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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 756 - Missing You  

Chapter 756: Missing You

Her dream seemed to go on for a very long time, with countless chaotic images interweaving together.

When she woke up in the morning, she sat up and hugged the quilt, feeling her head ache slightly.

Because she had not slept well, her clear peach blossom eyes were also slightly bloodshot. The space between her brows and eyes also showed a tinge of impatience and irritation.

It had been a long time since she had felt like this.

She sat quietly for a while and thought of the conversation that she had had with Ji Shu the night before. She took her phone out from under her pillow and called Gu Siyang directly.

Gu Siyang did not pick up at first. It was not until she called the second time that he picked up in a daze.


He must have just woken up, so his voice was still thick with tiredness.

Shen Li said, “I heard that LY hired a new coach?”

Gu Siyang took a moment to recover.

“… Cousin Sister, did you call me so early in the morning just for this?!”

Shen Li replied with a “Hmm”.

Gu Siyang closed his eyes and switched to another hand to hold his phone. Then, he answered in a daze, “Yeah, why?”

“His training plan is not suitable for Ji Shu and the others. You should let him continue to follow the previous plan,” Shen Li said concisely.

Gu Siyang finally woke up and got up from the bed.


Shen Li slowed down and repeated the sentence.

“Did you hear it clearly this time?”

Gu Siyang was at a loss.

“Yes, I heard it clearly, but… why so sudden?”

“It’s not sudden. He has already been there for ten days. If this continues, LY should not participate in the next match.”

Shen Li’s tone was very indifferent.

Gu Siyang finally realized something: Shen Li was not giving him a suggestion, she was telling him the result that she wanted.

“This…” Gu Siyang was a little hesitant, “But LY took a lot of effort to hire that coach. He’s ranked quite high internationally. According to his training method, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?”

This was also the consensus of LY’s higher-ups.

So even though they knew that Ji Shu and Doyle had a conflict, they still had not dealt with it.

In other words, they had chosen to stand on Doyle’s side.

Shen Li said, “If you’re not afraid of gambling on LY’s future, then it’s up to you.”

These words were serious.

Gu Siyang frowned.

“Sis, did you hear something?”

Shen Li actually did not have the patience to keep talking about Doyle, but she still had to give Gu Siyang a reason.

“Ji Shu and the others have been doing well in their training, and their results have been rising steadily. Do you think it’s a small matter to suddenly disrupt their training plans? Especially since the next competition is about to begin.”

They were really going all out.

Gu Siyang thought about it carefully and felt that what she said made sense.

Moreover, this was the first time since Shen Li had joined LY that she had talked to him so formally about related matters. Of course, he had to take it seriously.

“Then… should I go and discuss it with them today?”

Shen Li said calmly.

“You’re the boss. Who else do you need to discuss with regarding what you want to do?”

Gu Siyang’s authority in LY was extremely high.

No matter how amazing Doyle was, to put it bluntly, he was just an employee hired by LY.

For some reason, Gu Siyang trembled. He had a feeling that today, his cousin was behaving a little… differently.

Was it because Ji Shu was in a bad mood about this matter?

However, since it was his cousin who had spoken up, there was no reason for him to refuse.

Gu Siyang agreed immediately.

“Alright! Then I’ll call them in a while. But… Sis, from what I’m hearing, it appears to be that you seem to be very dissatisfied with Doyle?”

Shen Li’s voice was calm.

“Wouldn’t it be normal for me to be dissatisfied with him for doing such a thing? If LY is not capable of doing this, then who should I ask for the signing bonus?”

Gu Siyang, “…”

He looked at his phone and fell into deep thought.

Hiss… Could it be that he had not given his cousin sister enough gifts yet? Why was she still thinking about the signing bonus?

After receiving Gu Siyang’s guarantee, Shen Li hung up the phone.

She casually threw her phone to the side. After a long while, she spat out a few words coldly.

“As expected, you’re still as stupid as before.”

Shen Li did not go out that morning.

After a simple breakfast, she entered the art studio.

Before her return, the Gu family had specially redecorated these few adjoining rooms for her.

Beside the master bedroom was her own study and art studio, which was very spacious and quiet.

She set up the drawing board, and the thick paint gradually stained the canvas.

Time passed slowly.

Her mood gradually calmed down.

In the afternoon, she chose the design that she liked the most from the selection of gallery design drafts sent by Gu Tingyun and sent it back to him.

Then she went to Old Master Gu’s study to pick an inkstone and a book.

Finally, she returned to the art room again.

The whole afternoon passed quietly in this manner.

Shen Li only came back to her senses by the time the last rays of the evening sun shone through the window.

She put down the brush and rubbed her wrist. Only then did she feel a little sore.

After tidying up briefly, she took out her phone and saw that it was already half-past five.

She thought for a moment and sent a message to Lu Huaiyu.

[ Second Brother, would you like to have dinner together tonight? ]

Half an hour later, Lu Huaiyu replied by calling her with a smile in his voice.

“Shen Tangtang, are you… asking me out for dinner alone?”

During this period of time, they had spent very little time alone.

He had almost thought that she had forgotten that she had a boyfriend.

Hearing his deep and gentle voice, Shen Li replied with a “Hmm” and asked again, “Is Japanese food okay?”

Lu Huaiyu naturally had no objections.

Shen Li said, “There’s a Japanese restaurant near Second Brother’s hotel. I’ll be there soon.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone, changed into a short white dress, and put on some light makeup before going out.

By the time Shen Li arrived at the place, Lu Huaiyu had already arrived.

The sky was about to turn dark. The lights at the square were bright, and people were coming and going.

The evening breeze stirred up his black shirt, outlining the man’s perfect body lines.

The neon light fell upon his face, making him look even more aloof and noble.

Shen Li got out of the car and walked toward him.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to have sensed something and looked over.

Her skirt was only above her knees. As she walked, the hem of her skirt swayed, making her fair and slender legs look particularly attractive.

Her long hair was wavy and draped over her shoulders. Her face was clear and beautiful.

Many of the people who were around turned to look as their gazes rested on her.

Lu Huaiyu strode forward on his long legs and arrived in front of her.

“Are you cold?”

Of course, Hong Kong City was not cold at this time.

Shen Li shook her head and looked up at him. The restlessness that had lingered in her heart for the whole day finally subsided.

Lu Huaiyu leaned closer and smiled.

“Why does Shen Tangtang suddenly want to eat Japanese food today?”

Shen Li held his hand.

“I miss you.”