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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 773 - Priority to Compete  

Chapter 773: Priority to Compete

The expression on Ji Shu’s face turned icy cold.

“Sister Li wants to drive, but you’re saying that you won’t let her? Does LY belong to you?”

Doyle looked at Shen Li and sneered.

“She didn’t complete all the previous training, and she didn’t take all the periodic assessments either. Of course, she isn’t qualified to go on this track. But, if she really wants to participate, it’s not like there’s no other way. She’ll just have to make up for all the missing training and courses.”

Ji Shu laughed in anger.

“I’ve been at LY for so long, yet I’ve never heard of this rule before.”

Doyle looked up.

“Well, it’s my decision. If you have any objections, you can report them to the manager.”

Ji Shu could not be bothered to argue with him.

There were so many so-called types of training and courses. If she really had to go through all of them, how much time would it take?

Even he did not have the patience to do so, not to mention Sister Li!

“Sister Li was signed on by the boss. If you want to ban her from the training grounds, you should ask the boss for his opinion first.”

Ji Shu was the kind of person who would resist the more he was pushed. He did not care even though Doyle was trying to come down hard on him.

Doyle’s face darkened.

“Ji Shu, Shen Li, are you guys determined to go against me?”

Ji Shu looked him up and down and gave a sly smile.

“Aren’t you just overestimating yourself too much? My Sister Li just wants to drive and get some fresh air, but you’re in the way, understand?”

Both sides were at a stalemate.


It was at this moment that Ron and the others came over.

As he walked ahead of the group, he had vaguely overheard some of the words that had been exchanged. Looking at the state of both sides, he quickly understood what had just happened.

He came to Doyle’s side and greeted Shen Li first. Then he looked at Doyle and advised, “Coach, don’t worry.

“Coach, Shen Li’s situation is indeed special. Why don’t you just forget about it–”

“Forget about it? A substitute team member that can come and go as she pleases? Is this the way LY manages this place?!” Doyle interrupted him, without any intention of compromising at all. “If everyone were to behave like her, I wouldn’t think much about LY!”

As soon as she said this, everyone’s expression changed.

What he had said about LY, was it not the equivalent of talking about them?

“Coach Doyle.”

The girl’s clear and calm voice broke through the suffocating silence.

“Actually, you don’t have to worry that everyone will be like me, and you don’t have to question LY’s management. After all, whether I come or not is my own decision, and it has nothing to do with everyone else.”

She gave a faint smile.

“However, if you want to ban me from the training grounds, I’m afraid it will be a little difficult. That’s because my contract specifically lists this item: that I choose not to participate in all of LY’s team training sessions, courses, collective training, and so on.”

Doyle’s expression changed slightly.

“That is the exclusive contract that I signed with LY. It is clearly written in black and white. I think that it should be slightly higher in authority than the rule that Coach Doyle set out verbally, right?”

As soon as she said this, everyone looked over in shock.

Actually, no one’s contract was exactly the same, and most of them had signed on with different conditions. Who would have thought that Shen Li would set such conditions?

She had never intended on coming here to train from the very beginning!

Yet, LY had still signed her on?!

Doyle’s expression was very unpleasant.

If what Shen Li said was true, then he really did not have the right to control her.

In front of so many people, it was unlikely that she would lie about this.

If that were the case… had LY really allowed her such conditions?!

Shen Li tilted her head slightly.

“Oh, right, there’s one more thing. Perhaps I’ll have to make it clear to Coach in advance. During the period when my contract with LY is in effect, I will have absolute priority to participate in any race that the LY team participates in. So, thank you for your concern, but–

“It’s not necessary.”

The huge training ground was silent.

Everyone stared at Shen Li in disbelief.

Absolute priority to participate in any race?!

Didn’t that mean that she could participate and represent LY in any race whenever she wanted?!

Doyle had previously said that he would ban Shen Li from participating in any race in front of the entire team, but who would have known that she had such a privilege?!

No matter how powerful he was, he could not possibly overrule that contract, could he?

This slap in the face could not have been any louder!

Doyle clenched his fists, his face turning red.

Shen Li, however, did not seem to notice it at all. She curved her eyes as she smiled.

“Coach Doyle, if there’s nothing else, I have some things to do. After all, it wasn’t easy to free up some time today, so it’s not good to waste it.”

As she said this, she ignored Doyle and turned around to walk back towards her black sports car.

Ji Shu raised his eyebrows and glanced at Doyle. He sent a careless smile his way, his eyes filled with unconcealable schadenfreude1.

Ever since Doyle had come to LY, he had relied on his past achievements to look down on everyone.

He really took himself too seriously.

Now, it was up to Sister Li to prove whether she had the qualifications or not.

He turned to follow Shen Li.

“Sister Li, are you going to go alone or should I follow you?”

Shen Li had already gotten into the car.

“You’re coming with me.”


As Ji Shu said this, he got into his own car as well. He raised his hand and gestured at Ron.

Since it was going to be a proper run, he had to make all the necessary preparations.

Doyle stared at Shen Li.

“Time her!”

He narrowed his eyes.

“The worst lap time for the entire team is 12 minutes and 50 seconds, while the worst lap time for a regular team member is 11 minutes and 30 seconds. “Shen Li, since you have the priority to compete, you can’t be slower than 11 minutes and 30 seconds, right?”

Shen Li buckled her seatbelt and spoke without even turning her head.

“Got it. I’ll run slower then.”