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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 755 - Special Session    

Chapter 755: Special Session

Shen Li let go of what she was holding and casually leaned against the headboard of the bed. She bent her slender legs and rested her elbows on her knees. She answered lazily, “Yes.”


Over the past six months, Ji Shu had participated in several large-scale domestic races in a row. His performance was extremely eye-catching and stunning.

His outstanding racing skills, his handsome appearance, and his free and uninhibited personality made him gather a lot of popularity in an extremely short period of time.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was now one of the most popular racing drivers in the country.

However, this was still at a domestic race level, and it was still a little far from the international level.

At the very least, Ji Shu still had to get enough points in the following competitions to be eligible to participate in international races.

Only after participating at such a level of competition could he enter the ranking list of international racing drivers.

Among the LY racing team, Ron’s result was the best– International Ranking 87.

Ji Shu’s current standard was above Ron’s, but because of various rule restrictions, he had yet to officially enter the ranking list.

However, even so, it was still far inferior to Doyle’s result of being ranked ninth in the international ranking.

Shen Li said, “To be ranked ninth in the international ranking, he must be quite good.”

“I didn’t say that he’s not good. I just think that there’s something wrong with him!” Ji Shu was annoyed as he mentioned this, “Sister Li, you haven’t seen him before, so you don’t understand. He treats everyone as if they are beneath him. Ever since he arrived at the base ten days ago, he’s been showing off.

“As soon as he arrived, he scrapped all of our previous training plans and made a new one. He also forced us to train according to his plan.

“I admit that he’s good, but he doesn’t understand the situation at LY at all. Who would be able to stand this?”

Shen Li frowned slightly.

“Wasn’t your previous training going well? Why did he change it?”

“He’s sick!”

Ji Shu sneered.

“If he didn’t do this, how could he appear to be awesome?”

In fact, he was not the only one, the other members of LY’s team were also very dissatisfied with this.

During this period of time, it could be said that everyone was full of complaints.

When he found out that Doyle wanted them to change their training plan, Ji She had gotten a bad feeling. However, at that time, he had considered that LY had spent a lot of money to hire this coach from abroad, and his level was much higher than theirs. Figuring that he probably had his own reasons for doing so, Ji Shu had endured it.

However, he soon discovered that the things that Doyle had set up were not suitable for them at all.

After forcefully enduring for two days, Ji Shu had gone to talk to Doyle and said that he still wanted to train in the same way as before.

In the end, he had been ridiculed and criticized by Doyle in front of many people.

Ji Shu and Doyle had become enemies.

However, that had not been the end of it. From then on, Doyle did not look well upon Ji Shu.

Ji Shu was young, with a free and unruly personality. He was already a difficult person to tame. Now that he was faced with such a situation, his temper had also risen.

Ron and the others had tried to persuade him to give in and lower his head to admit his mistake towards Doyle. Then, they could let bygones be bygones.

However, with Ji Shu’s personality, how could he possibly do such a thing?

Doyle had used force, so he had followed suit. The relationship between the two of them deteriorated rapidly.

“Probably so.”

Speaking of this, Ji Shu was extremely annoyed. He took a cigarette out of the drawer and put it in his mouth. With a click of the lighter, he was about to bring the cluster of bright blue flames closer.

When Shen Li heard this, she frowned.

“Put out the cigarette.”

Ji Shu bit on the cigarette.

“No, Sister Li, I’m only going to smoke just this one cigarette. Let me tell you, if I have to continue to endure meeting such a retard, sooner or later, my brain will bleed.”

Shen Li was unmoved, and her voice was cold.

“Ji Shu.”

Ji Shu struggled for a long time, but in the end, he removed the cigarette, crushed it, and threw it into the trash can. He also threw the lighter back into the drawer.

“Alright. I’ll listen to you.”

Even though Sister Li could not see whether he smoked or not from a thousand miles away, since he had said that he would not smoke, he truly would not smoke.

He respected Shen Li, so he answered in a straightforward manner.

Shen Li asked, “Does Gu Siyang know about this?”

Ji Shu crossed his legs.

“Ron mentioned it to him before, but he probably didn’t say too much.”

LY had three founders. Gu Siyang was one of them, but not many people knew about it.

Ji Shu and the others probably thought that Gu Siyang was just a rich young master who liked to play with cars, so it was normal that they had not told him much.

Shen Li thought for a moment and said, “I’ve got it. Don’t worry so much about it. Train how you should train. After all, the results are yours. The rally is about to start soon, so you should take care of yourself.”

If Ji Shu performed well this time, his career would be greatly improved.

However, if it was delayed… it would be a pity.

It was not worth it just for such a stupid thing.

Hearing her say that, Ji Shu smiled.

“Don’t worry, Sister Li. I know all this.”

As for the situation in the team… Forget it. He would have to face it a day at a time.

“Oh right, Sister Li, when are you coming to join the team?”

Ji Shu had not seen her for a long time. After hearing Gu Siyang talk about her crushing Yu Cheng today, his heart had itched.

Shen Li had signed a contract as a substitute, so she had not attracted much attention.

LY had also signed on more than a dozen people to the same type of contract.

To put it nicely, they were the seedlings that showed promise and were favored by LY. To put it bluntly, the substitutes had potential, but their standard was still a little lacking.

Those who performed well could be promoted, but those who did not… They would, of course, continue sitting on the bench.

One more for her, one less for her. It was not too obvious.

She rarely went to the LY base, and even if she did, she would keep a low profile. So up until now, pretty much only Ji Shu, Ron, and a few of the top official team members knew her true strength.

Shen Li said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. Maybe it will be the end of the New Year.”

Ji Shu said, “… Isn’t that half a month away? Sister Li, the rally race will be starting after the New Year. Don’t tell me you will only come during the race?”

“Not necessarily,” Shen Li said honestly. “I might come over after the race to help you celebrate.”

Ji Shu, “…”

‘So you weren’t thinking about participating in the race at all?’

“I watched the video of your previous competition. There are a few things you need to pay attention to. Pull up the recording of the race on November 17th.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Shu immediately jumped up from his chair, ran to the computer, and pulled up his own video of the competition.

“Alright, Sister Li, go ahead.”

Shen Li closed her eyes, and her slender fingers tapped lightly on her knees as she said calmly, “Your first turn was pretty good, but your second and fourth reactions were a little slow. You wasted a lot of time.”

Ji Shu listened as he stared at the screen, continuously nodding without stopping.

Shen Li talked to him for a few minutes.

“Alright, that’s all for today. I’m tired and I’m going to sleep.”

Ji Shu had been listening excitedly, but when he heard the second half of the sentence, he did not dare to disturb her further.

“Okay, then I’ll try it when I go to the training ground tomorrow! Sister Li, go to bed early.”

Shen Li hung up the phone and quickly fell asleep.

This sleep was not a peaceful one.