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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 766 - Old Friends

Chapter 766: Old Friends

In her previous life, FN had been exposed as having an involvement in drugs. In order to throw suspicion off himself, Yu Cheng had framed Ji Shu, accusing him of being the first to take drugs and acting as a middleman, eventually dragging the other members of FN and the higher-ups down with him.

Ji Shu had been at the peak of his fame at the time. Thus, when this had been made known to the public, there had been an uproar!

The attention of the media and the public had shifted then shifted to Ji Shu. As for Yu Cheng, the real culprit of those dirty deeds, he had been able to escape successfully.

Ji Shu’s career had been ruined. His whole life had also been ruined. He had fallen to the bottom of the valley and had died with a bad reputation.

Shen Li had not even gotten to see him one last time.

That proud and wild youth had died forever on that rainy night.

She had only found out later that Yu Yu had been behind all of Yu Cheng’s actions.

Yu Cheng was the only son of the head of the Yu family, and he was also a well-known second-generation heir.

Yu Yu was born from the third son of the Yu family, and she had been outstanding since she was young. She had graduated from Hua University at the age of twenty and had immediately started working at the Yu Corporation. Her abilities were outstanding, and she was praised by many.

Compared to Yu Cheng, she was a much more capable person.

However, the Yu family valued sons over daughters. His status as the eldest grandson alone allowed Yu Cheng to easily suppress Yu Yu.

No matter how well Yu Yu did, she would still never be looked upon as good enough whenever Yu Cheng called out to the “Old Master.”

Logically speaking, Yu Yu and Yu Cheng’s relationship should be very antagonistic.

However, that was not the case. Her relationship with Yu Cheng was very good.

At the very least, it seemed so on the surface.

That was because above Yu Yu Yu, there was an illegitimate brother, Yu Jing, who was only a month older than her.

Generally speaking, such a large aristocratic family would not look well upon illegitimate children and would generally feel ashamed of them.

However, Old Master Yu was stubborn. Even if this grandson did not come from a good family background, he was still his biological grandson.

This was especially so regarding his third son’s family. Yu Yu’s parents had passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. Only Yu Jing and Yu Yu were left from this branch of the family.

From Old Master Yu’s point of view, Yu Jing was the only descendant of his third son. Naturally, he doted on him even more.

Although he could not be compared to Yu Cheng, he was still pretty good. In fact, he was considered even better than Yu Yu.

Yu Yu was a smart person. She knew that she would not be able to compete against Yu Jing on her own, so she had quickly made a move to get closer to her eldest uncle’s family.

That branch of the family naturally did not like Yu Jing either and they quickly accepted Yu Yu. With Yu Jing around, Yu Cheng was not Old Master Yu’s only grandson. Thus, they were naturally unwilling to have such an illegitimate child who would be competing for the family fortune. In comparison, Yu Yu was much more obedient and less troublesome.

Hence, Yu Yu and Yu Cheng had become rather close.

Growing up in such an environment, Yu Yu had learned how to judge people’s expressions and make them like her.

She had put in a lot of effort on Yu Cheng’s side of the family, which had caused Yu Cheng to be biased towards his younger cousin sister, with whom he was very fond of.

From an outsider’s point of view, the relationship between the two cousins seemed to be extremely good.

At that time, Yu Yu had put in a lot of effort to help Yu Cheng. However, all her efforts had not been for Yu Cheng, but for the sake of the Yu family and herself.

After all, if Yu Cheng’s actions were exposed, the entire Yu family would be implicated.

Of course, Yu Yu had won in the end.

After Old Master Yu had died, the family of his eldest son had not reaped any benefits from her. Later on, they had even been marginalized by the rest of the Yu family and ostracized. All they could get was a small living expense from the family fund every month.

As for what had happened to Ji Shu, neither Yu Cheng nor her, or even the rest of the Yu family cared.

For the sake of their own and the stability of their own family’s status and wealth, what worth was anyone else’s life?

It was not even worth mentioning.

Shen Li very quickly let go of Yu Yu’s hand.

Yu Yu’s gaze swept across her face.

She had heard the name Shen Li many times, but this was the first time she had seen her in person.

The top scorer of the M province science college entrance examination, the top designer Ning whom G&S had promoted, ‘Tree’s Shadow’ who was the last disciple of Mei Yanqing, as well as… the young miss of the Gu family and the girlfriend of the second young master of the Lu family.

“You’re more beautiful than I expected,” Yu Yu said with a smile. “We were just talking about your application for exemptions. You applied for so many courses in one go, as expected of Vice-Principal Shen’s daughter.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Fu Shuya and said jokingly, “It would be great if Shuya could be even half as outstanding as you.”

The smile on Fu Shuya’s face froze.

Anyone who heard such a face-to-face comparison would probably not be happy.

Shen Li’s lips curved slightly.

With this one sentence, Yu Yu had placed Shen Li and Fu Shuya on the same level, naturally putting herself one level higher.

“Miss Yu is too polite. I heard from Xiaochen that Fu Shuya has always been ranked first in her own specialty. Our department’s specialty is different, so they can’t really be compared.”

Only then did Fu Shuya’s expression ease up a little. She lowered her eyes slightly to hide the emotions in her eyes.

Yu Yu paused, as if she had not expected Shen Li to suppress the topic so quietly.

She studied Shen Li again.

She had already been beautiful enough in photos, but now that she was looking at the real person, she realized that Shen Li was even more beautiful in person.

Fu Shuya was the beauty of her faculty, but as she stood beside Yu Yu, it was clear that she was slightly inferior.

However, Yu Yu was not as beautiful as Shen Li.

Moreover, what was more eye-catching than her looks was actually her cool temperament.

Yu Yu had heard some rumors about Shen Li before.

Although she had now been acknowledged by the Gu family, she had grown up in a small town for the first eighteen years of her life, and it had been with that kind of family…

Originally, she had thought that Shen Li would still bear some traces of her past difficult life. However, after seeing her today, she realized that it was not the case.

Every move that Shen Li made, her words and her actions, were very generous and courteous.

Her manner was not inferior to any socialite from an aristocratic family.

Yu Yu smiled politely.

“You’re too modest.”

As she spoke, she asked again, “Oh right, both you and Xiaochen are going out for a meal together, right? I happened to drive here, so I can give you a lift.”

Shen Li said, “Thank you, but the place we are going to is just outside the school. It’s very close, so we won’t need to trouble you.”

Hearing her say this, Yu Yu did not insist.

“Okay, then… Shall we’ll leave first?”

As she said this, she turned her head.


Fu Shuya immediately picked up her bag. “Okay, Cousin, let’s go.”

The two of them left.

He Xiaochen looked in the direction that they left and muttered,”Fu Shuya and her cousin are really polite…”

Yu Yu had a very dominant aura. Although she had a smile on her face, there was still a sense of distance from her.

If they were really to spend time together, how awkward would that be?

Shen Li withdrew her gaze.

Fu Shuya’s father and Yu Yu’s mother were biological siblings. Although Yu Yu’s mother had already passed away, the two of them had constantly remained in contact.

After all, she was a part of the Yu family.

Although the status of the Fu family was not too bad, they could not be compared to the Yu family.

Naturally, the Fu family treated Yu Yu exceptionally well.

Shen Li looked at her phone.

“Let’s go too. If we’re late, we’ll have to wait in line at the barbecue restaurant again.”

He Xiaochen immediately replied,”Okay!”

Just then, her phone rang.

Shen Li looked at it.

“Ren Qian’s calling?”