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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 790 - It's Brother-In-Law, Right?  

Chapter 790: It’s Brother-In-Law, Right?

Shen Li’s footsteps paused because of this sound, and she subconsciously turned her head to look.

The lighting in the venue was relatively dim, but because the stand was very close, Shen Li could clearly see a round-faced girl looking at her with excitement.

Noticing that Shen Li was looking back at her, the girl instantly became even more excited. She grabbed the arm of the girl next to her and shook it wildly.

“Sister is so beautiful! Ahhhhh!”

Shen Li, “…”

Perhaps it was because the girl’s shout was so forceful, but the people around them all looked over as well. Several pairs of eyes fell on Shen Li’s face.

There was a short silence.

“Ahhhhh! Sister!”

“Sister, you’re too beautiful in person. I’m gone! Ahhhhh!”

“Big Sister, please look at me!”

A scream quickly spread. Before Shen Li could react, the noise had already spread.

The audience in the distance heard the noise and looked over curiously.

“What’s wrong? Who’s here? Who’s here?”

“I’m Kang Kang! Give me Kang Kang!”

“They said that big sister is here! Over there! It’s the one at the entrance!”

To Lin Fengmian’s fans, the term “Sister” only referred to one person– Shen Li.

She held an extraordinary position in the hearts of all his major fans.

Therefore, at this time, at Lin Fengmian’s concert, all his fans were all very excited to see her.

Shen Li had not expected that her arrival would cause such a big reaction from them. By the time she had reacted, the news that “Sister is here to see her brother at the concert” had completely spread.

Many people had even stood up to look over at her.

Shen Li could clearly feel countless burning gazes on her.

The assistant who was leading the way clearly had not expected this to happen either so he was suddenly a little nervous.

“Miss She –”

Shen Li shook her head, indicating that there was nothing wrong.

“The concert is about to begin. Let’s take our seats first.”

The assistant let out a sigh of relief and continued to lead them to Zone A.

The Capital Sports Center was an oval-shaped open-air arena. The stage was set to the east, and there was an extended stage in front of it.

Behind the stage was a huge screen which at the moment was showing the audience section.

Shen Li and the others were seated in the first row of Zone A, which was the best position.

To get there from the entrance, they had to pass through more than half of the stadium.

By now, the circular stands were already full of people, and so was the stadium.

Countless fans were sitting neatly, waiting in anticipation and excitement for the concert to begin.

Due to Shen Li’s arrival, a wave of screams and cheers had quickly been set off in the stadium.

The people in the stands were looking over, and the people in the stadium also turned their heads.

“Where is sister?!”

“Ah! She just passed me!”

“Of course, Sister would come to my brother’s first concert! I’m so touched!”

“… I just want to say that the real person is much better looking than in photos?!”

“Wait, am I the only one who is curious about who the two people next to Sister are? They’re also very good-looking, right!”

“I see them! I see them! I saw a young handsome man walking with Sister, and it looked like he was carrying her bag! There was also an extremely handsome uncle next to her! He seems to have a close relationship with Sister! My god, these three people are so good-looking!”

“Is that Little Brother’s Sister’s boyfriend? But who is that handsome uncle? Why do I feel that he looks a little familiar?”

Lu Huaiyu and Shen Zhijin, who were walking with Shen Li to their seats, also received a lot of attention.

Of course, to Shen Li, these two were the most familiar to her. It was obvious to anyone who saw that they had a deep relationship with her from the way they could stand by her side and watch the concert with her!

Before Shen Li and her two companions came to their seats, the commotion in the venue did not subside and all kinds of discussions about them continued.

“Ah Li!”

Just as Shen Li was about to sit down, she heard a familiar voice.

She turned her head and saw that He Xiaochen was happily waving at her from the second row of seats, just a few seats away.

He Xiaochen was not surprised to see Lu Huaiyu, but she was shocked to see Shen Zhijin.

“Second Brother!”

She waved at Lu Huaiyu, restraining herself slightly in front of the handsome man. However, when she faced Shen Zhijin, she restrained herself even further and even subconsciously straightened her posture.

“Teacher Shen!”

Shen Li could not help but laugh.

Forget about Lu Huaiyu. After all, He Xiaochen had seen him many times before, so she could be considered as being familiar with him.

However, Shen Zhijin really did not seem like someone who would appear here. It was no wonder that He Xiaochen had such a huge reaction.

Both parties greeted each other.

He Xiaochen was holding a banner and one support staff in her hands.

[ Little Brother, fly with confidence. Your fans will follow you! ]

Shen Li’s gaze lingered on the person next to He Xiaochen for a moment, and she raised her eyebrows slightly.

Naturally, the person sitting to the left of He Xiaochen was Ren Qian, whom she had “invited” to watch the concert with her.

At the moment, he was holding a square light sign in his hands that had a border of colorful lights. The words that were surrounded by those lights were extremely bright.

[ Brother! I can! ]

There was a flashing red heart next to it that looked like a real beating heart.

Shen Li, “…”

It went without saying whose style this was…

In addition, Ren Qian also had a headband on his head that had a red one-way arrow pointing at He Xiaochen.

He Xiaochen also had one on her head. It was also an arrow of the same color, but it was pointing at her.

Together, it seemed to say…

‘Look at her.’

‘Look at me!’

Shen Li hesitated for a moment, but she still pointed at him.

“Xiaochen, are you sure you don’t want to exchange your reinforcements?”


He Xiaochen was stunned for a moment. She looked at her “eternal follower” message before looking at Ren Qian’s sign that said, “I can.”

“But he chose that one himself!”

When she came, out of respect, she had even specially asked Ren Qian for his opinion!

Shen Li was a little surprised and looked at Ren Qian again.

He Xiaochen felt a little regretful.

“Actually, I also think that the one he has is better… I really can!”

Ren Qian smiled and said gently,”No, you’re not.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

Suddenly, there was a burst of cheers and agitation from the crowd.

Shen Li sensed something and turned around to see her face on the big screen.

At the same time, she saw Lu Huaiyu’s hand come into the frame.

He was holding onto her slender wrist with his slender fingers and distinctive knuckles.

On the big screen, this looked especially beautiful.

He chuckled and said, “Why don’t you sit down?”

This was not heard by anyone else, but the image of her wrist being held by him was magnified countless times and clearly displayed on the big screen.

The already lively venue became even more noisy.

“D*mn! Someone is holding Sister’s hand… Ahhhhhh~ It’s a man’s hand! That’s a man’s hand! Am I seeing things?!”

“It’s brother-in-law, right? It must be brother-in-law!”