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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 789 - Sister Is Here  

Chapter 789: Sister Is Here


Shen Li spent the whole day at 601 conducting experiments while writing her thesis.

Yan Qiu was not around. Fu Niannian was staring at an instrument recording data, while Tang Yi sat in his seat as he looked at his computer.

Without any indication of what he was looking at, he suddenly pumped his fist in the air.


Shen Li and Fu Niannian looked over at him at the same time.

Fu Niannian said earnestly, “Junior Brother, if you have an illness, you should seek medical treatment immediately.”

Tang Yi was completely unbothered about his statement. He was so excited that tears had welled up in his eyes.

“My thesis has passed! I’ve passed… Ahhhhhh!”

The other two instantly understood why he was so happy.

Shen Li smiled and said,”Congratulations, Senior Brother.”

She was all too aware of how much hair Tang Yi had lost due to this thesis recently.

Tang Yi proudly declared,”Junior Sister! Whatever you want to eat tonight, just feel free to ask! Just go ahead and say what it is!”

The weight in his heart had finally lifted. In addition to that, Shen Li had given him a lot of advice previously, so he definitely had to treat her to this meal!

Shen Li coughed lightly.

“Senior Brother, I’m afraid that tonight is not very convenient. I’m going to watch Mian’s concert.”

“Huh? Oh right! Today is March 1st!”

Tang Yi slapped his forehead.

Although he was not a fan of celebrities, his cousins were all fans of Lin Fengmian, and they would tell him all about it from time to time.

In addition, there was also Shen Li at the laboratory. Since she was pretty much considered as Lin Fengmian’s sister, whom he could not be more close to, it would be hard for him not to remember this day.

Fu Niannian looked at his phone.

“Hey, Junior Sister, it’s already past five. Aren’t you leaving yet?”

Shen Li said, “The concert will officially start at eight o’clock at night. There’s no rush.”

She planned to go over after dinner.

Fu Niannian choked for a moment and said faintly, “… You should take a look on Weibo.”

Shen Li took her phone.

She had not looked at Weibo the entire day. When she clicked on it, she saw that Lin Fengmian’s name was already trending.

# Lin Fengmian’s first concert #

# Lin Fengmian at the Capital Sports Center #

#Sister fans queue #

The first two terms were listed as the first and fourth on the top searches respectively, while the third term was listed as the sixth.

With Lin Fengmian’s popularity, the first two trending searches were normal, but this last one…

Shen Li clicked on it.

The first trending Weibo post on the square had been posted by a gossip marketing account half an hour ago.

[ Entertainment little fish: There are still a few hours before Lin Fengmian’s concert officially begins, yet there is already a long queue outside the Capital Sports Center! The quality of the sister fans is just too good! Look at this scene, it’s really more than I expected! [ surprise ][ surprise ][ cow ][ beer ] !!! ]

It was followed by a nine-square grid.

Outside the Capital Sports Center, a crowd of people was moving around, and blue flags were fluttering in the wind.

Countless fans had lined up in S-shaped lines that almost occupied the entire square outside the center and stretched out to a great distance that was so far that the end could not be seen.

They were wearing clothes and hats with Lin Fengmian’s cartoon image, and they were holding support sticks, banners, and so on.

From afar, they looked like a blue ocean. Lin Fengmian’s support color was sea blue.

The Capital Sports Center could accommodate 80,000 spectators, and the tickets to Lin Fengmian’s concert had sold out in a second. One could imagine just how many people would be coming today.

Although four entrances were opened at the same time, there were still an incredible number of people waiting in line.

However, this was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that although there so were many people waiting, everyone behaved in an orderly manner.

The expressions on the fans’ faces were filled with anticipation and excitement. Even though this was only a photo, it was not difficult to feel the enthusiasm that almost consumed the people.

Everyone chatted to each other as they patiently lined up at the front. The atmosphere was warm and cheerful.

Under this Weibo post, the people who occupied the top few of the hot comments were actually passersby.

[ So many people. jpg!!! ]

[ F*ck, is this the top stream? Won’t the concert be too noisy? ]

[ Look at them! There are so many people, but it’s not chaotic at all. Everyone is lining up properly! As for me, whenever I go to the cafeteria for lunch, people always cut in front of me while I’m lining up! ]

[ I’m not a fan of Lin Fengmian, but the fans are very orderly. ]

After a few messages, someone below asked a question.

[ Strange, this popular Weibo post is such a good promotional opportunity. Why haven’t Lin Fengmian’s fans commented on it? ]

There were quite a lot of replies to this post.

[ Hahahahahahahahaha… Everyone is waiting for the concert to start. Where would they have the time to check on Weibo? Hahahaha! ]

[ Those who didn’t manage to get tickets can only look on enviously at home. ] [ spread your hands. JPG ] Also, to the commenter above, please keep your laughter down. It’s too harsh for my eyes to see. ]

[ The commenter above is so sour. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I’m feeling very sour too. Ahhhh… ]

[ Naive, you’re so naive. So what if you don’t have the tickets? Just go and hang out outside the venue to listen to the concert! It’s my brother’s first concert. It’s not a loss even if I can even just feel the atmosphere! ]

[ What the person above said makes sense. I’ll go afIer I finish this egg pancake! ]

Shen Li logged out of Weibo. Meeting Fu Niannian and Tang Yi’s gazes, she said seriously, “… I’ll go after I finish my meal.”

She really could not handle this situation.

After Shen Li finished her dinner, she saw that it was already seven o’clock and went to knock on Shen Zhijin’s office door.

“Dad, we can set off now.”

A moment later, the door was opened and Shen Zhijin walked out.

Yan Qiu and the others in the laboratory were stunned.

“Teacher… Teacher Shen, are you accompanying Junior Sister to watch the concert?”

Shen Zhijin nodded slightly and patted Shen Li’s head.

“Let’s go.”

Shen Li waved goodbye to the three of them.

“Goodbye, Senior Brothers.”

After saying that, under the stunned gazes of the other three, she left together with Shen Zhijin.

It was about a 20-minute drive from Xijing University to the Capital Sports Center.

Shen Zhijin drove while Shen Li sat in the passenger seat.

She took a lollipop out of the glove compartment of the passenger seat.

Lu Huaiyu was going as well, but because it was a long roundabout route, Shen Li had not asked him to pick her up. Instead, they agreed to meet at the first entrance of the sports center.

It was not actually too late to leave at seven, but the traffic was quite heavy, so the delay was longer.

When they arrived at the place, they got out of the car and headed towards the first entrance. There was not much time left.

Fortunately, most of the audience had already entered the venue so they did not need to line up.

Shen Li noticed a familiar tall and noble figure at the entrance.

Lu Huaiyu also spotted them at the same time and greeted them with a smile.

“Teacher Shen, Ah Li.”

As he spoke, he took Shen Li’s backpack in his hands and tested its weight, as if it was quite heavy.

Almost at the same time, a young man who had been waiting in the same area quickly walked over. It was Lin Fengmian’s assistant.

“Miss Shen.”

He had already received the news that these people were coming today, but seeing them in person now, still made him feel a little nervous.

All of them were… important people!

“Miss Shen, Mr. Shen, Mr. Lu, please come inside–”

He bent down slightly and led the way.

After a long and tortuous journey, they finally arrived at the inner arena.

The first thing Shen Li looked at was the stage.

It was already dark, and the huge sports center was bustling with activity. At a glance, she could see how full the place was.

Just as Shen Li was about to walk forward, a surprised voice suddenly came from the stands next to her.

“Sister! It’s sister! Sister is here! Ahhhh!”