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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 783 - Sour  

Chapter 783: Sour

On Monday afternoon, the Xijing University campus forum was dominated by a hot discussion.

[ Rational discussion: does the school belle have a full-score obsessive-compulsive disorder? ]

The moderator took the lead and showed a beautiful photo of Shen Li in the lecture hall.

The photo had obviously been taken secretly. A young girl with a clean and beautiful face was sitting in the last row of the classroom while resting her chin on one hand. She had a lazy posture, with slightly lowered eyelids. The sun was shining through the window, causing her dark raven-like eyelashes to cast a faint shadow on her porcelain-white face.

A strand of soft and smooth hair fell down, adding a bit of laziness to her cold and indifferent temperament.

The surrounding scenery and people were blurred out, making her look even more exquisite. Her whole person seemed to be glowing.

[ Poster: Shock my whole family! According to the internal news of the institute, the school belle applied for exemptions in fourteen subjects, and ultimately passed all of them with full marks! Without further ado, allow me to kneel first! ]

This post immediately attracted a lot of attention the moment it was posted due to the headlines containing Shen Li’s name. Added to that was the beautiful picture that had been taken of her in the lecture hall, this post quickly attracted a wave of views.

When everyone saw the post, they were all shocked.

[ Second floor: ??? ]

[ Third floor: !!! ]

[ Fourth floor: In broad daylight, why is the poster acting crazy??? ]

Everyone’s first reaction was disbelief. Yes, Xijing University had always had this ruling that if a student had good results, they could apply for exemption in advance.

But… for fourteen subjects?! And they had scored full marks for every single one of them?! What kind of joke was this?

Seeing that no one believed him, the poster became anxious and frantically started typing his replies.

[ Poster: What I said is the truth! This happened in Professor Fang Liang’s Advanced Mathematics class this afternoon. Dean Shen said it himself, okay! The whole of the Institute of Physics knows about it! Oh, the Institute of Mathematics should also know about it too. ]

[ Poster: Why would I lie about something like this? It’s not possible that there is anyone who doesn’t know that the school belle also got full marks in all thirteen subjects at the end of last semester as well, right? ]

Very soon, students from the academy appeared to explain.

[ Everyone was stunned at the scene. What the poster said is true. ]

Probably because the post was up, more and more people replied.

[ The poster above is a little more low-key. Our school Belle is nothing more than an ordinary genius with full marks. ]

[ Full marks?! Full marks?! Why is the gap between humans greater than the gap between humans and dogs??? ]

[ Thirteen plus fourteen… Woohoo… Seize the 27th floor! Rounding it up, the distance between us and the school belle and the God of Learning is now even further! ]

[ The perfect score is a real hammer. I heard that Dean Shen also got a full GPA in the past and he never took second place in any of the exams. Tsk, is this the mysterious power of genes? ]

[ Everyone, do you see the standard of my kneeling posture? ]

This matter caused quite a stir in Xijing University.

This was the top school in the country, so the difficulty of the exams was not low. It was not easy to get a perfect score.

What’s more, it had been for so many subjects.

The most ridiculous thing was that not only had Shen Li gotten full marks for the final exams, but she had also gotten full marks for the exemption exams!

This was too much. It left everyone feeling hopeless.

Even until the next night, Shen Li and He Xiaochen could still many burning gazes upon them when they went to the cafeteria to eat together.

Even though the two of them chose a remote spot by the window, Shen Li could still hear her name mentioned from time to time.

She had always been the center of attention at Xijing University, and she had often been observed by others at school. However, it still felt rare to see someone like her today.

“Tsk… It’s like they haven’t looked enough!”

He Xiaochen inserted a straw into the yogurt bottle as she narrowed her eyes slightly and shook her head with an intense expression on her face.

“If only they had seen you in high school and known that you could memorize a book after only flipping through it once, I wonder how they would react.”

As Shen Li’s deskmate, she knew very well how bitter the blow was.

Shen Li lowered her head to eat, still not bothering to pay much attention to these things.

“Hey, Ah Li, have you heard?” A thought suddenly came to He Xiaochen’s mind and she moved closer mysteriously.

Shen Li looked up. “What?”

He Xiaochen lowered her voice.

“I heard that the Dean of the Mathematics Department was greatly stimulated and gave the order to raise the standards of the Mathematics Department’s mid-term final exam!”

Shen Li asked, “… Where did you hear all this from?”

He Xiaochen said smugly,”I have connections!”

“Ren Qian?”

“… No,” He Xiaochen bristled, “We haven’t talked much lately. This news was told to me by a junior high school classmate of mine. He was in the same grade as us and is also from the Mathematics Department. I happened to bump into him recently. It was only then that I knew that he was also studying here.”

Shen Li nodded in understanding and immediately saw a person walking over.

He Xiaochen did not seem to notice and continued to talk.

“Speaking of which, my junior high school classmate’s studies were pretty average in the past. I think he was in the second year of the high school’s Liberal Arts and Science class. I don’t know why, but he suddenly became enlightened and went on a rampage. He got first place in his school and was admitted into the Mathematics Department of Xijing University.”

Shen Li looked at the figure that was getting closer and closer and suddenly said, “Speaking of Ren Qian… the Dean of the Mathematics Department mentioned that he had also applied for exemption from several subjects. Moreover, he got 95 points or above and did very well in the exams.”

He Xiaochen was first surprised. “Huh? Is that so?”

This time, it was Shen Li’s turn to be surprised. “You… didn’t know?”

He Xiaochen choked up and she pursed her lips as she spoke, “… He didn’t tell me…”

“Boss, you didn’t ask either.”

A familiar voice accompanied by a grin came from behind.

He Xiaochen immediately turned around, her almond-shaped eyes wide open.

“Ren Qian? Why are you eavesdropping on our conversation?”

Ren Qian pondered for a moment.

“It looks like I might have interrupted the Boss as she speaks ill of me behind my back? I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

Although she had not really been badmouthing him, being caught like this was really… quite awkward.

Ren Qian sat down next to her and gave her a natural smile.

“I called you yesterday, but you didn’t pick up. It’s my fault for not insisting on calling you again. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have only found out about my exemption results today, would you?”

He Xiaochen was instantly in the wrong.

“I… I was busy at that time…”

Ren Qian glanced at her and smiled.

“I guess you were quite busy catching up with an old classmate.”

He Xiaochen, “…”

Shen Li put down her chopsticks. She felt that the vinegar potato strips were really too sour today.