom were staring at their phones with shocked expressions.

Zhang Yuanyuan suddenly let out an “Ah” and hurriedly covered her eyes. There was panic in her voice as she cried out,”It’s… It’s too scary!”

Yang Liu’s face was also pale.

Shen Li felt uneasy.

“What’s wrong?”

Everyone was momentarily stunned, as if they had not expected her to suddenly turn around and ask this question.

The boy who had spoken first was the first to react. He spoke very quickly,”There was an accident in the race!”

Shen Li’s heart suddenly sank. She immediately moved forward and said, “Let me take a look.”

Probably because of the authoritative tone of her voice, the boy was momentarily stunned. His hand responded faster than his brain, and he immediately handed the phone over.

Shen Li looked at the screen.

The live broadcast was still going on. On the track, two cars had crashed into each other and rolled over.

The high-speed impact was shocking. Both cars were severely damaged, so it was obvious that they could not continue the race.

However, the most important thing was– the racer!

The racer from the car on the right barely crawled out. There was a mess of blood stains, and it was a shocking sight.

The paramedics who had just arrived immediately moved forward and escorted him to the ambulance.

However, the situation on the left seemed to be more serious. From this angle, the racer’s head was dropping slightly and he was not moving. He seemed to have lost consciousness.

Shen Li held her breath.

This was Ron’s car!

In other words, the injured and unconscious racer was Ron!

The car door had been severely deformed, and he was trapped in the car. It took the paramedics a lot of effort to rescue him.

He was still unconscious and the blood stains on his body were alarming to see.

Then, he was taken to the second ambulance on a stretcher.

The staff quickly mobilized to clean up the scene and the cars behind also followed the instructions to go around the wreckage.

The view on the screen changed and focused on the continuing race.

Of course, it had to continue.

Accidents were not uncommon on the field, especially in such a heavyweight race. How could the race be suspended just because two drivers were involved in an accident?


Ron was one of those who were injured!

Judging by the looks of it, the situation was not looking good.

The people around were still discussing the situation.

“If I’m not mistaken, I believe it was SR’s Su Yong who bumped into Ron?”

“I think he had initially wanted to overtake, but he just happened to hit the corner. I don’t know how he did it. Ron had originally wanted to dodge, but unfortunately, he was too fast and didn’t have time!”

“This was not a light collision. Su Yong seems to be fine, but Ron–”

“Based on this situation, Ron definitely won’t be able to get any points this round. This way, LY’s overall ranking will definitely be affected. More importantly, with his injury, LY’s strength will also be greatly diminished!”

Ron was LY’s captain and the team relied on his seniority and strength.

Before Ji Shu had signed the contract with LY, Ron had definitely been number one.

Even though Ji Shu was able to beat him now, his own standard was still unquestionable.

With this collision, he would not be able to participate in the remaining matches, no matter what.

However, the match was not over yet.

Without him, LY’s originally stable victory had instantly been put in danger.

Shen Li returned the phone and took her own out.

There was no movement from Gu Siyang’s side.

After such a big incident, it seemed like he would be busy dealing with it since he was at the scene.

Shen Li looked at the time and turned to Yang Liu.

“I won’t be attending the next class. Please help me inform the professor that I’ll be taking a leave of absence.”

Yang Liu was still a little confused. The impact from the earlier scene had been too great. Her heart was still beating violently.

Hearing Shen Li’s words, her eyes widened slightly.

“Huh? Are you not going?”

Shen Li nodded.

“Something urgent just came up.”

Seeing that her expression was unusually serious, Yang Liu immediately agreed.


Shen Li was smart and had good grades. She was highly appreciated by the teachers of all subjects.

Occasionally taking a leave of absence was really just a small matter.

After Shen Li finished speaking, she quickly moved her legs to leave.

As she walked towards the school gate, she called Gu Siyang.

At first, Gu Siyang did not pick up. It was not until she called the third time that she finally got through.


Gu Siyang’s voice was very different from his usual lazy state. Even through the phone, she could hear the nervousness in it.

Shen Li got straight to the point.

“Was Ron in the car accident?”

Gu Siyang was currently busy. When he picked up her call, he realized that she must have watched the live broadcast and learned about the situation here.


His brows were tightly knitted together.

“We’re on the way to the hospital now.”

Shen Li asked, “How is his condition?”

Gu Siyang paused for a moment, and his voice became a little deeper.

“I’m not sure yet. The specific situation will only be known after the hospital does a check-up, but… I’m afraid it’s not very good.”

Shen Li had already guessed this point.

Based on the situation at the venue–

“Manager Zhang and the others are in charge of the venue. You don’t have to worry too much.”

After all, Ji Shu and Lu Siyu were still competing over there.

Shen Li flagged down a taxi.

“Which hospital? I’m heading over now.”

Puhe Racetrack was located in the suburbs of the Capital, far from the city.

After Ron had gotten injured, he had been sent to the nearest hospital. By the time Shen Li had rushed over there, more than an hour had already passed.

Many members of the media were waiting downstairs.

This was one of the top racing events in the country, and it was also a live broadcast. That was already something very eye-catching. However, now that such a thing had happened, all the media outlets had immediately rushed here upon hearing the news.

Looking at the many reporters at the scene, as well as the crowds of people, Shen Li frowned. She lowered her baseball cap and went upstairs through a small door at the side.

Ron had multiple fractures on his body and had been sent to the operating theater.

Just as Shen Li arrived at the corridor, she heard Doyle’s cold voice.

“I warned him before that he should not take the risk at the bend! Now, not only has he overturned the car, he’s even involved the whole of LY!”