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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 753 - Is More Important Than Her  

Chapter 753: Is More Important Than Her

Gu Siyang, “…”

He was really tired of hearing these words today…

Gu Tingyun sat down and glanced at him indifferently. Seeing that he had not moved yet, he smiled gently and said, “I remember that Siyang accompanied Ah Li to watch the car today? Were you also the first to know about her results?”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone at the table looked over in unison.

Gu Siyang, “!!!”

Third Uncle, why did you have to bring this up?!

He struggled to speak.

“Actually… actually, it’s not…”

Old Master Gu said plainly, “If Ah Li hadn’t called and said that she wouldn’t be coming back for lunch, your grandmother and I wouldn’t have known that she was coming over here today.”

Gu Siyang, “… Really, I don’t…”

Gu Sicheng nodded seriously.

“That’s right! It’s a good thing that we’re all here! Brother, why didn’t you tell us?”

Gu Siyang, “… I only…”

Gu Tinglan thought for a moment before he smiled. Then, he tried to help Gu Siyang out of his predicament.

“Sicheng, your cousin brother didn’t mean to keep it a secret. He was just too busy. When I called, he was busy driving your cousin here. He must have missed it.”

The table fell silent again.

Gu Siyang felt like dying.

He looked to his father for help, only to see him speak with a serious expression.

“Siyang, you did something wrong. Your cousin sister’s final exam results were so good. Since you knew about it, you should have informed your family earlier. How could you be so careless?”

Gu Siyang slowly widened his eyes.

‘Dad! What are you talking about?’

Liang Su gently patted Gu Tingfeng’s arm.

“Forget it. Siyang’s personality has always been very carefree. I guess he was too happy and forgot about it.”

Gu Tingfeng’s expression softened a lot.

“Don’t do this again next time.”

Gu Siyang realized later that he had been betrayed by his own parents!

He got up to help get a set of cutlery for Gu Tingyunand returned to his seat like a wandering soul.

He caught a glimpse of Lu Huaiyu out of the corner of his eye and suddenly realized something. Something was not right! He was not the first one to know!

“Wait! It wasn’t me! It was Lu–”

He had just begun to shout when Lu Huaiyu seemed to have sensed something. He tilted his head slightly and looked over at him.

Their eyes met, and Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly with a faint smile.

Gu Siyang’s remaining words were suddenly stuck in her throat.

How was he going to tell the whole family that not only had Lu Huaiyu known earlier than him, but he had also pulled someone in to kiss him??

Gu Siyang felt that if he said this, his end would not be any better than Lu Huaiyu’s.

Stiffly, he turned his neck and caught sight of Shen Zhijin again.

Wait a minute!

The first person to know was this person!

After all, he was his cousin’s biological father. Wouldn’t it be natural for him to be the first to know?!

Old Master Gu looked at him.

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Siyang felt aggrieved.

“… It’s okay, I know I’m wrong.”

Old Master Gu’s expression seemed to be a lot more relieved.

“As long as you know you’re wrong, you can change.”

Gu Siyang, ‘Oh!’

Shen Li never expected that what was supposed to be a simple lunch would actually become…

“Ah Li.”

Old Master Gu called out to her.

“I came in a hurry today and didn’t have the time to bring you a gift. When we return to the mansion later, you can go to the study room to pick it out yourself.”

The items in Old Master Gu’s study room were either rare special edition books or rare antique treasures. In short, they were all worth a lot.

It was truly a great gesture to let her pick anything she wanted.

Shen Li put down her chopsticks.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Old Madam Gu smiled.

“The shawl I commissioned to be embroidered for you previously should be almost finished. I’ll bring it to you later.”

Shen Li nodded.

“Thank you, Grandma.”

Gu Tingchuan asked, “Ah Li, have you been out to sea before?”

Shen Li shook her head.

Gu Tingchuan said, “That’s good. I recently ordered a boat. The next time you’re free, we can go out to sea and fish together.”

Shen Li, “… Thank you, Second Uncle.”

“Ah Li,” Gu Tingyun looked over, “You can pick the design concept for the gallery first. Also, the Gu Corporation is in discussions with G&S about the publicity for your next big show.”

Shen Li, “… Thank you, Third Uncle.”

Gu Tinglan thought for a while. Although he had brought her a gift when he came, the sapphire now seemed too tacky. Thus, she decided to take a different approach.

“Ah Li, if you’re lacking a model for your paintings, I can–”

Lu Huaiyu looked at him calmly.

Shen Li held her breath and said very seriously,”… Little Uncle, I’m really not lacking in this.”

Gu Tinglan felt very regretful.

“Ah, alright.”

Seeing that he had finally given up on this idea, Shen Li finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Actually, her exam results were already something she had expected, so she had not been surprised when she had seen it.

However, everyone here seemed to care more about her results than she did…

They had given her too many gifts, even if she really did not lack for anything.

Thinking of this, she could not help but sigh in her heart.

Fortunately, Master and Grandpa Lu were not here, or else–

Ding dong.

Her phone had just rung.

She wanted to ignore it for now, but she soon heard another ‘ding dong’.

Shen Zhijin looked at her.

Shen Li took out her phone and saw two unread messages.

One was from Old Master Lu, and the other was from Elder Mei.

She first clicked on Elder Mei’s message at the top. It was a photo.

No, it was a painting.

She clicked on it and enlarged it. It was a sketch… of her.

Mei Yanqing was a master of oil painting. He rarely touched other methods of painting.

However, he had just made a sketch of Shen Li for her.

She clicked to save it and thanked Mei Yanqing in seriousness.

Thank you, Master. I like it very much

Then, she exited the dialog box and clicked on Old Master Lu’s message.

It was also a photo.

Shen Li clicked on it and paused in her movements. She was silent.

Old Master Lu had actually printed out a screenshot of her transcript and framed it with a gold photo frame of excellent quality.

There seemed to be a few similar ones at the side. Shen Li could just make out that one of them was her college entrance examination transcript, while the other half seemed to be her National Physics Competition transcript…

The gold glittered, showing how grandly these were being displayed.

Everyone could see how much he loved and cherished these things.

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched. How long had it been since she had found out about her results? Yet, these had all been done?

Lu Huaiyu also looked over with a smile on his face.

She slowly looked up.

‘So, this is the purpose of your call just now?’

Shen Li silently leaned toward Shen Zhijin.

“Dad, I haven’t looked at it yet, but what did you bring me?”

The gift bag he had brought earlier had not seemed very heavy. It should be–

Shen Zhijin said calmly, “An International Asteroid Naming Authority Certificate.”