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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 777 - The Family  

Chapter 777: The Family

The boy finally understood what was going on and his gaze swept over the two of them in embarrassment.

“I… I’m sorry!”

Although the man’s expression was calm and his eyes seemed to be smiling, the aura around him was very imposing. Even such a simple sentence was still enough to suffocate someone and make it difficult for them to breathe.

The boy quickly turned around and left.

When the other boys and girls in the store saw this, they all immediately understood– these two people were a couple!

Even without mentioning other things, just their looks alone really made them… a perfect match.

The people who had been ready to make a move now quietly dispelled their thoughts.

“Why is Second Brother here?” Shen Li asked.

Lu Huaiyu raised his brows raised slightly.

“I came here to scoff at something.”

Shen Li glanced at the table.

“Then, can I get something else for Second Brother?”

“There’s no need.”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled up.

“Just this is good enough.”

Shen Li, “…”

She had sent him the photo purely for the sake of sharing. She really had not had any other intentions.

However, this man did not seem to think so.

“Didn’t you go to LY today? Why are you here?” Lu Huaiyu casually asked.

This place was not very close to the LY training base or Xijing University, so she probably had not come here by chance.

Shen Li took a sip of milk tea.

“I heard Langlang mention this place once before. She said that the desserts here are not bad, and since I didn’t have much to do, I came over.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Then, are you going to take something back for them later?”

“Yes,” replied Shen Li. At the same time, she picked her phone up and sent two messages to the dormitory group.

[ I’m at Songji Desserts. Would you like me to bring something back for you? ]

A photo of the dessert was attached below.

Xue Langlang quickly replied.

[ Xue Langlang: Yes!!! ]

[ Xue Langlang: Thank you for feeding me, Boss! ]

There was no reply from Ding Yu for a while. Just as Shen Li thought that it might be because she was busy and had not looked at her phone, Ding Yu finally sent her a list.

Shen Li, “…”

So, it was only because she had been thinking of what she wanted to eat…

She replied with an OK and turned off her phone screen.

Just then, someone else walked in.


Hearing this, Shen Li raised her head and looked over.


Wasn’t it a coincidence that she could even bump into George today?

George was obviously very surprised to meet her here and immediately walked over with his long legs.

Very easily, he pulled a chair over from the side. His sky-blue eyes were gentle and affectionate as he looked at Shen Li. In a longing tone of voice, he said,”Ning, it’s really been a long time.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at him indifferently.

George seemed to have only just noticed him.

“Oh? Is Second Master Lu here as well?”

Lu Huaiyu gave a faint smile.

“If Mr. George’s eyesight is not that good, I can help you get them checked out.”

George clicked his tongue.

Had it not just been a simple greeting to Ning? Was there a need for this attitude?

Shen Li did not want to hear him continue to talk nonsense, so she took the initiative to speak first.

“Second Brother and I came here to eat. What about you?”

George smiled and pointed outside and said coolly,”Ning, G&S’s Capital headquarters is over there. It’s not like you’ve never been there before. How could you forget?”

Shen Li, “…”

There were so many office buildings over here. G&S was around the corner. How could she remember that clearly where it was?

“G&S doesn’t belong to me. Isn’t it normal that I don’t remember where it is?”

This time, it was George’s turn to choke.

This statement… seemed to make a little sense too, right?

He glanced at the table before he remembered the purpose of his trip.

“Ah, wait a minute, I’m just going to order something.”

As he spoke, he stood up and went to the counter to order some dessert and drinks, before coming back.

“My girlfriend likes the food here.”

George spread his hands as a helpless and doting smile appeared on his face.

“However, she’s very busy at work and if she comes after work, there are always a lot of people waiting in line.”

So, it was left to him to come.

Shen Li thought about it.

“Didn’t you say previously that she had a big show to attend and that the desserts were too high in calories? Is she able to eat them?”

George pondered her question for a while.

“Hmm? Oh, the one you’re talking about is my ex-girlfriend. The one who eats desserts is my current girlfriend.”

Shen Li, “…”

It was as expected of him.

George was quite an interesting person. Whenever he was in a relationship, he really treated his girlfriend well. For example, he was willing to come over and help her buy the desserts that she liked. However, when it came to breaking up, he was very direct and he did not slow his speed in changing girlfriends.

However, he was able to get along well with almost all of his ex-girlfriends, which could be considered a skill.

Soon, George’s number was called, and he went to pick up the things.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze fell on the small cake that had already been packed in his hands.

“Mr. Josie, aren’t you going to send it to your girlfriend while it’s still fresh?”

It could not be more clear that he was trying to chase him away.

George snorted and winked at Shen Li. He lowered his voice and said in an intimate tone, “Have you given any more thought to what I said previously?”

Shen Li looked up and saw that the man opposite her was still smiling, but his eyes were cold and clear. She could not help but silently mourn for George for three seconds.

Why did he always seek death when he was alive and well?

She bit the straw.

“I may not have the time.”

George looked regretful.

“Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Shen Li paused.

“Whether I go or not, won’t Fashion Week still continue to be held?”

The Bai City Fashion Week was held every two years. It was usually held in mid-to-late March. She was the only high-fashion designer in the country to have received an invitation.

The reason George was so concerned about this was because G&S had originated from Bai City.

Shen Li was the designer that he most admired. Of course, he hoped that she would accept the invitation.

“It would be a pity if you didn’t go.”

George shrugged. His words were sincere.

Shen Li said, “We’ll see when the time comes.”

George wanted to say something more, but his phone notification rang. It was a message from his girlfriend.

He finally stood up and smiled at Shen Li.

“Once you’ve made a decision, please remember to tell me. I promise I’ll make all the arrangements for you.”

Lu Huaiyu gently praised him.

“Mr. George has always been thoughtful.”

George finally found a little bit of his desire to keep living. He coughed lightly and quickly left.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.

“Do you want to go?”

Shen Li rested her chin on her hand:

“Yes, I’m a little interested, but it’s not just for that.”

Bai City, the headquarters for Fino Laboratory, and the headquarters for Universe were all there.

Lu Huaiyu had stayed there before, while Shen Zhijin had stayed there even longer.

He used to spend more than half of his time abroad, while most of the time he had been in Bai City.

That was also the place where he and Gu Tingyin had met and fell in love.

To Shen Li, Bai City was a place that had been endowed with a lot of meaning.

“I’m quite familiar with that place. I could accompany you then,” Lu Huaiyu said with a chuckle.

Shen Li blinked and nodded.

The two of them sat for a while longer before Shen Li went to the counter to pack three more sets to be taken away.

Lu Huaiyu listened to her as she made her order and tilted his head.

“Teacher Shen likes the taste of mangoes?”

Shen Li nodded slightly. “Yes, why?”

Lu Huaiyu helped her carry the bag and smiled.

“As part of the family, it’s my duty to understand more.”