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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 786 - My Taste  

Chapter 786: My Taste

He Xiaochen felt that she would not be able to clear her name even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

“The seats are just next to each other, not seats for a couple!”

The short-haired girl gave her a look that seemed to say, “I understand, I understand.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Those are not seats for a couple. They’re just seats for a couple that happens to be next to each other!”

He Xiaochen, “…”

Shen Li felt that there was no way to clean up this situation, so she might as well just leave it and watch from the side.

Although the two of them had been evenly matched in high school, it seemed that it would be quite difficult for He Xiaochen to beat Ren Qian in certain aspects.

Some girls nearby also noticed the situation.

“What? Tickets for my brother’s concert! ?”

“Sister, please let me have them! I can increase the price!”

“I don’t have any high hopes for Zone B, so even the one at the top of the mountain is fine!”

The tickets were extremely hard to get. So, the moment they heard that He Xiaochen had extra tickets, many girls immediately looked over at her.

The competition was fierce, and the short-haired girl instantly became nervous.

He Xiaochen sighed.

“I’m sorry. It’s first come, first served. Since she asked for it first, I’ll give it to her.”

As she spoke, she said to the short-haired girl,”Let’s add each other on WeChat. I’ll transfer the tickets to you tomorrow.”

The short-haired girl was delighted.

“Thank you, Sister!”

Although the others were disappointed, they had no choice but to secretly envy her again.

The short-haired girl added He Xiaochen on WeChat and poked her with her elbow. Then, she lowered her voice.

“Sister, not to mention, this boyfriend of yours… that you want to pursue… Just to woo you, he actually got tickets to Zone A.That’s really awesome!”

As she said this, her face was filled with envy.

“How many guys would be willing to do this? Would they help the girl that they like chase celebrities, and even help her to buy tickets to her idol’s concert?”

Feeling a little shaken by these words, He Xiaochen quietly looked at Ren Qian. In the end, she just happened to see two girls sidle up to Ren Qian’s side and say mysteriously,”Oh great sir, could we ask you to help us grab tickets in the future? The price is negotiable!”

Ren Qian pointed at He Xiaochen as he declined with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m only willing to buy them for her.”

He Xiaochen’s face turned hot again.

The two girls looked regretful, as they were left with no choice but to give up and turn around to leave.

Ren Qian turned around and saw He Xiaochen staring at him with a subtle look in her eyes.

He was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

He Xiaochen shook her head heavily.

“Nothing, I just feel that I’ve been hollowed out…”

She had just calculated and realized that the money she earned from her part-time work would still not be enough to cover the two tickets.

Her living expenses instantly became tight.

Ren Qian paused for a moment and seemed to laugh.

“Do I still have this ability?”

He Xiaochen, “!!!”

What nonsense was he spouting again? She clearly had not meant it that way!

After Ren Qian was done admiring her changing expression, he raised his chin.

“Just remember the ticket price. If you can’t give me the money yet, you can pay me back slowly.”

He Xiaochen was momentarily stunned before she reacted.

“So, you’re agreeing to it?”

When she had insisted on giving him the money earlier, Ren Qian had not seemed to be very happy. Therefore, she was still a little nervous and worried that he would not accept it.


Looking very relaxed, Ren Qian gave her a very gentle smile.

“I have to give you a chance to pursue me, right?”

He Xiaochen, “…”

She just knew that nothing good would come out of his mouth!

What she really wanted to do was to forcefully throw the money at him, but unfortunately, she was really short of money, so she could only swallow her anger as she answered fiercely,”Who’s the one who wants to pursue you?!”

Ren Qian nodded.

“I heard you. But if you really want to emphasize it, that’s fine too.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

Shen Li covered her eyes. She could not bear to watch them anymore.

It was a one-sided crush. That was what she was talking about.

He Xiaochen had huffed and puffed for a long time, yet in the end, she had accepted the tickets that the other party had fought so hard for.

She whispered, “Then… Then I’ll return the money to you next month.”

By that time, she would have received more of her pay, so it would be more or less the same.

Ren Qian thought for a moment before replying.

“Next month might be a little late.”


He Xiaochen had obviously not expected Ren Qian to be so blunt after settling this matter.

She scratched her head and thought about it carefully, before coming to the conclusion that it was not really unusual for him to say this.

Everyone was still a student. Ren Qian’s financial situation was probably quite tight since he had spent so much money all at once.

She probed,”Then… When do you think would be the right time? I can’t pay you all of it back now. How about in installments? I can pay you some back first–”

“Let’s do it today.”

Ren Qian interrupted her and looked into her eyes. Then, he said very sincerely, “I don’t have the money to eat. You can pay me back by buying me dinner tonight.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

In her heart, Shen Li silently applauded Ren Qian.

As for He Xiaochen?

It was hopeless.

Really, they were not on the same level at all.

When lunch was over, He Xiaochen felt as if she had been beaten badly. She went back to class in a daze.

After she had gone back, she could not help but send a message to Shen Li lamenting how wronged she had been.

[ Ah Li! I always feel like I’m losing out! ]

Shen Li was in the middle of writing a thesis in the laboratory. When she saw this message, she subconsciously looked at the time.


It had been an hour since she had finished her lunch. It was only now that she had finally realized this.

She picked up her phone.

[ Isn’t the price of the tickets based on the original price? ]

It was not just Ren Qian’s two tickets. The tickets that He Xiaochen had transferred to the short-haired girl had also been sold off at the original price.

So even though it had been a little tumultuous, there had actually been no monetary loss.

He Xiaochen stared at these words and fell into deep thought.

That seemed to be the case.

Then what was it that was wrong?

A big question mark appeared in He Xiaochen’s heart.

It was not until the evening class had ended that she walked out of the classroom with her bag on her back. When she saw Ren Qian waiting in the corridor, this question mark started to waver.

A few girls who were passing by winked at her.

“Xiaochen, are you guys together?”

Ren Qian had come to look for her before, but he had not been so brazen about it.

Now that he was standing there, it was obvious.

He Xiaochen wanted to refute, “No, we–”

By then, Ren Qian had already walked over and pulled her backpack down. Holding it in his hand, he very naturally and smoothly said,

“I want to eat sweet and sour fish today.”

He Xiaochen, “???”

Although she had promised to pay back the money by buying him this meal, what was with his tone?

Was she supposed to follow along with whatever you want to eat?!

She endured it.

“I want bridge rice noodles! Extra spicy and with extra sesame!”

Ren Qian pointed at his throat.

“I stayed up late, so my tonsils are inflamed.”

He Xiaochen instantly lowered her head.

Oh, had he stayed up late, just to grab those tickets?

“… Alright.”

In the evening, Shen Li came out of the laboratory and saw that Lu Huaiyu was already waiting downstairs.

She quickened her pace and walked over. Lu Huaiyu seemed to sense her presence and looked over.

Her phone rang. Shen Li lowered her head and found that it was a message from He Xiaochen.

It was a picture of a dinner meal.

Those two had obviously gone out to eat. The dishes that they had ordered were laid out on the table, the sweet and sour fish in the middle being particularly eye-catching.

The camera also partially showed the hand of a boy sitting across the table. It seemed that he was picking out the fish bones.

There were two more words.

“Ah Li! I know where I lost! I made too big a concession in the food!”

“When you and Second Brother eat together, he definitely follows your taste, right?”

Lu Huaiyu happened to walk to her side and saw this message when he looked down.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, took her phone away and began to type.

“Second Brother?”

Shen Li was stunned for a moment, but Lu Huaiyu quickly finished typing.

She then took a look.

[ No, Ah Li follows my taste. ]

He Xiaochen quickly realized that this reply had come from Lu Huaiyu and was shocked. For a moment, she did not know what to reply.

Then, she received another message.

[ Whatever she eats when she’s with me, that’s my taste. ]