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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 737 - I Am a Substitute  

Chapter 737: I Am a Substitute

Hearing her say this, Gu Siqi’s eyes lit up.

“Then Cousin, could you grant me a wish today? Would you be willing to agree to anything?”

Shen Li scrutinized him as she raised her eyebrows slightly.

Of these two brothers, Gu Sicheng was a straightforward person, while Gu Siqi was quick-witted.

If Gu Sicheng had been the one to make this request, she would have immediately nodded her head. However, since it was Gu Siqi, she would have to consider it carefully.

“It depends.”

However, this answer had clearly exceeded Gu Siqi’s expectations, and he immediately became even happier.

“Thank you, Cousin!”

Shen Li reminded him.

“All I said was that it depends on the situation. I haven’t actually agreed to it yet.”

“That’s already very good!”

Gu Siqi was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Cousin, I don’t even have this kind of treatment at my parents’ place!”

Forget about his mother. If he dared to speak like that to his father, what would await him would be a good beating.

Receiving Shen Li’s response “It depends” was already a milestone on the road to revolution for him!

As long as there was a little hope, he would be able to persevere!

Moreover, at the moment, his cousin had the highest status in this family.

Her words were more effective than anything else!

Shen Li smiled and patted the brothers on the shoulders.

“Alright, let’s eat first. I’ll take you over there in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, Cousin!”

After accompanying Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu to have lunch, Shen Li went back to take a nap.

At three in the afternoon, she drove Gu Siqi and his brother to the Dutian Racecourse.

The black car drove steadily along the road while the two brothers sat in the back seat of the car.

“Cousin, Cousin Siyang said that you’re a very good driver. Is that true?”

Gu Sicheng asked curiously.

The whole Gu family knew that Shen Li had signed with Gu Siyang and the LY racing team. However, she had not stayed in Hong Kong City for long and this was the first time that the two brothers had sat in her car, let alone seen her racing.

Gu Tingfeng and the others had seen the video of Shen Li driving in Xiaosong Hill and LY training base, but they had not shown it to Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng.

It was not until they had seen Shen Li driving today that the two of them remembered to ask this question.

“I’m okay,” Shen Li said casually.

“Cousin, the next time you race, please remember to call us!” Gu Sicheng said quickly.

Shen Li thought for a moment.

“If you two are on vacation at that time, then that will be fine.”

After this month, they would still have to go back to Bai City to study.

It would not be so convenient then.

“Eh? Cousin, does that mean that you won’t be competing in the near future? “Gu Siqi immediately grasped the key point. “But isn’t the domestic professional racing rally about to start? Aren’t you going to participate?”

Shen Li looked in the rearview mirror and smiled.

“You seem to know about it very well.”

Gu Siqi raised his face proudly.

“Of course! If cousin is participating in the race, we all have to go and cheer for her!”

Shen Li thought for a moment.

Every year, several large-scale professional racing events would be held in this country. This rally was just one of them.

Of course, because of the high value of the event, this event was very important and made a lot of noise.

Ji Shu and the others had participated in two other events before and had achieved good results. However, this national rally was the most important event.

If they could win the championship in this rally, it would be of great significance to Ji Shu and the others, as well as to LY.

Recently, Ji Shu and the others had been so busy with their training that they did not even complain anymore.

Shen Li turned the steering wheel and said, “I won’t necessarily go on the field.”

Gu Siqi was stunned. “Huh? Really? Why?”

Shen Li smiled.

“Because I’m a substitute.”

If the driver in front of them successfully completed the race, then she, as a substitute, would indeed not need to compete.

The two boys who were sitting in the back seat of the car were stunned, their faces full of astonishment.

“A substitute?”

Gu Siyang mentioned this matter in front of them so many times, saying how amazing his cousin’s racing skills were until even the two of them were full of anticipation.

So… how could she just be a substitute?

Generally speaking, the most outstanding team member in a team would be the starter, right?

Then their cousin… as a substitute…

“Cousin, Cousin Siyang said that you were busy with the college entrance exam. Is this the reason why you haven’t managed to train enough which has caused you to become a substitute?” Gu Sicheng asked.

After thinking about it, he felt that this guess was the most likely answer!

Gu Siqi also felt that what he said made sense.

“That must be it. Didn’t Cousin Siyang say that the LY team does closed-door training 24/7? Cousin Ah Li has other important matters to attend to, so she would definitely be at a disadvantage in this aspect! Cousin, if you had enough training, you would definitely be better than them, right?”

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curved up, but she did not answer him. All she said was,”Being a substitute is pretty good too.”

She did not have to compete, yet she would still get paid.

Most importantly, her signing bonus was the highest amongst the entire team. She felt that it was a pretty good deal.

Seeing that she seemed to be really open-minded about this matter, the two brothers did not continue to dwell on this matter.

Since their cousin was so calm, if she really went to compete, she was sure to be very outstanding!

A call suddenly came in. Shen Li saw that it was Lu Huaiyu and picked up the call through Bluetooth.

“Second Brother?”

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng immediately quieted down obediently.

“Ah Li.”

The man’s deep and languid voice sounded in the car,

“Where are you?”

Shen Li said, “I’m taking Siqi and Sicheng to the Dutian Racecourse.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and responded with a “Hmm”.

“I heard that a new batch of racehorses had just arrived and I thought you might want to go.”

When Shen Li heard that she said, “Then, will Second Brother be coming to take a look too?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and agreed.