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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 791 - Superstar  

Chapter 791: Superstar

The noise was so loud that it soon reached her ears.

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched slightly.

Then, she heard Shen Zhijin’s calm voice coming from the side.

“Tangtang, what’s in your bag?”

He had asked in a very casual manner, but as he said this, his eyes were trained on Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Li’s backpack was still with Lu Huaiyu.

Originally, while they were entering the venue, the audience had to go through security checks and were not allowed to bring this kind of backpack in.

However, of course, Shen Li was different.

Lin Fengmian’s assistant had even gone to the entrance to greet them and had carefully led them all the way to the VIP seats. Naturally, it would not be a problem for her to bring a small backpack.

Lu Huaiyu blinked, letting go of Shen Li’s hand at the right time before handing the black backpack over.

“Ah Li, your bag.”

It was especially apt.

On the big screen, everyone watched as the slender, fair-skinned man released her wrist, and could not help but let out a collective sigh.

“Ah… a man with such a pair of hands must be very handsome?! Why doesn’t the camera move to the side?”

“That’s right! Brother is ours, while Sister is Brother-in-law’s. Is there anything that our noble fandom can’t see?”

“I can prove it! Brother-in-law is really handsome! When he accompanied Sister in just now, I saw it from afar. Oh my god! That figure, that face, that silhouette! It’s amazing, and a perfect match for Sister!”

“Oohhhhh, I really want to see it too!”

“… Well, let me tell you this too… Apart from sister’s boyfriend, I think Sister’s father is also here to accompany her today as well…”

As soon as these words were said, there was an uproar. Many people started to ask around.

“What?! Boyfriend?! Father?!”

“Have you all forgotten? Previously, the fans from Xijing University’s mentioned that Sister had been switched at birth. Her biological father is the Vice-President of Xijing University, Shen Zhijin! It’s… It’s that big shot physics guy!”

“Ah! I remember now! Previously, I accidentally saw a picture of him. I had even thought of taking the Xijing Academy entrance exam! Of course, this is not important… ahem… What’s important is that he is also very handsome! So Sister’s beauty is inherited from her father!”

“Wow, so this kind of top-tier academic big shot actually came to watch the concert? He came with Sister, right? He must truly dote on her!”

The relationship between Shen Li and Shen Zhijin had long been widely spread within Xijing University. However, that was only a small area.

Now that so many fans had gathered and started to chat with each other, many of them were shocked to realize what Shen Li’s background had been like.

The fandom was very clear about the kind of life that Lin Fengmian and Shen Li had lived in the past.

Right now, they were all very happy and relieved to see this scene.

The older sister had come to see her younger brother’s first concert, and her boyfriend and father had accompanied her, even helping her carry her bag…

How loving!

Shen Li sat down and took the black backpack from Lu Huaiyu’s hands.

Shen Li took up most of the shot, so only a corner of Shen Zhijin’s clothes and Lu Huaiyu’s hand could be seen.

She lowered her head and unzipped her backpack.

Although the crowd regretted not being able to see Lu Huaiyu and Shen Zhijin, they were quickly attracted by Shen Li’s actions.

In the next moment, Shen Li took out…

Three support sticks and a handheld banner.

When the fans saw that she had taken out the support sticks, they became even more excited.

“Sister is so thoughtful!”

“It’s a support staff and a banner specially prepared for her younger brother!”

“Sister, you are my goddess forever!”

Then, everyone noticed that she handed a support stick each to the person on the left and right respectively, while she kept one support staff and the banner.

However, the banner was folded up and she did not open it, so no one could see the words on it.

However, this did not affect the fans’ excitement at all.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his head to look at the support stick in his hand and chuckled.

So, he had to take this…

As Shen Zhijin took Shen Li’s backpack, his gaze fell on Shen Li’s face. His cold and indifferent eyes were tinged with warmth.

Shen Li sensed something and looked up. Thinking that he was not used to this kind of situation, she whispered, “Dad, if you don’t want to take this, I’ll do it later–”

A faint smile spread across Shen Zhijin’s face.

“This is a gift from Ah Li.”

Shen Li’s eyes moved slightly.

Just then, most of the lighting in the stadium was suddenly turned off, especially at the side of the stage until it was almost completely dark.

The crowd sensed something and quieted down. They could vaguely hear the suppressed excitement of the whispers.

“It’s coming, it’s coming! It’s starting!”

The sound of a gust of wind rustling through the trees rang out in the stadium. The atmosphere was quiet but noisy.

A number appeared on the huge screen.

It was the number ten in an aquamarine color.

Then, it quickly turned into a nine.

The fans suddenly realized something. When the number changed again, they counted down in unison.




Every time the number changed, it was accompanied by the sound of a drum. The sound of the drum became heavier and heavier. Gradually, other overlapping sounds were added, blending in with it.

Every sound seemed to fall on the heart and beat hard!




With the last count down, countless lights on the stage shone toward the center!

A figure caught everyone’s eyes.

It was a tall and thin youth.

His hair had been dyed back to a pure black color. A few strands of his fringe had been swept up, revealing a fair forehead.

The lines of his brow, nose, and lips were smooth and exquisite.

He was wearing a black suit, which was covered in embroidery from the left shoulder to the waist. It was beautiful and flamboyant.

He stood at the center of the stage with his eyelids slightly lowered. His long eyelashes were like a raven’s feathers. It was as if he was being bathed in endless radiance which was holy and pure, making him seem untouchable.

Suddenly, he raised his eyes. There seemed to be a glimmer in his light brown eyes, highlighting the mole at the corner of his eye.

At the same time, he raised his right hand.

Everyone seemed to be easily controlled by this move, and all the noise was instantly extinguished.

Almost subconsciously, countless people held their breaths, as if they were nervous and pious, waiting for the hand of God to fall.

Lin Fengmian looked forward, his gaze fixed on a certain spot.

Shen Li unfolded the banner in her hands.

[ Mian, Forever Superstar ]

Lin Fengmian’s beautiful eyes curved up before he bowed slightly with his right hand resting across his left chest.

As he moved, the collar of his suit moved slightly, faintly revealing the exquisite collarbone and…

— This well-tailored suit was actually a vacuum.

The clean and bewitching voice of the youth echoed throughout the huge stadium.

“Welcome, everyone.”