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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 762 - Years Old

Chapter 762: Years Old

Lu Yuxiao could guess what this meant without having to ask.

In the past few years, the old man’s urge for his grandsons to get married had become more and more fierce, causing him to prefer going out on missions than go home to suffer through that torture.

Recently, because Lu Huaiyu had gotten a girlfriend, the old man’s attention had shifted, which had made the situation better.

Thus, he had not expected to be nagged again before he even reached home this time.

Lu Yuxiao pondered for a moment and quickly made a guess.

“You didn’t bring your girlfriend home for the New Year.”

It was not a question, but a statement.

Although he was in the army, he was still very clear about the situation here.

Lu Huaiyu, “… Yes, Ah Li is in Hong Kong City.”

The Gu family and Shen Zhijin had just acknowledged her. Of course, she would accompany them for the New Year.

“Of course.”

Lu Yuxiao’s voice was low and solemn, but as he talked about his brother and his potential sister-in-law, his tone became much gentler.

“She has only just returned home. She needs to spend time with her family.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded slightly with a dip of his jaw.

“I think so too.”

“Next year, then.” There was a rare hint of compromise in Lu Yuxiao’s words.

Lu Huaiyu, “…”

Now, he felt that this call was redundant.

“Are Mom and Dad home yet?” Lu Yuxiao asked.

Lu Huaiyou looked at his watch.

“They said that their flight was delayed so they won’t arrive at home till tomorrow.”

It was an international flight so their flight time was quite long.

“Huaiyu, are you on the phone with your big brother?”

Old Master Lu finally heard Lu Huaiyu’s movements and looked over.

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

“Yes, do you want to talk to him?”

Old Master Lu was very interested. “Sure!”

Lu Yuxiao suddenly said, “Huaiyu, I have a call from the army. I’ll hang up first.”

As he said that, he hung up without hesitation.

Old Master Lu walked over and saw that the screen had already gone black.

He frowned.

“This kid! It’s obvious that he did it on purpose!”

“How can that be?” Lu Huaiyu glanced at his phone as he very patiently helped his big brother with an explanation, “Big Brother does have an urgent matter. Oh, by the way, he also asked me to pass on a message to you.”

Old Master Lu was skeptical. “What message?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“He said that he will definitely bring a girlfriend back next year.”

Hong Kong City, the Gu family.

The entire mansion had been decorated in a cheerful manner and was bustling with activity.

Shen Li was holding a red “Fu” character as she stood under a tree in the front yard and was about to hang it up.

A car slowly stopped outside the gate. Then, a tall and straight figure got down and entered the courtyard.

Qi Yang was standing at the door. When he spotted the visitor, he smiled.

“Mr. Shen.”

Shen Zhijin nodded slightly and greeted him.

“Uncle Qi.”

As he spoke, he handed over the gifts that he had brought, and Qi Yang took them for him.

“There are still some more in the car,” he said.

Qi Yang silently sighed.

“Mr. Shen, you’re too polite. Please come in.”

Hearing the voices, the other people in the front yard also looked over.

Gu Siqi turned to Shen Li and shouted excitedly.

“Cousin! Fourth Uncle is here!”

Shen Li looked over with a smile on her lips.

Shen Zhijin had just arrived on this morning’s flight.

Shen Zhijin walked over and stood in front of Old Madam Gu.


Old Madam Gu patted his hand with a smile on her face.

“You took such an early flight. Are you tired?”

Shen Zhijin shook his head and paused.

“Where’s Father?”

“He’s making a phone call inside.” Old Madam Gu pointed in the direction of the house and teased, “He’s arguing over which house Ah Li will spend the New Year at next year.”

Shen Zhijin thought for a moment before he understood.

He said, “Then I won’t disturb him first. I’ll go over later.”


As he spoke, Shen Li had already approached him.

When Shen Zhijin saw her, his handsome and clear brows relaxed.


She slipped the “Fu” wordthat was in her hand into Shen Zhijin’s hand and winked.

“Dad, this is going to be hung on the tree over there. Can you help me?”

Old Madam Gu also smiled and urged him.

“Ah Li’s matter is more important. Zhijin, you should go ahead.”

Shen Zhijin replied and followed Shen Li over to the tree.

Of course, Shen Li could hang it herself, but she wanted to spend some time with Shen Zhijin right now.

“Dad, you flew here so early in the morning. Are you sleepy?”

Shen Zhijin took care to hang the “Fu” properly. The wind blew at the tassels hanging below.

“I was supposed to come yesterday.”

Shen Zhijin turned to look at her,

“I had a meeting that was delayed, so I changed my booking to today.”

Shen Li said,”You could have changed your booking to a later flight. There’s no need to be in such a hurry.”

A faint smile appeared on Shen Zhijin’s face.

“I want to spend the New Year with Tangtang. Of course, I couldn’t delay it.”

New Year.

Shen Li suddenly remembered what Yan Qiu had said before– The boss did not celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Not only did he not celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, but he also did not celebrate any festivals such as the Spring Festival.

In the past few years, Shen Zhijin had indeed been missing these celebrations.

Now, however, he had finally said that he wanted to celebrate the New Year with Tangtang.

A smile appeared on her face. Her peach blossom eyes were curved like the moon, shining brightly.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

It was Tangtang who accompanied her father to celebrate the New Year.

The Gu family’s New Year’s Eve dinner was exceptionally sumptuous.

Everyone took a family photo together and started setting off fireworks in the front yard.




Shen Li curled up on the sofa in the living room as she sent and received all kinds of messages of blessings.

She picked up her phone and took a photo of the view outside the window.

In the dark night, the sky was filled with fireworks.

Old Mrs. Gu was talking to Shen Zhijin.

When Old Master Gu looked at Shen Li, he saw her leaning against the sofa with her hand raised to take a photo.

The bright light of the fireworks shone on her face, making her skin look even fairer and clearer. Her eyebrows were gorgeous, and the corners of her lips were bright with a smile.

He stood with his hands behind his back and stared at her for a long time. Finally, he turned his head slightly and said to Shen Zhijin, “Stay here at home tonight.”

Shen Zhijin’s eyelashes trembled slightly. Then, he looked up at Old Master Gu and said in a low voice, “Thank you, Father.”

The whole family stayed together to celebrate the New Year.

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng were young. With great difficulty, they managed to hold on until eleven o’clock before they fell asleep in a daze.

The two elderly people were getting on in age. So after some persuading by Shen Li and the others, they retired to their room to rest.

In any case, everyone was at home. It was all the same.


The bell rang and the fireworks bloomed. It was a lively scene.

Shen Zhijin patted her head.

“Tangtang, Happy New Year.”

Shen Li turned her head and her eyes curved.

“Happy New Year.”