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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 793 - All The People Who Love Her Are Watching Her  

Chapter 793: All The People Who Love Her Are Watching Her

It was very quiet in the venue, so the clean voice of the young man sounded especially clear.

Shen Li was slightly stunned.

He had said– this last song, “Faith,” would be for his sister.

This was a segment that she had not known anything about beforehand.

“Faith” was Lin Fengmian’s most popular and highest-rated song.

He had put a lot of effort into this song. Even the first album that he had released after his debut had been given this name.

This showed just how much he cherished and valued this song.

Throughout the concert, he had sung many songs, including rock, lyrical, and even a romantic jazz song.

However, he had not touched Faith.


So he was waiting here.

Shen Li blinked slightly, as if there was a wind blowing, which brought a coolness to the bottom of her eyes.

However, deep in the center of her heart, a little bit of boiling heat seemed to be burning.

She looked at the youth on the stage.

This was the boy who had once laid unconscious on the kitchen floor with his eyes closed. The boy who had once stood timidly at the door of her room, calling her “Sister” in a soft voice. The boy who had once wiped his hands on his tattered clothes as he took her notebook and asked with a confused and perturbed expression, “Is this brittle? Isn’t being brittle, not good?” The boy who had followed behind her, day after day, year after year. The boy who had helped her carry her schoolbag, who had helped her fight, who had looked at her with reddened eyes after losing his mother, but had not shed a single tear, and who had stayed alone in a foreign country… The boy who had devoted all his time and energy to the practice room and only relied on the few emails he got from her to get through lonely and quiet days…

He had somehow grown into the proud appearance that he had now.

Lin Fengmian looked down from the stage.

In the vast stadium, the sea of stars swayed.

She was right in front of the stage.

He was capable of causing countless people to go crazy for him, and easily controlling the emotions of these people.

He had reaped many joyful followers, but he had also experienced many haters.

He walked carefully, as if treading on thin ice, within these circle. He had been careful, never daring to slack off in the slightest.

It was because he had wanted to run faster, stand higher, and become stronger.

Only then would he be able to protect her better.

Finally, he stood here.

At this moment, he gave her the stage through the song that was the most important to him.

That was because… there was no one more important than her.

Lin Fengmian came to the piano and sat down on the piano stool. His fair hand landed on the black and white piano keys, becoming more and more beautiful.

Then, the sound of a soft and melodious piece of music sounded.

The stadium remained very quiet, except for the music of the piano.

The young man’s low singing intertwined with the music. The light shone down over his head, as if it had also coated his exquisite and beautiful face with a layer of light.

His raven-like eyelashes hung low while the young man in the white shirt looked obedient and clean, as beautiful as a painting.

He had struggled out of the darkness and finally seen a ray of light.

Perhaps it was because this scene was so beautiful, or perhaps it was due to some kind of unspoken tacit understanding, when Lin Fengmian began to sing “Faith”, all 80,000 people in the audience at the sports center were unexpectedly very quiet.

This was the quietest and most peaceful moment of the night.

He had said that this song was for his sister.


For his sister.

It was as if even the air had become sticky. All the pity, love, heartache, admiration… All of it gathered in this quietness.

It was peaceful and tranquil, but full of ups and downs.

Ren Qian inadvertently turned his head and noticed that He Xiaochen, who was sitting next to him, was staring blankly at the stage with her face full of tears.

He was stunned for a moment before he immediately took out a piece of tissue paper from his pocket and handed it over.

He Xiaochen finally came back to her senses and hastily wiped away her tears.

However, Lin Fengmian was still singing while Shen Li was also sitting in front of them. Her gaze lingered on the two of them as she recalled their old days. She could not stop her tears no matter how hard she tried.

This was not only happening to He Xiaochen. Many of the fans in the venue had reddened eyes as their tears continuously fell.

They tried to control themselves, only able to sob so softly that it was covered by the music.

He Xiaochen tilted her head slightly. Her eyes were red and her nose was red. She looked at Ren Qian and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you…”

She was obviously trying to control herself, but she still sounded like she was crying.

Ren Qian replied in a soft voice, “It’s okay.”

“Don’t cry anymore.”

He Xiaochen nodded and looked back at the stage. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Shen Li’s hoodie was a little crooked because she was waving the support stick. Shen Zhijin leaned to the side with his eyes slightly lowered as he calmly and naturally helped her tidy up the hood.

Lu Huaiyu had also turned his head to the side. His usually cold and elegant appearance became indulgent and doting only when he looked at Shen Li.

Everyone was looking at Lin Fengmian, but the people who loved Shen Li were all looking at her.

He Xiaochen covered her mouth, and her tears instantly flowed even more fiercely. This time, she cried so hard that even her body was trembling slightly.

Ren Qian sighed helplessly. He took back the piece of tissue paper from her hand and took out another piece to pass to her.

He Xiaochen took it and quickly used it.

Ren Qian looked at her and moved closer to her ear. “Haven’t you cried enough yet?”

He Xiaochen bit her lower lip and nodded with tears in her eyes. Her vision was blurry.

Ren Qian paused for a while, before finally helplessly deciding to compromise.

“Let me lend you my shoulder for a while.”

He Xiaochen turned her head to look at him pitifully.

Ren Qian also looked at her.


He Xiaochen finally could not hold it in anymore. She let out a low whimper and put her forehead on his shoulder to cry.

In the stadium, many people were crying.

But, but…

But only she and Shen Li had sat at the same table before. Only she knew what the past that Shen Li had brushed aside before this day looked like.

Ren Qian lowered his eyes to look at her before he looked at the stage and sighed softly.

He raised his hand and patted her back very gently.

“Then, just cry.”

The song ended, and the sound of the zither and the young man’s voice gradually faded away.

He pressed the last piano key, stopped, and looked over at Shen Li again.

Almost at the same time, Shen Li raised the banner in her hand even higher.

The camera swept over at the right time, and in the next second, the countless fans in the stadium saw that beautiful face again.

Unlike her calm appearance before, her peach blossom eyes had curved into a beautiful arc. The corners of her lips curled up, and her dimples were faintly discernible. Her eyes seemed to be glowing with endless starlight.

She held up a banner.

When she had come here earlier, the banner had been folded, so no one had been able to see the contents on it.

However, right now, she unfolded it, and the words that had been engraved on it were displayed clearly on the huge screen.

Everyone could see it.

— [ Mian, Eternal Superstar ]

Whether it was in her previous life or this life, he was the only eternal superstar in her heart.