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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 796 - Was a Little Painful  

Chapter 796: Was a Little Painful

Her first official meeting with her Brother had ended in failure.

Fifteen minutes later, He Xiaochen sat in a corner and sighed for the nth time.

— What had she been thinking at that time?!

Although no one had said anything after that and had even given her understanding looks, this was what made her even more socially dead!

He Xiaochen banged her forehead on the table in despair.

She did not even know how she had managed to survive since the time she had greeted Lin Fengmian and the others until now.

After a while, she heard some movement near her and turned her head to look.

Ren Qian had come over bearing a plate with some dessert on it.

He Xiaochen’s eyes instantly lit up. However, at this time, her eyes were still swollen, so the brightness was not that obvious.

The celebration banquet at night was buffet-style, and the surroundings were very lively. It was just that He Xiaochen had never even thought about eating.

However, the moment she saw the dessert that Ren Qian had brought over, her attention was instantly diverted.

“Is it delicious?” She asked as she stared at the small cake, her voice still hoarse.

“You mean this?”

Ren Qian picked up a fork and took a bite,

“Yes, it’s quite good.”

He Xiaochen’s eyes were wide open.

Ren Qian looked at her suspiciously.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to lose weight?”

He Xiaochen looked at him helplessly. When she thought of what she had said back then, she gritted her teeth.

“What else is there to lose? I’ve already lost my mind anyway!”

What could be more embarrassing than tonight?!

Ren Qian looked at her as if he found her reaction to be very interesting. It was not until He Xiaochen glared at him that he asked very cooperatively, “Then shall I let you have this portion?”

As he spoke, he took a fork from the side and handed it to He Xiaochen.

He Xiaochen snatched the plate fiercely.

When facing an enemy, one had to be as ruthless as the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves! Sweeping away all of his delicious food!

She took a bite, and the sweet and soft milk fragrance spread between her lips and teeth.

“Ahhh– It’s so delicious!”

She instantly forgot all the emotions she had been feeling and held the plate tightly as she ate.

She quickly finished half of a piece of cake.

Ren Qian turned his body sideways to face her, propping his elbows on the table. Seeing that she was eating happily, he smiled and said, “Big Brother, you don’t need to rush to eat everything. No one is fighting with you for it.”

He Xiaochen did not find his words funny.

She took a bite of the cake before looking at the evil hand that had pushed her into the abyss of society’s death.

She said indignantly, “What? Are you saying that I’m fat?”

Ren Qian looked at her with an exceptionally focused gaze.

Being on the receiving end of such attention, He Xiaochen began to feel nervous.

Gripping the plate and fork tightly, she wondered to herself, ‘ Had she really become fat?’

However, it was just one bite… It was just a hundred million bites of cake…

In the next moment, a warm hand gently tapped the corner of her lips.

He Xiaochen’s eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat.

Ren Qian raised his chin and said with a smile, “There’s something there.”

He Xiaochen’s face instantly became flushed.

She was a little flustered and immediately took a piece of paper from the side and wiped her mouth.

“Is… is it gone?”

She could clearly feel Ren Qian’s gaze lingering at the corner of her lips for quite a while. He was clearly at a normal distance, his actions were normal, and his conversation was normal, but why was the atmosphere so abnormal?

However, it seemed to feel like some kind of contest. That if she averted her gaze first, she would lose. So she braced herself and did not move. It was just that the temperature on her face was getting hotter and hotter.

Finally, when she felt as if smoke was about to come out of her head, Ren Qian finally let out a casual laugh.

He said, “Isn’t it too late to worry about your food accumulation?”

He did not say anything more.

However, He Xiaochen lost her last bit of courage to look him in the eye and quickly lowered her head. Originally, she had wanted to rely on eating to divert from the awkwardness of the situation, but when she thought of his words, she hesitated for a long time before putting the plate back.


She stared hard at what was left of the small cake as if she was admiring a famous painting. She forced herself to be calm.

“Got it.”

He Xiaochen and Lin Fengmian did not stay for long. There was a curfew for those who stayed at the school dormitory.

After saying goodbye to Shen Li and the others again, they took a taxi back.

As for Shen Li, she did not have this restriction, so she was more free and relaxed.

She sat with Lin Fengmian and chatted.

The two of them had been very busy lately and had not had the chance to see each other. It was only today that they had finally gotten together.

What Shen Li cared about the most was still his physical condition.

His busy schedule and excessive practice had caused him to have a lot of injuries. It was not obvious now that he was still young. However, Shen Li was worried that it would affect him in the future, so she gave him some advice.

Lin Fengmian smiled and obediently agreed.

He asked Shen Li about her experiences in Hong Kong City.

When Shen Li’s true identity had been revealed, Lin Fengmian had already known about this matter.

However, whether it was through a phone call or a message, it was actually not as good as face-to-face communication.

He could clearly see the smile in her eyes when she mentioned the Gu family and Shen Zhijin.

Moreover, seeing Shen Zhijin by her side today, everyone could see that he doted on his only daughter.

Shen Li was obviously very close to him.

After a while, a waiter came over with a glass of wine.

Lin Fengmian looked at it and shook his head.

“Thank you, but there’s no need.”

He had always been very strict with himself. In order to protect his voice, he rarely ate spicy food and rarely touched alcohol.

Not to mention, Shen Li’s alcohol tolerance was also a bit of a concern as well.

However, just as the waiter was about to leave, Shen Li called out to him.

“Wait, please give me a cup of peach wine.”

Lin Fengmian looked at her in surprise. “Sister, are you wanting to drink that?”

“The alcohol content in this is very low. It’ll be okay to drink a little,” Shen Li said. The waiter had already handed her a glass which she accepted.

The rich peach fragrance lingered around her nose and the smell of alcohol was indeed very faint.

She tilted her head to look at Lin Fengmian and smiled with her eyes curved.

“Besides, I do feel like drinking.”

She was not really keen on alcohol, and usually would not touch it.

However, today was different.

Lin Fengmian looked at her. For some reason, she seemed to be particularly happy tonight. Perhaps it was because the concert had such a great success, or perhaps it was because she liked “Faith” so much?

Anyway, it was fine as long as she was happy.

He nodded.

“Sister, if you want to drink, then go ahead and drink.”

Someone walked over from behind and asked Lin Fengmian to take a group photo with the dancers.

Lin Fengmian looked to the side. Shen Zhijin was not far away. It seemed that someone was chatting with him. Lu Huaiyu was choosing something to eat and was also very close to them.

Feeling reassured, he said,”Sister, I’ll be right back.”

Shen Li nodded, and Lin Fengmian turned around to leave.

Thus, she was left alone.

As Shen Li slowly sipped on the peach wine, it seemed as if many thoughts were going through her mind, but at the same time, it was as if she was not really thinking about anything at all.

After a while, the glass of peach wine had become empty.

She called the waiter over and drank another glass.

The taste of peach was quite delicious.

After some time had passed, she felt a little warm as did her eyelids.

She raised her hand to cover her eyes.

“Ah Li?”

A low and languid voice rang in her ear. She put down her hand and looked over.

Lu Huaiyu was sitting next to her. His gaze fell on the wine glass, and he raised his eyebrows.

“You’re drinking again–”

Before he could finish his words, Shen Li suddenly put down the glass, propped one hand on his leg, and leaned over.

The two of them were already very close to each other, so when she leaned in towards him, the distance between them became even closer.

She stared straight at him with her pair of sparkling peach blossom eyes.

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh.

However, at the next moment, Shen Li suddenly moved closer.

She raised her hand to touch his chin before pressing her cheek to the side of his face and smiled.

“Lu Huaiyu.”

Her voice was light, as if she was very happy.

“You finally shaved.”

She muttered in a low voice, her voice sounding a little aggrieved and petulant. “It hurt a little when you pricked me earlier.”