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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 804 - LY Is Going to Be Finished This Time

Chapter 804: LY Is Going to Be Finished This Time

Shen Li pulled out a chair and sat down. She could still hear the noise coming from the platform.

The boys were obviously very interested in this. They stared at the screen and kept discussing something.

“Today’s race is the eighth sub-race of the rally. As long as LY continues to win, it will basically be able to secure the championship of this year’s team, right?”

“Right now, the person with the highest personal points is Ji Shu. I reckon that he will be the final driver for the championship.”

“LY’s luck is really good.”

“Oh right, after participating in the rally, Ji Shu should be qualified to officially enter the world’s race car driver rankings, right? I reckon that when the time comes, his ranking will definitely be higher than Ron’s!”

“Tsk, Ji Shu’s car is so d*mn cool!”

Zhang Yuanyuan and Yang Liu also surrounded him, their faces full of excitement.

“Ah! Has Ji Shu made an appearance?!”

Originally, they had no interest in this kind of competition, but now there was Ji Shu.

The unbridled and unrestrained youth with the blush-inducing hormones that emanated from his entire body and made their hearts beat faster, how could he not be liked?

Ji Shu’s current popularity was almost no less than that of a popular idol in the entertainment circle.

Therefore, many girls, including Zhang Yuanyuan, were also paying close attention to this competition.

Yang Liu turned to look at Shen Li and waved her over.

“Shen Li, would you like to watch this together?”

Shen Li unzipped her backpack and took out a book as well as a German document. She did not seem very enthusiastic about this matter.

“You guys just go ahead.”

The male student next to her glanced at Shen Li’s desk and sighed.

“The God of Learning only has scientific research in his heart. Why would he care about these things?”

Hearing this, the surrounding people could not help but nod their heads.

“That’s right.”

“Yang Liu, what are you thinking? No matter which way you look at it, this rally and the God of Learning are two completely different things, right?”

In the eyes of the many students at the Institute of Physics, Shen Li was the standard of a God of Learning.

Attending classes, doing experiments, writing papers…

She was diligent and earnest.

Although everyone knew that she was Ning and Tree’s Shadow, perhaps it was because some of them lived far away from campus life, or because they saw Shen Li as a student every day, this was the identity that they were still the most used to and most familiar with,after their initial excitement.

She had gotten full marks in all thirteen subjects in the final exam.

She had gotten full marks in all fourteen subjects in the exemption exam.

She stood at the top of the grading chain in the entire academy.

This God of Learning was good at studying and attractive.

Although she did not talk much and generally appeared to be a little cold and distant, after being around her for such a long time, people realized that she was just a reserved and low-key person. In fact, she was actually quite easy to get along with.

Moreover, such a genius with both superb talent in physics and art did not look like someone who would be interested in racing.

Zhang Yuanyuan defiantly retorted,”But Ji Shu is very handsome! Who doesn’t like a handsome guy? Shen Li, don’t you think so?”

When Shen Li heard this, the corners of her lips curved up slightly.

“Ah, that car of his… is quite handsome.”

Zhang Yuanyuan was stunned, but the surrounding boys immediately nodded in agreement.

“The God of Learning has a very good eye!”

How could a person be more handsome than a car?

Of course, except when driving.

Just then, the class bell rang, and the teacher walked in.

The boys who were gathered together immediately dispersed.

However, after returning to their seats, they each took out their phones and turned on the live broadcast again while sitting in various postures that hid their actions.

No one could fault them for not paying attention in class. This competition was too attractive.

Even if it was on silent, they just had to watch it!

Shen Li unintentionally looked around. Noticing the situation, she raised her eyebrows slightly and continued to read.

It was not that she was not interested in this competition.

In fact, she had already taken the time to watch videos of the previous competitions.

LY’s strength was not bad to begin with. With the addition of Ji Shu this year, it had become even more indomitable, cutting through all obstacles.

Although this was Ji Shu’s first time officially participating in this competition, he had shown a strong ability to be adaptable.

His talent and strength had also been fully displayed in the previous races.

There were ten teams in total, and each team had three racers.

Even with such fierce competition, he had never placed any less than in the top three of any race, and he had ranked first in overall individual points.

Today’s race was being held at the largest venue in the Capital, Puhe Racetrack.

Judging from the live broadcast, there would definitely be a sea of people there today. The atmosphere was very lively.

Shen Li looked at the time. It was 8:15.

The match would officially start at 8:30.

She turned the pen in her hand.

By the time the morning class ended, the match at the sub-station should have ended as well.

Just then, her phone lit up again. Gu Siyang had sent a few messages in succession.

Shen Li clicked on it. At the top was a sentence.

[ Sister! The competition is about to start! Allow me to broadcast it live for you! ]

Below were a few photos and two short videos.

Shen Li was a little bemused.

[ Brother, didn’t you know that there would be a live broadcast for today’s match? ]

Gu Siyang replied instantly.

[ How can their views be better than mine? ]

It was a very reasonable and confident answer.

Shen Li clicked on one of the photos.

Yes, this was the starting point and also the final destination.

Gu Siyang was in the stands. His seat was facing the track, so everything could clearly be captured.

It was indeed a good position.

All the drivers were already in position on the track, moving in different directions.

Even though they were all wearing helmets, at a glance, Shen Li still recognized that the one in front was Ji Shu.

The starting ranking was based on the points from the previous few races. Ji Shu was temporarily ranked first, so he naturally had the advantage.

Ron was ranked third.

The second was a racer from FN.

Although there were many teams participating in the race, after so many races, everyone knew that the final champion would definitely be decided between FN and LY.

LY was in a slightly better position, but FN was very close.

Shen Li’s gaze swept over those racing cars and paused for a moment on the white car that was ranked sixth.

This was Yu Cheng’s car.

Shen Li’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Gu Siyang was still sending her messages.

[ Sister! If today’s match goes smoothly, LY will be able to lock in the championship in advance! A dinner party will be held tonight. Will you be coming? ]

An address was attached below.

One could practically feel his excitement and anticipation through the screen.

Shen Li thought for a moment before she replied.

[ Okay. ]

Gu Siyang did not seem to have expected her to agree so readily so he was shocked.

[ Sis, are you finally free today? Don’t you have some experiments to conduct and some papers to write?? ]

Shen Li felt that there was something wrong with his understanding of her, so she replied very seriously.

[ No matter what, I’m still one of LY’s substitute team members. It’s important to participate. ]

Gu Siyang was at a loss for words.

God d*mn it. So, it was important to participate. So she decided to participate in just one meal?

Of course, he did not dare to say these words directly.

For Shen Li to be able to come, he felt that it was all worth it.

[ Alright! I’ll wait for you! ]

The lesson quickly ended.

As the bell rang, everyone packed up their things and prepared to move to the second lesson in the classroom next door.

As Shen Li stepped out of the back door, she suddenly heard a voice from behind.

“F*ck! LY is finished this time!”