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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 747 - Second Master Lu, Aren’t You Going to Give It a Try?  

Chapter 747: Second Master Lu, Aren’t You Going to Give It a Try?


Gu Siyang could not help but laugh out loud.

A moment ago, Yu Cheng had still been teasing Shen Li about how she could not differentiate between the accelerator and the brake. In the end, the slap to his face had come too quickly. He had only been a hair’s breadth away from having the wheels of the black supercar running over his face!

He had even said that he wanted to teach her how to drive? He had not even looked at his own capabilities!

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips lifted slightly. His eyes met the little girl’s peach blossom eyes that were flickering with a crafty light. He stroked her hair and chuckled.

“Yes, Ah Li is really smart.”

Shen Li lightly patted her chest as if she finally felt relieved.

“That’s good. I almost hit someone just now. It gave me such a fright.”

As she said that, she turned her head to look at Yu Cheng with a very concerned expression.

“I didn’t drive well, especially since this is a new car. I haven’t had enough time to get used to it yet. You’re okay, right?”

Yu Cheng was still immersed in the sense of life and death crisis that had been brought by that earlier moment. His entire body had gone numb. It was only when he heard Shen Li’s words that he slowly regained his scattered rationality.

His heart fell heavily, and his blood madly rushed to all four of his limbs which were ice-cold.

Even his face was burning with pain.

Yu Cheng subconsciously raised his hand and touched his face. He saw a trace of blood on his fingertips.

It had happened while Shen Li had been driving earlier and had run over a stone that had flown past and scrapped against his face.

The injury was not serious, but it was extremely humiliating!

If this was what she meant by “not know much about cars” and “not driving well”, then what was he?!

Recalling what he had said to Shen Li just now, Yu Cheng felt extremely angry!

He had been humiliated to such an extent by a woman in public!

And, the key was that she had done it in front of Lu Huaiyu!


He was so angry that he stepped forward without thinking!

Shen Li’s slender white hand pressed neither too lightly nor too heavily on the steering wheel.


The ear-piercing sound of a horn was heard, which immediately nailed Yu Cheng to the spot!

Shen Li leaned against the back of the seat as her gaze swept over Yu Cheng’s face. Then, she said to Gu Siyang,”Cousin, this car doesn’t seem to be very easy to drive.”

Gu Siyang glanced sideways at Yu Cheng’s extremely interesting expression. In his heart, he was practically applauding Shen Li.

The drift that had caused the stone to brush past Yu Cheng’s face just now had almost sent Yu Cheng away. Looking at him now, it was like he could not even bear to hear the sound of a horn.

“How could that be?”

Gu Siyang clicked his tongue.

“That’s a Farley engine, it has a very high horsepower!”

As he spoke, he looked at Yu Cheng with a sudden interest.

“Hey, Yu Cheng, since you seem to really want to compete, then– why don’t you try it with my cousin? She’s a newbie, and she needs a sparring partner.”

Yu Cheng really wanted to slap him!


At Shen Li’s level, who would believe that she was a newbie?!

A sparring partner?

He was just mocking him!

He was filled with anger, but he had nowhere to vent it.

Everything that had happened earlier kept replaying in his mind.

Just a little bit… Just a little bit! That car had been about to crash into him!

Yu Cheng was a race car driver, so he was used to playing with speed and passion. Injuries were common on the field.

But in that moment, it had been the first time he had truly felt death come so close to him!

He had even felt as if Shen Li had intended on killing him just now!

Countless emotions surged, making Yu Cheng extremely uncomfortable.

He stood there with his fists clenched tightly, and an extremely ugly expression on his face.

The two men behind him were also confused by this sudden turn of events. When they finally regained their senses and noticed Yu Cheng’s expression, their hearts thumped.

“Brother Cheng, are you alright?”

The two of them braced themselves before moving forward, but they did not dare to question Shen Li.

What a joke. After all, she was the young miss of the Gu family, and Lu Huaiyu was beside her. How could they afford to offend her?

Yu Cheng endured it for a long time before he finally managed to swallow his anger.

“Alright, wait! Today’s matter– we’re not done yet!”

Shen Li thought seriously and asked, “Not done? Then why don’t we… continue?”

Yu Cheng’s heart ached and his lungs were about to explode.

He finally stopped talking and turned around to leave in anger!

“Brother Cheng!”

The two men saw this and quickly followed.

Gu Siyang raised his voice.

“Yu Cheng! I’ll be waiting for you at the rally!”


Yu Cheng threw his helmet to the ground with one hand.

Even if they were just looking at his back view, it was not difficult to see his feelings of grievance and resentment.

One of the men picked up his helmet, but he did not dare to push his luck. All he could do was to follow behind without saying a word.

The three of them finally walked away.

Gu Siyang watched and sneered.

“What a character. He really thinks too much of himself.”

He gave Shen Li a thumbs-up.

“Cousin, you’re amazing! I think he won’t want to come here again in the future. Hahaha!”

Shen Li raised her eyebrows.

This was nothing. It was just a small matter.

This score would have to be settled bit by bit.

“Is this car difficult to drive?”

A deep and pleasant voice came from the side.

Shen Li turned around and saw Lu Huaiyu looking at her with a faint smile.

Only then did she remember what she had just said–

“It’s easy to drive.”

Shen Li said with a smile, “This engine is pretty good.”

That was good.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back in his seat and raised his chin.

“Do you want to continue?”

Shen Li nodded, turned the steering wheel, and stepped on the accelerator.

The black supercar sped along the track.

Since it was a test drive, she did not focus solely on speed. Instead, she focused more on the performance of the entire car.

After running three laps, she finally drove the car back to the starting point.

Gu Siyang came over excitedly.

“How was it?”

Shen Li smiled.

“Very good. Thank you, Cousin.”

Gu Siyang stuttered,”Then, then can I… co-pilot…”

Shen Li laughed and immediately released her seatbelt and got out of the car.

“You can try it yourself. It’s more direct.”

Gu Siyang was overwhelmed by the gesture, but first, he looked at Lu Huaiyu, who had just gotten out of the car.

“Second Master Lu, aren’t you going to try it?”