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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 732 - This Was Mine to Begin With  

Chapter 732: This Was Mine to Begin With

Gu Siyang almost burst into tears.

“It’s… it’s nothing… You can call me… Just call me Gu Siyang…”

His hand was about to be crippled!

Lu Huaiyu’s smile did not change.

“Young Master Gu is too polite. With our current relationship, calling you by your full name would be a little strange. In the future, I’ll call you Siyang. Is that alright?”

How would Gu Siyang have a problem with that?

Even if he did, he did not have any problem with it now!

“Woo! Okay! Woo!”

Gu Siyang frantically nodded his head in agreement, as if he was afraid that Lu Huaiyu would change his mind if his reply was a little late.

Only then did Lu Huaiyu let go of his hand, with a rare expression of gentleness and friendliness.

“Sure, Siyang.”

Gu Siyang retracted his completely numb hand, his eyes brimming with tears.

Although his hands were not as precious as his cousin’s hands which were capable of drawing and driving, they were still healthy hands! How could they withstand such a beating from Lu Huaiyu!

He could not help but think of that distant day when Lu Huaiyu had agreed to go to the shooting range with him.

He had been especially happy as he had gone in, just like he had been just now.

Then, he had come out feeling especially devastated, just like he was feeling now.

Gu Tingyun watched from the side and pinched the space between his eyebrows.

Every time he saw Gu Siyang, he would consider himself lucky for being single.

He really did not know how his big brother and sister-in-law had survived all these years.

“You guys have fun then.”

He had come here this time mainly to resolve the matter of Xu Yini. Now that she had left, it would be better to let the juniors relax together.

Before he left, he took another look at Gu Siyang.

“Behave in a more restrained manner please.”

Even if Lu Huaiyu wanted to call him cousin, it would not be that easy. Gu Siyang, on the other hand, was the first to attempt it.

Gu Siyang felt wronged.


Had he not just been thinking of celebrating the situation? Was that wrong?

After all, as long as a person was alive, he had to have some pursuits!

After Gu Tingyun left, Gu Siyang wiggled his fingers. Hiss… They were still numb.

He glanced at Lu Huaiyu and saw him smiling as he looked over, with his brows slightly raised.

“What’s wrong, Siyang?”

Gu Siyang was shocked by how he addressed him.

He subconsciously leaned closer to Shen Li.


He was really no match for Lu Huaiyu. After thinking about it, all he could do was ask his cousin for help!

Shen Li had seen everything clearly from the side. How could she not know what Gu Siyang meant?

When her eyes met Gu Siyang’s accusatory gaze, in his hope that she would help to uphold justice for him, Shen Li fell silent.

To be honest, even she did not really want to call him “Cousin” anymore.

“I think it’d be better to call him as before,” she said tactfully.

Gu Siyang was still unwilling to accept it.

“Cousin, how can you be so biased? Besides, am I not doing this for his own good? I’m the only one in this family who would be the easiest to win over!”

The Gu family was still brooding over the matter of Lu Huaiyu getting into a relationship with her on the last day of her seventeenth birthday!

He was giving Lu Huaiyu such a great opportunity to win him over. Was he actually giving it up?!

Lu Huaiyu remained calm and composed. After a moment of contemplation, he spoke objectively.

“You might be dragging us back. There’s no need to be so anxious to fight for it, right?”

The current situation was already difficult enough to deal with. Would it be of benefit to bring Gu Siyang over to his side?

Would that not be bringing trouble upon himself?

Gu Siyang, “???”

He stuffed the semi-ripe cheese into his mouth and angrily left.

This conversation could not go on!

Seeing that Gu Siyang had finally left, Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly, bent his head closer, and asked in a low voice, “Ah Li, do you want anything else to drink?”

Shen Li shook her head. She had not finished the peach juice in her hand yet.

As she replied, she took a sip, the sweet taste spreading between her lips and teeth.

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu had not taken anything yet, she was a little surprised.

“Second Brother, aren’t you going to drink something?”

Because there were more people coming tonight, they were very well prepared with a variety of drinks.

In addition to all kinds of alcoholic drinks, fruit juice, milk tea, and other drinks were also available.

However, from the moment she had seen him, she had not noticed him taking anything.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze fell on her moist red lips, pausing for a moment before giving a slight smile.

“I do seem to be a little thirsty.”

Shen Li did not notice the expression on his face, but upon hearing his words, she asked, “Then what would you like to order? Champagne? Or fruit juice?”

She half-turned around and swept her gaze across the beverage section.

“How about… strawberry juice? Or mango juice?”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly laughed.

“Peach juice will do.”

Shen Li replied, “Okay.”

As she spoke, she went to the side to get a cup for him.

Lu Huaiyu took half a step forward, suddenly closing the distance between the two of them.

At the moment, only the two of them were in this small area.

As he got close to her, his tall and straight figure easily enveloped her. In the eyes of others, they looked as if they were just getting a drink together.

Shen Li turned around with the peach juice in her hand. Only then did she realize that he was exceptionally close to her. However, after a short moment of surprise, she did not pay too much attention to it.

She stretched out her right hand and handed over the cup of peach juice.

“Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu did not take it. Instead, he raised his hand slightly and took the cup that was in her left hand.

Shen Li was stunned.

“Second Brother, I drank from that cup before–”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Huaiyu had already brought the cup of peach juice to his lips.

However, he suddenly stopped and took the cup away again. His gaze fell on the cup, and his eyebrows twitched slightly.

Shen Li thought that he had finally realized that he had taken the wrong cup, so she immediately handed the other cup over to be exchanged with him.

“Second Brother, this cup is yours–”

Her voice came to an abrupt halt.

That was because Lu Huaiyu did not want to exchange cups with her.

He stared at the cup in his hand for a few moments. Then, with a slight movement of his fingers, he turned the cup slightly in a different direction.

On the edge of the cup, a light red mark could clearly be seen.

It was her lipstick mark that had accidentally been imprinted on it.

The next moment, his thin lips covered the spot, matching them with the light red mark.

Shen Li’s face instantly burned up!

Even though she had hugged and kissed him before, and were no strangers to behaving fairly intimately with each other, at this moment, they were in an area where the lights were bright and it was noisy. His secretive and ostentatious behavior made his actions seem even more provocative.

His expression remained normal, and his movements were natural and smooth, as if he did not realize that anything was wrong at all.

As he took a sip of the peach juice, the tip of his tongue curled slightly to savor the remaining sweetness at the corner of his lips.

Shen Li gripped the remaining cup in her hand as the tips of her ears turned red.

The cup that she had been drinking from had been in her left hand while the one she had taken for him was in her right hand.

One cup was only half full while the other was still seventy percent full. How could he not recognize which one was new?

He had deliberately wanted to drink from the cup that she had been drinking from!

As the two of them stood here, he stood in front of her, blocking her from everyone’s view.

No one had seen that he had taken the wrong cup of peach juice.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly, as if he was savoring the taste of the peach juice.

After a moment, he met her gaze and said with a low laugh, “This was mine to begin with.”