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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 784 - I'm Chasing You  

Chapter 784: I’m Chasing You

He Xiaochen also choked up from Ren Qian’s words. She reached for the yogurt and changed the topic.

“… Ah, right, Ah Li, little brother has been preparing for his concert lately. Is he especially busy?”

Shen Li silently lamented that this sudden change in topic seemed a little harsh, but she still cooperated and nodded in agreement.


This concert had been planned since last year. Later, due to scheduling problems between the venue and Lin Fengmian, it had been delayed for some time. The date was finally set for March 1st and would be held at the Capital Sports Center, a huge venue that could accommodate 80,000 people.

Counting the time, there were only a few days left till the day.

Lin Fengmian had been busy with rehearsals and other things lately, which was truly tiring.

However, those who were capable of holding a concert at this venue, basically had god-like status with extremely strong appeal.

Lin Fengmian was the first among all young idols.

On one hand, he was extremely popular. On the other hand, even though he had only debuted less than a year ago, he had already won numerous music awards in the music country. Among them, many of them were mainstream awards that were of extremely high value.

Possessing both popularity and strength, he was truly standing at the top of the idol circle.

“It was so difficult to snap up my little brother’s tickets! The tickets were released at 12 am yesterday, and there were 80,000 tickets available! However, all 80,000 tickets were sold out in one second!”

He Xiaochen was heartbroken.

“I’ve waited for so long! All his female fans are just too strong, aren’t they?!”

Shen Li saw how upset she was and asked, “You didn’t get them?”

He Xiaochen was listless.

“I only managed to get one ticket from Zone B…”

Zone A was the closest to the stage, which was directly opposite. Zone B was slightly further away, and its location was also slightly remote.

Shen Li said, “Shall I get you a ticket for Zone A?”

Lin Fengmian had already reserved some tickets for her. They were all the best seats in the inner court and were not available for sale to the public.

At first, He Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, but a thought seemed to come to her and she puffed up her cheeks again.

“Of course, Zone A is very good, but… but…”

She did not say anything for a long time.

Shen Li studied her for a while.

He Xiaochen was a veteran star-chasing girl. Logically speaking, she should have been very happy to have such a ticket offered to her.

But now…

“I did ask if you wanted me to help you get it, but you said you didn’t need my help and insisted on buying it yourself. Now you won’t change it either…” Shen Li raised her eyebrows and said, “It’s almost as if you don’t want to go to this concert.”

“How can that be? Of course, I want to go!” He Xiaochen suddenly said sternly, “Sister, how can you doubt my love for my brother?!”

Shen Li, “…”

She glanced at Ren Qian and saw he was leaning back against the chair with his elbows bent. He said in a very cynical manner,”How can that be, Big Boss? Your love for him is endless and so touching.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

She turned her head and glared at him, unwilling to be outdone.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, but you’re really getting more and more eccentric.”

“It’s hard for you to remember that you haven’t seen me for a while,” said Ren Qian who almost applauded as if he was joking. “It seems that I still have a small place in your heart.”

Originally, He Xiaochen was glaring at him, but when she heard this, her face instantly turned red.

Ren Qian also looked at her with a smile.

Shen Li was silent for a moment before she said, “Should… I leave first?”

“Ah Li, don’t leave!” He Xiaochen hurriedly called out to her.

She and Ren Qian had not met during the winter break, but they had come together when school started. However, Ren Qian had seemed to be quite busy after that, and the two of them barely talked to each other.

Today, she had realized that he must have been busy preparing for the exemption exams.

Meeting again after so long felt… a little sudden.

Inexplicably, she was especially nervous as Ren Qian sat there.

It had not seemed like this before…

Shen Li looked at her. “So, you really don’t want the tickets?”

He Xiaochen had a headache as she hesitated for a long time.

“Ah Li, could you help me get two tickets that are next to each other? It’s fine even if it’s not in Zone A!”

Only then did Shen Li understand what she was fretting about.

“You want to watch it with someone?”

He Xiaochen stammered, “Ah, I know someone who’s also a celebrity chaser. Actually, I bought two tickets, but one is in Zone B while the other is at the top of the mountain… How can the seat at the top of the mountain work?”

Shen Li understood.

If she was going to watch a concert, it would indeed be better to go with a fellow like-minded person.

Also, for some reason, He Xiaochen was very insistent this time. She did not want the tickets that she had offered to give her. Instead, she had been insistent that she wanted to buy them herself.

It was likely that she had worked part-time to earn the money for this concert.

However, it would not be difficult to get two side-by-side tickets for her. She nodded and was about to speak when the opportunity was quickly snatched away.

“What a coincidence.”

Ren Qian smiled.

“I have two tickets with consecutive numbers for Zone A here.”

He Xiaochen was shocked. “What? What?!”

Zone A had been so difficult to buy. Not only had Ren Qian managed to buy them, but he had also even bought two tickets! They were even next to each other!

She looked at Ren Qian in shock. Only then did she notice the hint of sleepiness in his eyes, as if he had stayed up all night.

“You… you… you stayed up all night to buy the tickets?!”

Ren Qian let out a “Huh” sound, as if he was a little puzzled by her question.

“The ticket release time was set at midnight. What else could I do?”

He paused as he spoke.

“Besides, I’ve heard you repeat it so many times. It was hard to forget.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

It was true, ever since Lin Fengmian had announced that he would be holding a concert, she had indeed repeated it many times…

With Ren Qian’s brain as a math prodigy, it was naturally not a problem for him to remember the time.

As Ren Qian spoke, he took his phone out, tapped on the screen a few times, and handed it over.

“Take a look. What do you think about the location?”

He Xiaochen looked down. She saw that both seats were really next to each other in Zone A, and it was very close to the front. lt was very good!

“… How did you get these?!”

That had not been what He Xiaochen had wanted to ask.

These seats had been extremely difficult to get, yet Ren Qian had actually managed to get them, and this position…

Was… very… expensive!

She raised her head in disbelief.

“Did you rob a bank?”

Ren Qian, “…”

“Wait a minute, I remember that you’re not even a fan of little brother!”

He Xiaochen knew Ren Qian quite well. He really was not interested in such things.

Although he could more or less pick up whatever He Xiaochen said during their conversations, he did not really chase after celebrities.

Yet, this time, he had spent so much money to buy two tickets to Lin Fengmian’s concert!

“I didn’t rob a bank. I just made a little money during the holidays,” Ren Qian said slowly with his usual smile, as if it was not a big deal, “Besides, my hand speed is just a little faster than yours.”

He Xiaochen blurted out without thinking.

“The speed of being single for 19 years?”



There was a moment of dead silence at the dining table.

Shen Li suggested again, “I really have something to do. I’ll take my leave first–”

He Xiaochen finally came back to her senses and threw her a pleading look.

‘Please, save me!’

Shen Li spread her hands.

There was no way to save a social death.

The good thing was that Ren Qian had persevered with He Xiaochen for a long time, so his mental endurance had been well trained.

He pressed the space between his eyebrows and tapped on the phone screen, but his eyes continued to be trained on He Xiaochen.

He smiled faintly and said, “I’m not chasing Lin Fengmian.

“I’m chasing you.”