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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 780 - Full Marks? For Which Subject?  

Chapter 780: Full Marks? For Which Subject?

Zhang Yuanyuan was close to her and saw the top column of the University Physics (Lower) subject.

“Full marks?!”

She blurted out subconsciously.

Everyone went silent for a moment.

The boy who had asked about the results at the beginning asked in a daze, “Full marks again?!”

No, the Big Boss had gotten perfect marks for thirteen subjects in last semester’s final exam. How had she gotten full marks for this exam as well?


The Big Boss was the Big Boss.

The people around them looked at each other before finally setting their eyes upon a tall and skinny boy with sympathy in their eyes.

The tall and skinny boy pushed his glasses up his face and calmly said, “Xia Wei, I’m usually nice to you, right? Why did you mention my score in front of the Big Boss?!”

In the Big Boss’ eyes, there was only the difference between full marks and non-full marks in the exam, right?

What was there to say about 93 points?! What was the point of bringing it up and making a fool of himself in front of the Big Boss?!

At first, he had thought that he had done pretty well on the exam, but now he just wanted to shut himself up!

Xia Wei choked for a moment.

“I… I was just curious… Don’t tell me that you all didn’t want to know too!”

As he said that, he subconsciously glanced at Shen Li’s phone, and then his eyes suddenly widened in shock.

“F*ck! F*ck! One, two, three… six perfect scores?!”

Were his eyes playing tricks on him?!

Why were there so many 100 marks on this page?!

Everyone suddenly fell silent.

Shen Li looked at her phone and said, “Oh right, the results of the other exams in the department came out as well. Mathematical physics methods, electrodynamics, physical astrophysics, and so on. You can check them all out.”

The classroom, which was already quiet, became more dead silent.

After a moment, the tall and thin boy finally took a deep breath and said slowly, “… Boss, thank you very much, but we might… not need to check those…

“Because we didn’t take those exams.”

Shen Li, “… Oh.”

The atmosphere fell into an awkward state.

It was only when the professor walked into the classroom that the silence was finally broken.

He took out the roster.

“Shen Li?”

Shen Li looked up. “Here.”

The professor looked at her with a sigh, with an exceptionally kind expression on his face.

“The exemption for your class has already been passed. I didn’t expect to see you in class.”

Shen Li flipped through the book in front of her.

Oh, Introduction to Computational Astronomy.

It turned out that she did not need to attend this class.

The atmosphere of this class was very subtle.

The professor was in a very good mood. Shen Li had already passed this class with full marks, yet she had still come to his class. That just proved that his class was very good!

In contrast, the other students in the class were very quiet.

From time to time, someone would look back at Shen Li, their eyes still full of shock and envy.

— Didn’t she just get full marks at the end of the semester? Why did she come back now?

This class was really boring, but the Boss had already gotten full marks. From now on, didn’t this mean that she could do whatever she wanted?

Six subjects, full marks for six specialized subjects! She had taken fourteen subjects. The results of the other eight subjects had not been released yet, but it was probably not too bad as well!

Shen Li’s phone lit up. She looked down and saw that someone in the class group had tagged her.

[@shen Li, God of Learning, could you tell me how you got this result? ]

Shen Li thought for a moment before replying.

[ I studied very hard during the winter break. ]

Once this message was sent out, the group went silent for a while.

Some people turned back to look at her. This time, their expressions were even more complicated.

Winter break?

The winter break was only a short period of time, yet she managed to get so many perfect scores?

After a while.

[ Excuse me, the God of Learning and I might not have been on the same winter break. ]

[ Above + 1]

[ Above + 2]

[ Above + 3]

The first period in the afternoon was Advanced Mathematics, and Shen Li was still the class representative.

She was helping Professor Fang tidy up the class materials on the podium.

Professor Fang casually asked,”Oh right, Shen Li, I remember that you applied for exemption from several courses in the mathematics department?”

Shen Li nodded. Then, she thought of something and looked up in seriousness.

“Your class is not included among them.”

Professor Fang smiled.

“I know, I know.”

The classroom suddenly fell silent.

Professor Fang looked at the door and sighed.

“Lu Huaiyu, why are you here again?”

Lu Huaiyu walked over with his long legs and smiled.

“How could I possibly miss your class?”

Professor Fang was very annoyed.

In the past, Lu Huaiyu had skipped his class, and he had held a grudge over it. Later, he had appointed Shen Li as the class representative and finally managed to lure this kid back to attend his class again.

However, after that, Professor Fang realized that it was better not to let him come.

All he did was pester his class representative all day long with his romantic overtures!

However, every time Lu Huaiyu was suddenly asked a question or asked to write down the answer to a question, he was able to handle it with ease. As a result, Professor Fang could not find any suitable reason to chase him out.

Even on the assignments that he handed in, Lu Huaiyu would occasionally add on the answers to two more questions at the back and then add a comment.

[ Professor Fang, this is the question that Ah Li and I discussed during class. Which of these solutions do you think is easier? ]

Well, that question had to be irrelevant to the contents of the class.

Professor Fang changed it twice and exempted Lu Huaiyu from any assignments.

However, Lu Huaiyu was diligent and eager to learn. His attitude was upright, and he handed his assignments in every time.

Professor Fang was extremely annoyed.

Lu Huaiyu came to Shen Li’s side and handed over the thing that was in his hand.

“Class representative, homework.”

Shen Li took it and placed it on the top of the pile of homework on the podium.

Professor Fang’s temples jumped.

Just then, a small commotion came from the classroom. Shen Li seemed to have sensed it. She turned around and saw a few more people walking in.

The person on the left was Shen Zhijin while the one on the right… If she was not mistaken, that was the dean of the Department of Mathematics, Li He.

Behind him were four other teachers from the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics.

Li He smiled and said, “Everyone, don’t be nervous. Today, we’ve invited a few teachers from the Department of Physics to listen to the lecture.”

Shen Li was stunned for a moment. She finally remembered what Shen Zhijin had mentioned before, that they wanted to strengthen the communication between the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics.

This class was advanced mathematics. Of course, this was the Department of Mathematics’s territory.

Shen Zhijin looked over at Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu.

Li He followed his gaze and looked over. He smiled.

“Shen Li, didn’t you apply for an exemption?”

Shen Li said honestly, “I applied for other courses. I didn’t apply for Advanced Mathematics (Lower) .”

Li He nodded in understanding. He chuckled and said to Shen Zhijin,”Zhijin, I told you that your daughter is very studious. You don’t know, the other kids in our department can’t wait to skip all the courses. They don’t have the slightest bit of patience, especially Ren Qian. This semester has only just started, but he passed all the courses in the mathematics department and is exempted from taking them.”

A teacher from the mathematics department behind said, “Dean, what you’re saying isn’t very fair. The marks Ren Qian got in all his classes are above 95. What’s the big deal if he doesn’t take these courses?”

Li He shook his head.

“Sigh, that’s just an attitude problem! Look at Shen Li– Oh, right, I haven’t asked Shen Li how she did in the exams.”

Everyone looked over.

Shen Li said,”Not bad.”

She looked at Shen Zhijin and said, “Full marks.”

The results for the Department of Mathetics had been released at 10 am, only slightly later than that of the Department of Physics.

Thus, she had already seen it.

Li He was a little surprised.

“Oh? Full score? Which department?”

Shen Li paused.

“The Department of Mathematics, five courses.”