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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 760 - New Year’s Eve  

Chapter 760: New Year’s Eve

When Shen Li called him yesterday, he had held his computer and stared at the competition video for a long time.

She had not said much, but every word she had said pointed out the most crucial points.

He studied the video repeatedly, adjusted himself according to what she said, and simulated it in his mind many times.

That had resulted in today’s record-breaking performance.

If anyone were to claim credit, it would have to be Sister Li. What did it have to do with this bullsh*t Doyle?

“Okay, okay! It has nothing to do with him! In the end, it’s all because you’re the one who’s smart and hard-working!”

The manager smiled reassuringly.

Ji Shu hated Doyle, but he would not say it outright!

After all, as long as Ji Shu was given some more time, he would definitely get better results than now.

He could look forward to more glory and increasing his value!

When Ji Shu heard this, he knew that the manager had misunderstood. He wanted to explain a little, but when he recalled Shen Li’s instructions, he swallowed his words.

She was someone who feared trouble the most.

Forget it.

He picked up the helmet from the ground.

“Let’s go.”

Hong Kong City.

That night, Ji Shu gave Shen Li a call, so she quickly found out about what had happened at LY’s training base.

In the end, Ji Shu still felt a little angry.

“How dare he say that you’re not allowed to compete, Sister Li. What an arrogant person! If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was the boss of LY!”

Shen Li was in her bedroom, reading a document.

As she listened, she took out a fruit jelly and tore off the wrapping.

This was what Lu Huaiyu had given her when he sent her home.


It was pink, white, and peach-shaped. It was cute, with a soft texture.

She stared at it for a while before putting it into her mouth.

The rich peach smell was filled with a clear sweetness.

Her eyebrows relaxed as her eyes curved into a smile. Her peach-shaped eyes were like crescent moons and her entire body exuded a lazy energy.


She answered casually, “Then, I just won’t compete.”

After all, she would not be able to return tomorrow anyway. She would basically be staying in Hong Kong City for the rest of the time anyway.

Ji Shu was choked at her words.

Although he knew her attitude, he still felt deeply affected when he heard her words with his own ears.

“Sister Li, in the whole of LY, in terms of Buddhism, you’re ranked second because no one could be ranked first.”


It was not only at LY. He had seen so many racers, but Shen Li was truly the only one who was like this.

If anyone else had her talent and ability, they would have long wanted to make a name for themselves in each and every race. On the other hand, she kept busy doing this and that all day long. She just did not take this matter to heart.

Ji Shu really could not figure it out, but he really felt pity for her.

However, Shen Li did not seem to feel it.

“You just perform well. Then LY willenough money so that my signing bonus can still be paid.”


“Is there anything else? If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up. I haven’t finished reading this document yet.”

“… I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

Ji Shu had not told Shen Li everything that Doyle had said. He had been afraid that it would affect her mood.

Now, however, he felt that he had just worried too much.

Shen Li very simply hung up the phone.

Ji Shu looked at his phone.


This was her temperament. He would just have to get used to it. Just get used to it.

After Shen Li finished reading the documents, it was already past eleven o’clock in the evening.

She went to take a bath to get rid of her fatigue before going to bed to rest.

Perhaps it was because she had painted today, or perhaps it was because she had met with Lu Huaiyu and had eaten candy, she slept very well this time.

Lu Huaiyu flew out of Hong Kong City the next afternoon.

Shen Zhijin also returned to Xijing University on the fourth day.

This time, he had stayed in Hong Kong City for quite a long time. It was close to the New Year, so there were many things that he needed to go back and focus on.

Shen Li stayed on in Hong Kong City and lived a very regular life every day.

As for LY, she did not receive any more news after that.

However, she did not care.

She spent every day with her family, writing papers, and occasionally painting or riding horses. It was a rare moment of leisure.

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was the end of the year.

There were still a few days before New Year’s Eve, and the Gu family’s residence was already busy preparing.

There were many people in the Gu family, so the New Year celebrations were always particularly lively. This year, Shen Li had returned to the family. This was her first New Year in the Gu family, so it was even more special for everyone.

Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, several cars drove into the Gu family’s residence one after another.

One after another, Gu Tingfeng and the others came.

“Siqi, a little to the left. Yes, a little to the left.”

Shen Li stood in front of the door as she watched the two brothers who were putting up the spring festival couplets.

Gu Siqi asked, “Cousin, is this okay?”

Shen Li took another step back and looked at it carefully for a while before nodding.


Only then did Gu Siqi jump down from the stool and run to her side to look at it with her.

Just then, Gu Siyang walked over and saw them. He smiled.

“Hey, Cousin Sister placed it really well!”

Gu Siqi raised his hand. “Brother! It was me and Sicheng who placed it!”

Gu Siyang flicked his forehead.

“Wasn’t it all because of your cousin’s supervision?”

Gu Siqi rubbed his forehead and smiled.

“That’s true!”

Gu Sicheng moved the stool to the other side.

“Brother, there’s still the second verse!”

Shen Li’s phone rang. She took it out and looked at it. It was a video call from Old Master Lu.

She was a little surprised.

Usually, Old Master Lu would send 59s voice messages? Why had he changed it to a video this time?

She answered the call.

Half of Old Master Lu’s face appeared in the camera frame.

“Ah Li?”

Shen Li, “… Grandpa Lu, your phone is a little too close. You should move it a little further away.”

“Oh, okay!”

Grandpa Lu obediently moved it a little further away.

Only then did Shen Li see that he was standing in front of the Lu family’s door. Behind him stood Lu Huaiyu.

“Ah Li, please come and help Huaiyu! Can you help him paste this Spring Festival couplet?”

Grandpa Lu asked with a smile.

Shen Li, “…”

So, he had specially made this video call just for this purpose?

The door was just three steps behind him. Wasn’t that closer than the distance of a thousand miles from Hong Kong City?

Lu Huaiyu walked over.

The man’s peerlessly handsome face came into view, and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

“Ah Li, Grandpa said that his eyes are blurry and he can’t see clearly, so I’ll have to trouble you to help him with this.”

Old Master Lu, who was in good health, hurriedly said,

“Right, right! Ah Li, you don’t know. Recently, my eyes have been getting more and more blurry. I’m even seeing double images! Come and help Huaiyu keep an eye out!”

Shen Li, “… Yes, Grandpa Lu.”