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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 794 - Your Happiness Is the Most Important! 

Chapter 794: Your Happiness Is the Most Important!

The air seemed to freeze.

Everyone saw the smile on the girl’s face and the hand banner that she had raised.

After a short period of silence, someone in the audience suddenly shouted out,”Mian! The eternal superstar!”

This voice was especially loud, and many people heard it clearly.

It was like a drop of water that had fallen into a lake, creating layers of ripples.

Inside the stadium, the sea-blue lights were shining brightly, and more and more people began to cheer enthusiastically.

“Mian! The eternal superstar!”

“Mian! The eternal superstar!”

“Mian! The eternal superstar!”

Step by step, the youth standing at the center of the stage walked forward along the extended stage.

The countless voices converged, turning into streams, rivers, and surging seas!

Lin Fengmian came to the edge of the extended stage and spread his hands.

The sounds of endless love reverberated in the sky above the Capital Sports Center and lingered in everyone’s hearts tonight.

Lin Fengmian’s eyes heated up slightly, and his heart was beating hard.

His light brown eyes curved beautifully as his crimson lips curled up, which almost made everyone feel like they were drowning in that obedient, childish, and carefree smile that belonged solely to the youth.

“Thank you, Sister. Thank you to my fans.”

As he spoke, he bent down to bow deeply with gratefulness and reverence.

To her, and to all the fans who had followed him here.

The young man’s appearance was projected on the big screen.

When his long eyelashes lowered, it was as if a tear had silently fallen. It shone with a brilliant light and intersected with the mole at the corner of his eye.

The applause and cheers from the audience were enthusiastic and noisy, which seemed to last a long time.

It was like a beautiful dream that stayed forever in the hearts of everyone present.

Lin Fengmian’s first solo concert had been a complete success.

Even after it had ended, many fans still had not recovered from their frenzied state.

Many people walked along slowly, their faces still carrying a sense of loss and melancholy. If one looked carefully, one could see that quite a number of them had cried.

Many fans continued to stay there, unwilling to disperse, even after a long time.

Shen Li stood up and said, “Dad, Mian is planning a celebration banquet tonight at Yishuijian. Shall we go together later?”

This was what they had discussed beforehand.

Up until now, Shen Zhijin still had yet to officially meet Lin Fengmian.

This was a rare opportunity, so he naturally could not miss it.

Seeing that she had put away the hand banner and the support sticks, Shen Zhijin also smiled.


As Shen Li was speaking, she suddenly felt that someone was looking at her.

She followed that gaze and indeed, she saw a few girls standing together not far from the back row. They looked to be about twenty years old and were looking at her eagerly.

When their eyes met her gaze, the girls instantly became visibly nervous.

“Ahhh! Sister has discovered that we’re looking at her!”

“What should we do? I need to stay calm! She’s so close to me!”

“I know you’re nervous, and I’m the same, but could you please stop stepping on my feet? Ahhh!”

The girl who last spoke managed to save her feet from being stepped on with great difficulty.

Shen Li, “Is there a reason that you’re looking for me?”

“No, no!”

The girls quickly shook their heads as if they were afraid of being misunderstood by her.

“Sister, we don’t have any other intentions. We just… We just wanted to look at you!”

“Right, right! We’ll be satisfied as long as we can look at you!”

“We absolutely don’t want to disturb Sister! Really! We just want to see Sister happy!”

Shen Li was stunned for a moment before she finally realized something.

She smiled at them.

“Thank you.”

When she was not smiling, her temperament was cold and distant, making it difficult to approach her. However, when she smiled, her eyes and brows would curved, making her look very sweet.

The girls instantly felt like they were unable to withstand such a close-range attack of such beauty.

They clutched their little hearts that were thumping loudly. Unable to contain their excitement, they ran away.

“Sister smiled at me! She’s so beautiful! She’s so nice!”

“I would like to declare that I will be going crazy for five minutes first. I love Sister!”

They had not asked for an autograph or a group photo. They had really just wanted to look at Shen Li.

After running for a while, the girl in the middle even turned around and called out, “If Sister is happy, then we’re happy! I hope Sister will be so happy every day!”

Shen Li’s heart was slightly moved.

This voice attracted the attention of many people.

Many people also laughed and shouted out,”It’s good that Sister is happy! I hope Sister and Little Brother are happy!”

The fans knew their limits. Even though they were very close to her, they did not move forward to disturb her. They only left such blessings as the most precious gift.

Shen Li waved to the many fans.

After a long time, the craze finally subsided slightly.

Lu Huaiyu raised the tip of his brows slightly.

The number of people who admired this little girl was increasing…

Only then did Shen Li look at He Xiaochen and Ren Qian.

“Oh, by the way, Xiaochen–”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shen Li looked at He Xiaochen, whose eyes were already swollen from crying, and fell silent for a moment.

He Xiaochen was no longer crying, but her eyes hurt.

Hearing Shen Li’s voice, she finally broke away from the feeling of emptiness that “The concert ended just like that.” She looked over in a daze.

“Ah… Ah Li, did you call for me?”

Her voice was extremely hoarse.

Shen Li, “…”

After just one concert, she seemed to be more tired than Lin Fengmian, who had danced for more than two hours straight.

Shen Li waved at her.

“There’s a celebration banquet at Yishuijian later. Would you like to go?”

He Xiaochen suddenly came to life. “A celebration banquet?!”

She wanted to scream, but her voice had already become hoarse. The voice that came out when she opened her mouth did not sound right. Matched with her current appearance, she looked pitiful and funny.

Thus, He Xiaochen felt like she had died again. She leaned her head on Ren Qian’s shoulder and cried very hard.

“Sob, sob, sob… How can I go and see my hubby now in this condition? Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob!”

Ren Qian, “…”

Shen Li gave him a sympathetic look. “Together?”

Although she felt conflicted, He Xiaochen braced herself and followed along.

This celebration banquet for the first concert?! Was this something that an ordinary person could go to?!

Ah Li had extended such a warm invitation. How could she refuse it?

So, she pulled Ren Qian along as they all piled into the car and headed to Yishuijian.

At the same time, Lin Fengmian’s concert had quickly become a trending topic on social media.