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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 733 - Ambiguous Confrontation  

Chapter 733: Ambiguous Confrontation

‘It was mine to begin with.’

Of course, he was referring to more than just that cup of peach juice.

The surrounding clamor was incessant, and countless gazes were looking in their direction.

If anyone came forward and got closer, they would be able to see or hear what he had done.

Yet, he still continued to behave so brazenly.

However, he still seemed to feel as if that was not enough. His eyes met her slightly embarrassed gaze and he deliberately asked with a smile, “Ah Li, why is your face so red?”

This man always liked to tease her, and he often succeeded.

She could not allow him to feel so pleased with himself.

At the thought of this, Shen Li suddenly beckoned to him, as if she had something to say.

In fact, they were already very close to each other, and there was no one nearby. Whatever she wanted to say would already be heard clearly, even at this distance.

However, since she had taken the initiative to signal him, and he was used to spoiling her, he also went along with her wishes. He slightly bowed his head, leaned his ear close, and let out a low laugh.

“What’s wrong?”

Shen Li looked at the beautiful side profile in front of her.

His black hair fell over his forehead. The lines between his eyebrows and the bridge of his nose were smooth and perfect. His thin lips were slightly curved, and there was a casual smile on his face.

He looked noble and cold, but also very patient.

Anyone who saw him now would not realize what he had just done or said.

“Second Brother.”

She called him softly. Having deliberately lowered her voice, her usually clear and pleasant voice was especially sweet and soft, like melted chocolate, which seemed to be like smooth silk that easily wrapped around him.

Lu Huaiyu had never been able to resist her, let alone such a coquettish voice with a hint of provocativeness.

The look in his eyes became more and more gentle, as he answered in a low voice, “Hmm?”

Shen Li’s red lips moved slightly, as she whispered in his ear, “What is it that you want? Why don’t you just come and take it?”

Her tone was naive and curious, as if she was really only asking a casual question– ‘If you want to drink peach juice, why don’t you come and take it yourself?’

Or, if you wanted something else, that would be fine too.

It was as if something had exploded in his ear, an indescribable numbness began to spread from the tip of his ear all the way to the bottom of his heart.

Lu Huaiyu instantly froze.

He had clearly just drunk the peach juice, but now he suddenly felt thirsty again.

It was as if there was a fire burning from somewhere, and it was extremely hot.

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and he immediately turned his head to look at her, his deep and dark eyes staring intently at her.

However, by the time he looked over, she had already tactfully backed away.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed, and her peach blossom eyes were bright and moist. It was as if the spring breeze had stirred up a pool of lake water, stirring one’s soul.

She blinked and asked openly, “Second Brother, what’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu pressed the tip of his tongue against the upper palate of his mouth and he smiled.

He moved closer. His phoenix-like eyes narrowed slightly, looking as if they were filled with a bottomless vortex.

It was as if he could easily entice her with just one more look.

His voice was slightly hoarse as he enunciated each word.

“Shen Tangtang, are you deliberately teasing your boyfriend, hmm?”

She knew what he wanted, yet she had still thrown out this kind of bait.

Here, at this moment.

Originally, taking her cup of peach juice had been the last resort.

The greed and desire that he had suppressed with great difficulty were easily aroused by her words, so it had become even more difficult to control than before.

It almost destroyed what little rationality he had left.

From the moment she had appeared at the entrance of the banquet hall today, his impatience and greed had silently spread within the depths of his heart.

He had seen her in many different forms, but tonight was especially different.

For so long, he had always treated her as a little girl, holding her in his hands, spoiling her, and giving her candy to eat.

Today, however, he suddenly realized that the little girl had actually grown up.

Dressed in a qipao, which enhanced her slender waist and long legs, the young girl’s innocence and sensual charm were intertwined.

So many people were looking at her Everyone was looking at her.

The throbbing that he had finally calmed down was easily provoked by her again.

Shen Li finally noticed that at this moment, he was surrounded by an inexplicable dangerous aura.

She blinked her eyes. Perhaps this joke had been a little too much for her to handle?

However, he had teased her so many times. What was wrong if she retaliated once?

Thinking of this, her confidence increased.

She raised her small face and said confidently, “Am I?”

Looking at this young girl’s arrogance, Lu Huaiyou laughed. Then, he took a step forward with his long legs and moved even closer to her.

Shen Li immediately felt his suit trouser-covered legs slip past the slit in her qipao, which exposed her legs slightly.

It was just a slight graze, but the feeling was all too clear.

And then, with a slight click, his foot landed by her side, so that one of his leather shoes and one of her high heels were close to each other.

Her whole body instantly tensed up.

Even though they were not really touching, the pressure from his body was too strong to be ignored.

He did not say anything either. He merely approached her gently but aggressively at the same time, leaving her nowhere to run.

Lu Huaiyu whispered into her ear, “Your clothes…”

Shen Li held her breath slightly. His hot breath fell upon her ears and neck, causing her to tremble.

Finally, she could not hold it in anymore and subconsciously took half a step back.

She was already standing next to the drinks table. Now that she stepped back, the narrow distance was lessened even further and she was about to crash into the edge of the table.

Lu Huaiyu raised his hand to grab her waist.

The material of the qipao was extremely soft and smooth against her waist, causing her to almost slip out of the palm of his hand.

Almost immediately, he exerted force with his hand and grabbed her waist, pulling her into his embrace.

“Don’t move,” he said with a low laugh. “It won’t be good if you bump into this table.”

Hearing this, Shen Li was about to turn around to take a look when she heard a familiar voice.


The atmosphere seemed to freeze for a moment.

Shen Li turned her head and looked at Shen Zhijin who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, feeling momentarily stunned.

Shen Zhijin’s expression was calm.

“There’s a professor from Morley University over there who wants to meet you.”

These words were addressed to Shen Li, but Shen Zhijin was not looking at her. He was looking at Lu Huaiyu instead.

Lu Huaiyu’s expression remained calm. He took half a step back, released his hand, and said with a smile, “Ah Li, then you should go over with Teacher Shen.”

Shen Li coughed lightly and walked over.


Shen Zhijin took one last look at Lu Huaiyu before leaving with Shen Li.

It was not until they had moved a little further away that Lu Huaiyu quietly tensed.

As Shen Li walked forward, her phone suddenly vibrated.

She took her phone out of her handbag to take a look. It was a message from Lu Huaiyu.

[ I miss you. Please wear it alone for me to see. ]