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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 759 - She Was Never Supposed to Compete  

Chapter 759: She Was Never Supposed to Compete

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone fell silent. The smile on Ji Shu’s face instantly disappeared.

“What are you talking about?”

His tone was extremely cold.

“Whether Sister Li can go on the field or not, it’s not up to you.”

Although Sister Li’s attitude towards going on the field had always been indifferent, it was not because she never wanted to. Who was this Doyle? Did he want to forcefully strip her of her right to go on the field and compete?!

Doyle stared at Ji Shu and narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“I’m the head coach. Of course, I have the final say as to whoever goes on to the field or not.”

In this aspect, his voice was indeed very powerful.

Otherwise, the team would not have tolerated him for so long.

He waved the name list in his hand without bothering to hide his disdain and ridicule.

“She can’t come to the daily training and is absent from the concentrated special training. What does she want to do? If she doesn’t want to race, she should make it clear as soon as possible! When her contract expires, she can just leave immediately! If she doesn’t want to train, there are plenty of people who can replace her!”

LY was developing very quickly now. Every year, countless racers dreamed of signing in.

“Taking up a spot but not coming to train is purely a waste of everyone’s time and energy!”

Ji Shu laughed angrily.

“What you said is really interesting since up until now, you haven’t even met Sister Li, right? I really want to know how she’s wasted your time and energy.”

Doyle’s expression changed slightly, and his voice became even colder.

“It looks like you’re aware that I’ve been here for a long time, yet she hasn’t come to the base once, has she?

“I’m just thinking about LY and the rest of you. Don’t tell me that you still feel that honored to have a teammate who drags you down? Of course LY is rich. If they’re willing to keep such a freeloader, it has nothing to do with me.”

These words were extremely unpleasant to hear.

Ji Shu’s face turned completely cold. He threw the helmet in his arms down to the ground and stepped forward to grab Doyle’s collar!

“Who the f*ck are you calling a freeloader?!”

No one had expected Ji Shu to suddenly attack. They were all shocked when they saw this.

“Ji Shu!”

Ron immediately went to pull him back, but Ji Shu was extremely strong. He continued to hold on to Doyle’s clothes tightly and could not be pulled off.

Doyle was caught off guard, but then he reacted by immediately trying to break Ji Shu’s hand.

However, Ji Shu was half a head taller than him, and he was used to fighting. He had never lost in this aspect.

Doyle was no match for him. He could not break free no matter how hard he tried.

He was livid.

“Ji Shu! You’d better think carefully about the consequences of provoking the coach and fighting within the team!”

LY’s management was extremely strict in this area. If it was a minor misdemeanor, they would be fined and reviewed. However, if it was major, it was very likely that they would be disqualified from competing.

Ron hurriedly said, “Ji Shu! If you have something to say, just say it properly!”

Ji Shu’s lips curled into a mocking smile.

“He was the one who didn’t speak properly first. How can you blame me?”

As he spoke, he added a little more force to his hands.

“Apologize, immediately! Immediately!”

Doyle was also a proud person. Under such circumstances, how could he lower himself to apologize to Ji Shu?

Just as the two sides were at a stalemate, the manager came out of the office and saw this scene.

“Ji Shu! What are you doing?”

Ron was even more anxious. He lowered his voice and said,”Ji Shu! If you’re disqualified because of this, how will you explain this to Sister Li later?”

Hearing this, Ji Shu gritted his teeth and finally let go of Doyle. He then pushed Doyle away.

Doyle staggered back a step and finally steadied himself.

Ji Shu had not really fought with him, but having been treated like this in front of so many people, he had completely lost face.

Ron waved at the manager.

“Manager, it’s fine. It was just a misunderstanding!”

The manager frowned.

Everyone in LY knew about the conflict between Ji Shu and Doyle, but they had not expected Ji Shu to make a move today.

On one hand, Doyle was a coach that LY had used a lot of money to hire. On the other hand, Ji Shu was also currently LY’s most promising racing driver. As the manager, of course, he did not want to offend either side.

Seeing that both sides were about to stop fighting, he was relieved.

“Alright, we’re all on the same side. If there’s a problem, let’s just discuss it.”

Ron also suppressed his anger and tried to persuade him.

“Coach Doyle, you might not be very clear about this since you’ve only just arrived. Shen Li is a prodigy that the boss had unintentionally discovered. It had not been easy to convince her to sign the contract back then.”

Doyle looked at him.

Ron felt that he had said this clearly enough.

Although up until now, Shen Li still had yet to officially participate in the race as a driver of LY Club. She had only really competed with them internally when she had come here for the first time. That meant that apart from only a few of them, the rest of the people were not particularly clear about Shen Li’s strength.

However, so many outstanding racers wanted to enter LY but could not, while Shen Li had been begged to come by the boss. This was fundamentally different!

Was this not enough to show Shen Li’s level?

“I know this.”

Doyle suddenly spoke.

Ron was stunned. ‘He knew it? Even though he knew, he still had this attitude…”

The expression on Doyle’s face was very subtle.

“She used to compete in underground racing, just like him, right?”

This “him”, of course, referred to Ji Shu.

He laughed, but there was no smile on his face. He enunciated each word clearly.

“You are all professional racers. Don’t tell me you don’t know that underground racing and professional racing are two different things? Many people are good at underground racing. When they get on the professional track, they can’t even get a passing score.”

As if a thought had suddenly come to him, his expression turned gloomy as he snorted.

“It’s said that she came from the underground racing circle of a small city. She was lucky enough to be chosen by LY, so she signed on. She may have some talent, but that little bit of cleverness is nothing compared to being in a real professional league.”

As he spoke, he looked at the name list again.

“Anyway, I’ll leave it here. It’s up to her– whether she wants to come or not!”

After saying that, he took one last deep look at Ji Shu and turned to leave.


Ji Shu almost rushed over again, but Ron stopped him in time.

“His mouth can’t say anything good, so why bother with him? Anyway, whether Sister Li can compete or not is not up to him alone.”

Ji Shu tugged at his collar.

“What the hell!”

Someone beside him could not help but ask,”Sigh, why does Doyle seem to be so resistant to underground racing?”

“That’s right, I can feel it too.”

“Ji Shu used to play this game, but he’s now very good at driving professional racing cars as well! I really don’t know how Doyle’s prejudice came about…”

Ji Shu sneered.

“Looking at his resentful face, I guess he has been abused before?”

The manager patted his shoulder.

“It’s alright, Ji Shu, the problem with the training plan has been solved. Although Doyle has a bad temper, he also has the ability. He did that before to try and improve your performance, so don’t fuss about it.”

As he spoke, he smiled again.

“After all, didn’t you break the record today?”

Ji Shu laughed in anger.

“What does me breaking the record have anything to do with him?”