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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 775 - She Was Serious  

Chapter 775: She Was Serious

It was clear on Doyle’s face that he was livid.

The team members standing at the back could not help but look at each other.

Hiss… What a loud slap to the face.

She had gotten a time of 10:23, which had equaled Ji Shu’s record. Yet, she still asked again: Did I race slow enough?

How would the rest of the team continue to live?

As for Doyle… He had ordered Shen Li to come over for training and said that he would disqualify her from racing if she did not turn up. He had even refused to let her enter the training ground track. However, in the end, Shen Li had tossed out such a beautiful result!

With this kind of standard, if she did not enter the field, who would?

When the time came, the LY team would probably have to work hard to convince her to go up, right?

In the dead silence, Doyle suddenly turned around and left.

No one said anything, and no one chased after him.

Ji Shu looked at Doyle’s back as he left in anger and gave Shen Li a thumbs up.

“Sister Li, you will always be like this.”

With that result and those words, who would dare to say that it had not been intentional?

This sound broke the silence, and everyone became restless. The way they looked at Shen Li was also very different from before.

“Shen Li, you’re just awesome!”

Everyone gathered around, especially the substitutes. Their expressions were extremely excited.

“Hey, with your level of skill, how could you still be merely a substitute?”

Someone beside this person immediately replied, “Sister Li has absolute priority to compete! What’s the big deal whether she’s a substitute or not?”

When these words were said, everyone suddenly realized… that was true!

At the side, Ji Shu laughed.

It had never occurred to them that Sister Li was a substitute purely for the sake of saving trouble.

The frequency of the regular players getting to race was higher, while the substitutes had a much more “leisurely” schedule.

The other substitutes looked forward to racing all day, but she was different.

Ji Shu walked over and patted Ron’s shoulder.

“Captain, is there a lot of pressure on you now? You’re ranked third in the entire team now!”

Ron rolled his eyes at him.

Ever since Shen Li had come here the first time and easily crushed all of them, he had already had this realization, okay?!

After Doyle had walked some distance, he heard the voices behind him and looked back again.

The girl had already put on her baseball cap again. When she tilted her head slightly and smiled, half of her face could be seen.

Involuntarily, his heart began to beat faster, and he took a deep breath.


He had looked very carefully earlier. Shen Li’s strength was indeed pretty good, but compared to that person, she was still a lot weaker.

Especially when she had gone around the bend, there had been too much of a difference between her and that person’s standard.

Thinking of this, the string that had been tense in his mind finally relaxed a little.

As long as it was not that person… it was fine.

Unable to hold back his curiosity and excitement, someone asked, “Sister Li, your time of 10:23, how exactly did you do it? Can you tell us about it?”

After this match, everyone was completely convinced by Shen Li. They could not help but address her with respect the way Ji Shu did.

Shen Li glanced at the display.

“Ah, just drive a little slower.”

Everyone in the group burst into laughter. All of them thought that Shen Li was still mocking Doyle.

“Awesome, awesome, awesome! Sister Li is awesome!”

“Next time, I’ll drive slower too! Hahahaha!”

Shen Li handed the helmet to Ji Shu and put on the baseball cap. When she heard them say that, she also laughed.

She had been serious.

After this round, Shen Li had gone to have lunch with Ji Shu and the others.

LY’s facilities were very good, so the standard of the cafeteria was also good.

Shen Li and Ji Shu sat opposite each other, and Ron sat next to Ji Shu.

“Sister Li, are you really not participating in the rally next Wednesday?”

This was not the first time Ji Shu had asked this question, but after seeing Shen Li run a lap today, it looked like she was ready to make a move again.

It would be a pity if she did not participate.

Shen Li nodded casually.

“I still have experiments to conduct. You guys just practice well.”

There were a total of ten teams participating in this rally across the country. Each team was composed of three racers.

On LY’s side, besides Ji Shu and Ron, there was also Lu Siyu whose capabilities were pretty strong as well.

Basically, the three of them had already been selected.

Ji Shu felt that it was a pity, but since this was what Shen Li had said, it was obvious that she had already made up her mind and he would not be able to persuade her anymore.

“However, after today, Doyle should be able to calm down a lot.”

Shen Li said.

The condition of a race car driver was very important when a race was approaching.

The coach had a great influence on them.

That was also why she had taken the time to come today.

Of course, more importantly, she wanted to see Ji Shu’s current level for herself.

It was better than she had expected.

Ron sighed.

“Sister Li, you really did not have anything to say about Ji Shu!”

The others might not have known it, but he had been able to see that on the track today, even though Shen Li had lost to Ji Shu, she had followed him closely throughout the entire race, and there had been a few times when she had almost passed.

The person who deserved the biggest credit for Ji Shu breaking the record and finishing under ten minutes was actually her.

She did not seem to have the slightest interest in claiming the honor of the competition. She had come here today just to help Ji Shu improve his results.

Ji Shu kicked him, his eyes wide open.

“That’s my Sister Li!”

Ron suppressed the urge to press his head against the plate.

“How many times have you said that? Even if you’re not bored of it, we are!”

Ji Shu was feeling smug.

“No matter how annoying it is, she’s still my Sister Li.”

No one could even argue that!

When Shen Li saw his impudent smile and lively expression, she leaned back and laughed as well.

“Yeah, well, in next week’s competition, just don’t embarrass your Sister Li.”

After lunch, Shen Li did not stay long at LY before leaving.

An hour later, she arrived at a bustling business district.

There were all kinds of high-end office buildings, and from time to time, she could see the fashionably and elegantly dressed elite white-collar workers walking past.

Shen Li walked slowly along the street.

A car slowly drove over and stopped beside her. The car window rolled down halfway, revealing an exquisitely made-up face.

“Shen Li?”

Shen Li turned her head to look. It was Yu Yu.

Yu Yu seemed to be surprised to see her here. After looking her up and down, she smiled and asked, “Did you come here to shop?”

There was indeed a large high-end shopping mall here.

Shen Li pondered the question for a moment.

The Lu Corporation’s headquarters was not here. It was no wonder that this was what Yu Yu thought.

Yu Yu smiled.

“Oh right, today is Saturday. I don’t suppose you would have any classes.”

Shen Li looked at her.

“And the reason Miss Yu came here today was to…”

“To discuss a collaboration,” Yu Yu said with a smile. “There is very little free time when one has to work. Sometimes I really envy you guys.”

Shen Li nodded to show that she understood.

“President Yu, it’s almost time for our appointment with Shengguang Media.”

A cautious voice came from inside the car.

Yu Yu smiled in embarrassment.

“Then, we’ll take our leave first. Let’s meet again another time when we are free.”

Shen Li nodded.

“Miss Yu’s business matters are more important so please go ahead first.”

Yu Yu rolled up the window and the car drove away.

Shen Li stood at the same spot for a while before turning around and walking in another direction.

Yu Yu’s car stopped in front of an office building.

She got out of the car and looked up.

Shengguang Media’s Capital City headquarters was here.

“President Yu, it’s said that Shengguang’s President will be here today as well.”

The secretary followed along.

“Their President is usually very busy, but apparently, he’s free today.”

This was something that they had faced great difficulty in finalizing.

Yu Yu took a deep breath and a proper smile spread across her beautiful face.

“Let’s go.”