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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 792 - To My Sister  

Chapter 792: To My Sister

After a short silence–


“My husband is so handsome!”

“I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead… Ahhhhh!”

Crazy screams and clamors filled the entire sports center. It seemed to soar straight into the sky, almost tearing the night apart.

On the giant screen, the young man’s current appearance was pure, clean, and flirtatious.

Just this appearance alone was enough to kill.

Ever since Lin Fengmian’s debut, the most attractive thing to his fans was the unique sense of youth that he had.

Fragile, pure, and clean. It was as if he would shatter at the slightest touch.

However, on the stage, it was as if he had changed into another person.

Powerful, flamboyant, and full of vitality. He had absolute control and was the true king of the stage.

These two seemingly contradictory temperaments mixed together to form the uniqueness of Lin Fengmian.

Just standing there alone was enough to make countless people go crazy.

Not to mention tonight… he inspired such pure desire.

At this moment, other than screaming for him and shouting for him, it was as if there was no other way to vent the surging emotions in their hearts.

He was the light, the star, the most dazzling existence in this place, this time, and tonight.


The sound of a drum suddenly sounded, as if it had fallen on everyone’s hearts, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble involuntarily.

Dong Dong Dong Dong!

The sound of a strong and rhythmic music sounded!

Lin Fengmian took a step forward.

Beautiful lights shone on the stage, and several dancers wearing black suits also made an appearance at the same time.

However, Lin Fengmian was still the most dazzling one.

Everyone’s eyes could not help but be trained on him.

With the music, the people on the stage began to dance.

The opening was a very personal style of rap.

The young man’s figure was tall and thin. Every movement was clean and smooth, as he hit every point with precision.

His dance was obviously very powerful, but it looked light and smooth. Only those who had really trained would know how much muscle strength was required to dance like this. It was clear that he had absolute control over his own body.

All the sweat that he had spilled in the practice room, all the pain and torture that he had endured, all the tedium and loneliness as he practiced in front of the mirror…

All of it had blossomed into the brightest starlight at this moment.

All the fans were quickly inspired. This dance song had a passionate style and a clear rhythm. Almost instantly, it lit up the entire sports center!

The aquamarine support sticks lit up and swayed along to the rhythm of the music. It was neat and uniform, like specks of light in the dark night. It encompassed the passion and fervor of countless people and converged into a sea.

It was intertwined with the shouts that were filled with excitement, enthusiasm, craziness, and self-absorption that almost overturned everything.

Shen Li looked at the stage and her gaze fell upon the youth.

This huge torrent poured down as they obeyed the wishes of the youth on the stage, easily engulfing everyone and rendering the night into an aquamarine color that belonged solely to him.

Tonight, all the cheers were for him, all the love was for him, all the light and love were for him.

He was no longer the Lin Fengmian who had been blocked and bullied in his previous life.

He was the top superstar Lin Fengmian in this life.

Shen Li squinted her eyes. The light in her eyes seemed to glow brighter than the lights on the stage.

Lu Huaiyu turned his head slightly to look at her.

She was looking at the stage, very focused. Her smile spread to the corners of her eyes, shining brilliantly.

The corner of his lips also curved into a gentle and indulgent arc.

“Ahhhhh! So handsome! I’m gone! Ahhhhh!”

He Xiaochen went crazy. The support stick in her hand continued to move along to the music as she went into a frenzy.

The other fans sitting next to her were the same. They were so excited that they almost used all their strength to support and shout.

Ren Qian was sitting next to her, surrounded by countless screams.

However, it was her screams that he heard the most clearly.

“Hubby, I can do it! Ahhhhh!”

Ren Qian, “…”

He looked down at the light sign in his hand– ‘Little brother! I can!’

Well, that seemed to be a little more pleasing to the ear than what she had just shouted.

He looked at He Xiaochen and handed over the light sign in his hand.

“Big Boss, why don’t you hold this? Aren’t you afraid that your throat will split if you shout like this?”

Without even looking at him, He Xiaochen continued to shout,”Hubby is so handsome! Ahhhhh!”


She had not heard him at all.

Ren Qian was a little speechless as he looked at her. After a moment, he moved closer and grabbed one of her wrists.

“I said–”

With that, He Xiaochen finally noticed that there was such a person beside her. She hurriedly turned her head to him and loudly asked, “What did you just say???”

Ren Qian, “…”

The entire stadium was filled with jubilation. The clamor was so loud that even if they were sitting next to each other, they still had to shout to communicate with each other.

Ren Qian moved a little closer.

“I say, if you keep shouting like that, your voice will become hoarse!”

He Xiaochen heard him this time.

Her round almond-shaped eyes widened as if she was very surprised that he would say such a thing.

“Of course I have to shout!

She replied very loudly, “Otherwise, when else would I have the chance to shout for my husband!!!”

A concert!


If one did not become exhausted and hoarse, then what was the point!


The look on Ren Qian’s face became incomprehensible for a moment.

He looked at He Xiaochen with a complicated expression. He wanted to say something, but he did not seem to know how to say it.

However, He Xiaochen’s attention had already shifted back to the stage.

At this moment, all the fans had already started to sing along with Lin Fengmian, including He Xiaochen.

Tonight, all the songs that Lin Fengmian would be performing were all of his own works.

Firstly, many of his songs were very well-known. Secondly, all the fans present today were his fans. They knew everything about him like the back of their hands, so it was easy for them to sing along.

He Xiaochen’s eyes were burning as she looked at the stage. As she sang along, she tugged at Ren Qian who was next to her.

One had to immerse one’s self while watching a concert! How could he just watch so drily like this all the time?

The support sticks danced! The lights flashed!

Before Ren Qian could react, he felt a soft hand covering the back of his hand and shook it in a tight grip.

“Quick! The support stick!”

Momentarily stunned, he then smiled.

“Got it.”

The concert venue had been lit up by the opening song, and the atmosphere was warm.

The next two songs were similar in style, and the atmosphere quickly reached a climax.

After three songs in a row, Lin Fengmian took the microphone, showing that his breathing was still very stable.

It was not until the fourth song that he changed to a lyrical song.

It was a test of one’s comprehensive ability to be able to hold a concert alone.

Singing, physical strength, dancing…

However, Lin Fengmian did it perfectly.

The concert would be running for two hours. The cheers and support throughout the entire sports center did not stop. The fans were even more enthusiastic than before.

At a certain moment, the stage lights dimmed and the music died down.

The audience gradually became restless.

A grand piano slowly rose up onto the stage.

Then, Lin Fengmian’s figure reappeared.

He had changed into a plain white shirt without any decorations, which looked extremely clean and pure.

His exquisite face was reflected on the screen, and every part was just right.


He raised his hand and put his index finger to his lips.

It was a light and bewitching sound, as if it carried some kind of powerful magic and instantly made everyone subconsciously quiet down.

The huge and noisy sports center became a quiet sea again due to his words.

He looked forward, his eyes focused, and his crimson lips curved into a beautiful arc.

“This last song, ‘Faith,’ is for sister.”