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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 745 - You Deserve It  

Chapter 745: You Deserve It

It was obvious that the relationship between Gu Siyang and this man was not very good.

“Yu Cheng, watch your mouth. This is my cousin.”

Yu Cheng.

The famous second-generation heir from the Yu family in Haicheng.

The Yu family was one of the top aristocratic families in Haicheng. Old Master Yu had three sons. Yu Cheng was the only son of the eldest son, while the second son had two daughters, followed by the third son who had one daughter, and an illegitimate son.

Of course, Yu Cheng was the most favored.

It was also because of this that he developed an unrestrained temperament. In recent years, he had been in a lot of trouble, but in the end, he had been forcefully suppressed by the Yu family.

The Yu family and the Gu family were evenly matched so of course, Yu Cheng was not afraid of Gu Siyang.

It did not matter that this was Hong Kong City, the territory of the Gu family.

Yu Cheng’s personality was extremely arrogant and he did not take these kinds of things seriously at all.


Yu Cheng replied with a question. His eyes unashamedly sized up Shen Li’s face and body with some interest.

“Is this the one that your family just found?”

The Gu family had not invited the Yu family to the Crescent Island’s family acknowledgment banquet, so this was the first time Yu Cheng had officially met Shen Li.

However, although he had not gone, he had heard a lot of rumors.

It was said that she had grown up in a small county and had been poor since she was young. Now that she had returned to the Gu family, she had risen like a phoenix.

She seemed to have a good relationship with George.

However, what Yu Cheng remembered the most was her other identity.

“Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend…”

He dragged out his tone and said meaningfully.

Yu Cheng was extremely hostile towards Lu Huaiyu.

It was because they were both from aristocratic families and were of the same generation, yet Lu Huaiyu was extremely successful.

Even though one was in the Capital while the other was in Haicheng.

Although they were far apart, more than once, Old Master Yu had used the Lu brothers as an example to teach his juniors a lesson. Being the same age as Lu Huaiyu, it was inevitable that Yu Cheng was especially singled out for comparison to him.

Lu Yuxiao of the Lu family had been in the army all these years. He had an iron fist and although he was young, his prestige was extremely high. He had a limitless future.

Lu Huaiyu was also outstanding in every aspect. At his age, he was already the person in charge of the Lu family’s business.

Moreover, because of Lu Huaiyu’s freedom of identity, he was the one who handled many external matters, so it was easier for others to compare him.

Yu Cheng had heard this many times, so naturally, he could not help but feel jealous of Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Li’s gaze became even colder. The moment she had seen this face, her good mood had instantly disappeared.

Yu Cheng– He was the boss behind FN.

FN Racing Club was very famous in the country. In the past few years, they had paid large sums of money to sign on a few powerful racing drivers to make their reputation even more glorious.

The reason they had developed so quickly was because they had Yu Cheng behind them.

To be precise, they had the Yu family.

Yu Cheng had spent a lot of money on FN. Their race cars were excellent, and the coaches he hired were of top-notch quality in the country.

To put it bluntly, with that much money, even if he threw it into the water, it would cause a big splash.

In addition, his style of doing things was overbearing, and he was full of cunning tricks. FN had become even more unscrupulous and glorious.

In his previous life, Ji Shu had signed on with FN. In the end, FN had been revealed to be a drug den, and even Ji Shu had been greatly implicated.

After the incident, Yu Cheng realized that FN was doomed. He had simply escaped and had even arranged for someone to tamper with Ji Shu’s urine test report to frame him for taking drugs.

At that time, Ji Shu had already become one of the most famous racing drivers in the country. When the news had been exposed, all the media’s focus had shifted. All the blame and abuse had become focused on Ji Shu.

As for the relationship between Yu Cheng and FN, no one had mentioned it so it had not caused any ripples.

Even until his death, Ji Shu still had to bear the stain on his name and had not been able to make a comeback.

FN had become bankrupt later on and many of its drug-related staff had been arrested and even given prison sentences. Only Yu Cheng, the true owner behind FN, had managed to clear his name with the help of the Yu family.

Yu Cheng had continued to live a very carefree life, as if those things had never had anything to do with him.

She had not expected to see this face that she hated so much, again in this life.

As if he had noticed Shen Li’s gaze, Yu Cheng frowned as an extremely uncomfortable feeling welled up in his heart.

Was it true that he had sensed an extremely subtle… hostility coming from that girl’s eyes just now?

It was cold, wild, and bone-piercing and carried an indescribable sense of danger.

When he looked over to take a closer look, he realized that Shen Li had already withdrawn her gaze.

Moving forward with her long legs, she walked toward the car.

It was as if she had not noticed Yu Cheng and the others at all.

Of course, her attitude made it very obvious that she did not think much of them.

A man next to Yu Cheng said, “Oh.

“So this car isn’t for Young Master Gu, but for your cousin sister?”

As he spoke, he smiled at Shen Li.

“Little sister, do you know how to drive? Why don’t you let Brother Cheng teach you?”

Gu Siyang’s expression turned even colder, and he snapped impatiently, “What the f*ck does it have to do with you two?”

The man’s expression changed, but he did not dare to face Gu Siyang head-on. All he could do was to smile sheepishly.

“It was just a joke. Why is Young Master Gu angry? You should know the standard of Brother Cheng’s driving skills the best.”

His words were laced with sarcasm and very nonchalantly stated.

This was because Gu Siyang had raced with Yu Cheng three times in the past and lost all three times.

Many people made fun of this matter.

In fact, not only was Yu Cheng the boss of FN, but he was also a member of FN’s team.

Even though he was able to join the team, his standard was not really the best. However, he was still a little better than an amateur like Gu Siyang.

Gu Siyang gritted his teeth.

It would have been fine if it had been about anything else, but this was something that he could not refute!

Yu Cheng laughed as well. He held his helmet in one hand, with a hint of mockery in his expression.

“That’s right, Gu Siyang. I’m taking the initiative to help out due to our past friendship. If it were anyone else, I might not even offer to teach them even if they begged me.”

As he spoke, he looked at Shen Li.

“Sister, can you tell the difference between the accelerator and the brake? Just call this big brother over here and I’ll teach you.”

“Yu Cheng!”

Gu Siyang warned him sternly.

Yu Cheng did not care at all. He continued to look at Shen Li unashamedly.

It had to be said that Lu Huaiyu had good taste. This face, this figure, and this temperament were indeed stunning.

Shen Li came to the car door. Then, hearing the sound, she raised her eyes and looked over.

On her extremely cold face, her red lips curled up into a faint smile.

Then, very softly, she said a few words.

“You deserve it too.”