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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 765 - What a Coincidence  

Chapter 765: What a Coincidence

He Xiaochen turned around.

The person who had spoken was her roommate, Fu Shuya, who was a French major.

She had an oval face, fair skin, and good looks. She was considered a beauty in the faculty.

It was said that her family was quite well-off, but her personality was a little delicate.

He Xiaochen was not particularly close to her, but they all shared the same dorm room. In addition, He Xiaochen had an amiable personality, so they got along well with each other. They would occasionally have a meal together or something.

She nodded.

“Yeah, she’s coming over to have a meal with me later.”

Ever since she started attending university, Shen Li had been very busy. As for He Xiaochen, besides being busy chasing after celebrities, she had also started to take on some part-time jobs as a translator to earn some money.

The distance between the Institute of Physics and her faculty was far, so the two did not see each other very often.

Now that the new school semester had just started, He Xiaochen wanted to take advantage of her free time to make an appointment with Shen Li.

However, she had forgotten that she was sitting for her exams.

Fu Shuya was using a curling iron to curl her hair.

“I heard you mention an exam room just now. Isn’t it just the beginning of school? Why is there an exam?” Fu Shuya casually asked as she twisted her wrist and paused for a few seconds.

She then let go of the curling iron and gently twirled the lock of hair with her fingers. Her chestnut-colored hair hung down lazily. With her exquisite makeup, she looked even more beautiful.

He Xiaochen said, “It’s an exemption exam!”

Fu Shuya paused. Of course, she knew what this meant.

She smiled and turned around.

“That’s true. After all, she’s a straight-A student. If she passes the exam, she can skip one class and save a lot of time. Which subject did she take the exam for? Was it a specialized course in the Institute of Physics?”

He Xiaochen thought, how could the words “straight-A student” reflect the true power of her dear Ah Li?

She was clearly the God of Learning!

She opened Weibo and quickly signed into Lin Fengmian’s page. At the same time, moved her hand very quickly as she collected a bunch of pictures that she admired. She continued to speak without raising her head.

“She took a lot of exams. I didn’t specifically ask what papers she took today, but most of them are specialized Physics courses. Only a few are from the Mathematics Department.”

The smile on Fu Shuya’s face stiffened.

She had thought that Shen Li had only applied for an exemption to one course. Who knew…

“How many courses are there?” She continued to ask.

He Xiaochen finally paused. She rested her chin on one hand and thought for a while.

“I heard her mention it once before, but it wasn’t very specific. I think… there were at least ten courses?”

Fu Shuya hissed, but it was due to an accident. Her finger had accidentally touched the curling iron and had gotten burned.

He Xiaochen immediately asked, “Are you okay?”

Fu Shuya quickly put the curling iron aside and turned off the power.

There was already a small patch of red on her hand where she had gotten burned, but fortunately, she had reacted quickly so it should not become blistered.

“You’re too careless…” He Xiaochen asked, “Do you want to buy an ointment for the burn?”

Fu Shuya endured the pain and shook her head.

“It’s okay. I’ve gotten burned before. I’ll be fine after a while.”

Hearing her say this, He Xiaochen did not insist any further.


However, after a while, she saw Fu Shuya pick up the curling iron again– She had not finished styling her hair yet.

The corner of He Xiaochen’s mouth twitched slightly.

“That… Are you going out on a date today?”

She was really determined to continue!

Fu Shuya curled another lock of hair and said, “No, my cousin is coming to pick me up for lunch.”


Wasn’t this too grand?

As if she could see what He Xiaochen was thinking, Fu Shuya said again, “She came here from Haicheng on a business trip. It’s rare for us to see her.”

He Xiaochen sensed that Fu Shuya seemed to value her cousin greatly. Even the tone of her voice was full of eagerness.

However, since it was her business, He Xiaochen did not ask much. She just nodded, lowered her head, and continued with what she had been doing before.

Shen Li’s second round of exams started at 10 a.m.

At 10:25 a.m., she came out of the exam room. She turned a corner, went up to Room 601, and took the gift that was meant for He Xiaochen, before walking toward the female dormitory building of the Outer Faculty.

The distance from the Institute of Physics to that side of the campus was almost halfway across Xijing University.

The school semester had just started, so the campus was full of people.

Shen Li carried the gift bag as she walked along the road. From time to time, people would look in her direction.

It could not be helped. Her face was too eye-catching.

Twenty minutes later, Shen Li arrived at He Xiaochen’s dormitory building.

A white car that was parked by the roadside caught her attention.

It was not only because that car was very expensive, but also because of the license plate of that car.

It was from Haicheng.

Moreover, the license plate number seemed very familiar.

After staring at the license plate for a while, Shen Li continued to move forward.

There was no one in the car.

She turned around and walked into the dormitory building.

When she came to He Xiaochen’s dormitory room door, she could vaguely hear voices coming from inside.

Shen Li knocked on the door.


He Xiaochen responded and immediately came over to open the door.

When she saw that it was Shen Li, a big smile immediately bloomed on her face.

“Ah Li! I knew it was you!”

Shen Li also smiled and handed over the gift bag in her hand.

“This is for you.”

He Xiaochen took the bag, feeling extremely touched.

“Ahhhhh… Ah Li, you’re so nice! I really love this gift!”

Shen Li was silent for a second.

“You haven’t even looked at it yet.”

“I love everything that you’ve given me!”

He Xiaochen pulled on her hand.

“Come in and sit down first. I’ll pack up my things, then we’ll set off immediately!”

Shen Li followed her in.

At the next second, she felt two pairs of eyes fall upon her.

She looked up.

Sitting on the right was He Xiaochen’s roommate, Fu Shuya. She had seen her twice before.

It was clear that she had put in a lot of effort to dress up today. From her hair to her nails, she had put in a lot of effort.

And the one sitting on the left…

It was an extremely young woman. She looked to be in her early twenties, at most. Her appearance was somewhat similar to Fu Shuya, but she was even more beautiful.

She had bright eyes and white teeth. Her facial features were exquisite. Her entire body exuded an elegant and capable temperament. However, she had a pair of almond-shaped eyes, which gave off a slight feeling of a young girl’s innocence.

She seemed to be both smart and naive. The combination of these two temperaments made her seem even more attractive.

Even just by sitting there quietly, she was still more eye-catching than the meticulously dressed-up Fu Shuya, who was next to her.

In comparison, Fu Shuya’s outfit seemed too showy.

Shen Li raised her eyebrows very lightly.

While she had been looking at the other party, the other party had also been sizing her up.

Without waiting for He Xiaochen to introduce them, the woman had already stood up and reached out her hand with a smile.

“You are Shen Li, right? I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Shuya’s cousin, Yu Yu.”

Although she was young, her style was obviously much more mature, and she had her own unique aura.

Most interactions between students would not be so formal. By doing this, there seemed to be an added invisible pressure, whether intentionally or not. At the same time, she naturally occupied a more active and higher position.

Shen Li did not seem to notice this at all. The corners of her lips curled into a smile, and she reached out her hand to shake her hand gently.

“Hello, I’m Shen Li.”

What a coincidence.

This was the daughter of the Yu family’s third son. She was Yu Cheng’s cousin, and at the same time, the last true leader of the Yu family, Yu Yu.