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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 744 - It Would Be Best if She Didn’t Know  

Chapter 744: It Would Be Best if She Didn’t Know

Lu Huaiyu opened the menu and flipped through it, seemingly unconcerned by his warning.

“Didn’t you watch the Xiao Songshan video before?”

Gu Tinglan frowned.

Gu Siyang had indeed shown him the video before. On Xiao Songshan, under the cover of night, the supercar had sped up the winding mountain road. Every turn had been so thrilling that one would think that they were about to fall off the track.

That had been Shen Li’s car, and Lu Huaiyu had been in the passenger seat at that time.

His first reaction when he had seen that video was that Lu Huaiyu seemed to have a death wish.

“After that day, did your condition not relapse when you went home?”

He asked in a deep voice.

He had never asked about this before. That was because, by the time he had found out about it, the matter had already passed a long time ago.

At that time, Lu Huaiyu’s condition had seemed normal, so he had not mentioned it again.


Lu Huaiyu turned the page of the menu.

“The red wine frozen foie gras looks good.”

Gu Tinglan looked at him, unsure whether to believe his answer or not.

When Lu Huaiyu did not get areply. He looked up and met Gu Tinglan’s gaze, raising his eyebrows slightly.

“You should be very clear about my condition.”


Gu Tinglan was very clear.

Ever since Lu Huaiyu had found Shen Li in Lincheng, his condition had been improving for a long time.

Throughout this time, he had communicated with Lu Huai several times and found that his sleeping condition was much better than before. His mood had also become stable.

However, he did not dare to take the risk.

“I’m warning you because I’m clear about it.” Gu Tinglan was unwavering in his attitude.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back with a lazy posture.

His thin lips curled into a smile.

“Ah Li likes cars.”

She liked cars, and she also liked racing.

Being in love with her meant that he loved everything about her. That meant that he also liked whatever she liked.

Gu Tinglan frowned slightly and looked at him.

“Lu Huaiyu, I’m not advising you as a friend, but as Ah Li’s uncle. Ah Li still doesn’t know about your affairs.”

When he found out that Ah Li was his fourth sister’s daughter, he had wanted to persuade her to break up with Lu Huaiyu.

However, in the end, he had not done so.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“It’s good that she doesn’t know. It would be better if she never finds out about it.”

It had not been easy for her to raise such a delicate and soft girl. How could she bear to hear about such things?

Gu Tinglan frowned even more.

In the past, he had asked Lu Huaiyu to pick a suitable time to come clean with her, but now that he thought about it, it was indeed better not to tell her.

If Lu Huaiyu’s mental state could be adjusted, then… not telling her was indeed a better choice.

Gu Tinglan paused.

“No one can stop you from doing what you want to do. But you have to know that if you can’t take good care of her, the Gu family can take her away from you at any time.”

No one could stop Lu Huaiyu from taking anyone he wanted.

However, the Gu family could definitely do it.

“You’ve finally said it out loud.”

Lu Huaiyu still had a smile on his lips.

Although both the Gu family and Shen Zhijin were wary of him on the surface, they were in fact, still acknowledging his relationship with Shen Li.

However, Gu Tinglan really did not want them to be together.

“I’m quite surprised that you waited until now to tell me this,” Lu Huaiyu said.

Gu Tinglan took a sip of tea and said, “We’re still friends after all. I can’t just watch you die.”

Moreover, Ah Li… liked him so much.

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment, put one hand on the armrest, and laughed in a deep voice.

“Thank you.

“Don’t worry, I won’t drive.”

The next morning, Gu Siyang hurriedly arrived at the Gu family mansion.

Shen Li was having breakfast with her grandparents.

“Grandpa! Grandma! Cousin!”

Gu Siyang’s figure floated in.

Hearing this, Old Master Gu frowned in annoyance.

“So noisy. Why doesn’t your father know how to control you?”

Gu Siyang heard this and immediately felt uncomfortable.

“Grandpa, it’s been a long time since I’ve come to visit you. Don’t you miss me?”

He could feel the overwhelming feeling of disdain.

Old Madam Gu smiled kindly and waved at him.

“Siyang, don’t bother about him. Have you eaten breakfast? Come over and eat with me.”

Gu Siyang came over to sit with a blissful expression.

“I haven’t eaten! Grandma treats me the best!”

Old Madam Gu picked up a piece of shumai for him and said gently, “How could you not have eaten breakfast? From tomorrow onwards, you should spend more time with your parents having breakfast. Your health is more important, understand?”

Gu Siyang swallowed the shumai in one gulp. He felt that there was something odd with what she said, but he could not say it out loud.

However, this shumai was really delicious. He nodded as he picked up another one.


Shen Li looked over, and there was a hint of sympathy in her eyes.

Gu Siyang really could not tell.

He could feel Shen Li looking at him, so he immediately said excitedly,”Cousin, there’s no reason to hurry! Once we finish eating, cousin will take you to see the car immediately!”

Shen Li’s lips moved soundlessly, but in the end, she could only say, “Thank you, Cousin.”

Gu Siyang was very proud.

“I’m telling you, that car– it’s the only one in the world!”

It was the only one!

Previously in the Capital, on the day he had confirmed Shen Li’s identity, he had already begun to prepare for this matter.

However, the private customization needed a little more time, so he had been forced to speed up the process. It had only just been delivered to Hong Kong City today.

“You’ll definitely like it after seeing it!”

Shen Li had heard him mention this several times. Seeing that he was so enthusiastic, she was also a little interested.

Gu Siyang was very considerate and attentive to her.

“Also, I asked them to send the car to the Longchamp Racetrack. You can try it there!”

Every inch of land in Hong Kong City was precious. The density of buildings and population was very high. Naturally, it would be inconvenient to get into a sports car and run it on a normal road.

Longchamp Racetrack was the largest race track in Hong Kong City. Every year, it would take on related races. Occasionally, there would be teams rushing here to train. It was very famous.

Shen Li finished the last mouthful of porridge and nodded.


An hour later, Shen Li and Gu Siyang arrived at Longchamp Racetrack.

Lu Huaiyu had also said that he would be coming, but he had been delayed by an impromptu video conference.

Shen Li and Gu Siyang went inside first.

Longchamp Racetrack covered an extremely wide area. In addition to the special ring-shaped racetrack, there was also a steep mountain route.

At the moment, a pure black supercar had been parked at the entrance of the racetrack.

A few young men in racing uniforms were standing nearby as they sized up the car.

“Whose car is this? This hub, this tail, it’s pretty good.”

“It seems to belong to Gu Siyang’s?”


Someone could not help but laugh.

“With his skills, is he even worthy of this car?”

Gu Siyang had happened to bring Shen Li over and heard these words clearly.

His expression turned cold.

“What are you talking about?”

Those people turned around. The person who had spoken the most harshly was the man in the middle.

He had a buzz cut and slits in his eyebrows. His entire body exuded an unruly and arrogant aura.

“Yo, Young Master Gu.”

His gaze fell on Shen Li’s face and he whistled.

“Are you using this new car to try and coax a girl?”

Seeing this face, Shen Li’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a hint of coldness flashed across her eyes.

She could not believe that she had actually met this person here.

How unlucky.