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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 75 - How’s This?

Chapter 75: How’s This?

“Master Gu, what is so interesting that’s got you carried away?”

Tang Ziqing looked in the direction Gu Tinglan was staring, but all he saw was just a vague, slender figure.

Gu Tinglan kept his gaze away. “It’s nothing. I must have seen it wrongly.”

“I think you are exhausted. You have been traveling between Yunzhou and Lincheng so often recently. How is it? Is there any progress?” Tang Ziqing said with a smile.

Gu Tinglan shook his head. “It’s as old as ancient history. It’s not easy to find the truth.”

Tang Ziqing noticed that Gu Tinglan was not in the mood to talk, so he toned down his smile and patted the man’s shoulder. “Well, all you have is that tiny bit of clue, so that’s what you have to work on. If it isn’t in Lincheng, maybe it’s somewhere else with the same name.”

Gu Tinglan was in deep thought. “Maybe.”

“Never mind that. Since you are here today, let’s just put that away for now. It’s been a while since we last saw each other. I have a few new horses in the stable. Wanna have a look?”

Gu Tinglan then kept his thoughts away. “You have been rather passionate about this for the last few years.”

Tang Ziqing shrugged. “Compared to your family, mine is just child’s play.”

Gu Tinglan chuckled when he heard that because the Gu family’s club in Gangcheng was the most influential in the industry. “If you have your eye on it, you can’t go wrong.”

Tang Ziqing mischievously scoffed. “If it can catch your eye, that’s it.”

The car then rumbled into the club.

Ning Li followed Yu Pingchuan into the club, and the attendant led them inside. While she was making her way in, she had a quick glance at the direction where the car had driven off to.

Usually, visitors’ cars were supposed to stop here. Even Yu Pingchuan had to park his car outside. However, the car she saw drove inside without any problem.

The attendant noticed Ning Li’s concern and quickly explained, “That’s our boss’s car.”

Ning Li nodded in realization. No wonder the car could drive inside without any problem.

“Mr. Yu, are you going to the stables right away?”

Yu Pingchuan was an enthusiastic horse lover, but he asked for Ning Li’s opinion regardless. “Lili, what do you think?”

Knowing that the man was itching to see the horse, she said, “Fine, let’s go.”

The club had been established for many years, and the facilities and services were considered the best in Yunzhou. The place even had several tracks inside that were categorized into different sections according to the visitor’s status.

Su Yuan was also at the club with Ye Cheng. The boy was having his equestrian class in the VIP section.

The equestrian class was conducted one-on-one by a private coach. The fee for the class was exorbitant, but those who could step foot in this place were all wealthy people.

Other than Ye Cheng, three more children of the same age were having their equestrian class with other coaches.

Meanwhile, Su Yuan was standing outside the tracks with the bags.

The rest area was a little further away from the tracks, but she could not sit there and wait in peace because she was worried about Ye Cheng. The boy already disliked the class, and if Su Yuan was not close by to console and encourage him, he might cause a scene.

Ye Cheng rode the horse for a few rounds and was already exhausted. He panted strongly while his head was covered with sweat.

The horse was a little rebellious as well, thus the bumpy ride gave his stomach a hard time. He finally made it through halfway, and the coach released him for a quick rest.

As Ye Cheng struggled to get off the horse, Su Yuan sent some water to the boy, feeling bad while looking at his exhaustion.

“Lil Cheng, how are you feeling?”

Ye Cheng drank some water although he was still breathing heavily. His plump cheeks were shaking as he gulped and breathed for air.

He grumbled when he heard his mother’s question, “What else can I feel? I’m on the verge of dying! Riding a horse is torture!”

He had said that he did not want to come. He knew that the other kids were laughing at him because of his skills and physique.

Nonetheless, Su Yuan caressed his sweaty head. “I know it’s tough for you, but just try to hold it together, please?”

Ye Cheng kept quiet in a fit of pique.

While Su Yuan was having a headache because of the boy’s attitude, a familiar voice came from behind her.

“Auntie Su Yuan? Lil Cheng?”

Su Yuan turned around and saw Cheng Xiangxiang with two other girls. The girls looked familiar. They must be from a wealthy family as well.

“Xiangxiang, you are here today as well!”

Cheng Xiangxiang nodded. “Yes, Auntie.”

Due to her lousy results in the monthly test, her parents had nagged her endlessly back home. Frustrated, she decided to come here for some horse riding to ease her mood.

She thought of calling Ye Ci along, but the girl got hurt the other day and was in no shape to perform intense exercise, so she came with other friends instead.

Ye Cheng looked at them as if he just saw his saviors. “Sister Xiangxiang! Are you going to the horse-racing area? Can I go with you?”

He was learning equestrian in the teaching area, which consisted mostly of children. He found it boring despite being a child himself.

If he could follow Cheng Xiangxiang, things would probably be more interesting. He might not like equestrianism, but he liked watching horse races.

Su Yuan frowned. “Lil Cheng—”

Cheng Xiangxiang immediately knew what was going on. She blinked swiftly and said, “Auntie Su Yuan, I think Lil Cheng is tired. Why don’t I take him to the horse racing area to relax for a bit? We’ll bring him back here later. I heard from my brother that the stable has welcomed several decent horses a few days ago and they are having a test run today. Maybe Lil Cheng can learn a thing or two by watching. What do you think?”

Although Su Yuan did not want to agree, she knew that the boy hated the class and Cheng Xiangxiang’s suggestion made sense.

A quick thought later, she decided to let him go.

“Okay, go have some fun. I’ll wait for you guys here.”

Ye Cheng might not have a good time if she insisted on following them.

Cheng Xiangxiang smiled and looked at Ye Cheng. “Let’s go, little man!”

Ning Li followed Yu Pingchuan into the private stables. On the west side of the stable was a row of sheds with numbers labeled on them.

They stopped in front of shed No. 7.

Ning Li had a look inside. The horse was a chestnut thoroughbred. It had a strong physique and shiny fur which made it look beautiful.

“Mr. Yu, this is the horse that I told you about the other day.”

Yu Pingchuan fell in love at first glance. “Lili, what do you think about this one?”