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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 731 - Past and Future  

Chapter 731: Past and Future

Since everyone’s eyes were on them, everyone heard this.

Xu Yini was apologizing to Shen Li.

Her words were vague. She said that she had trusted the wrong person’s words, and she also said that it had all been a misunderstanding. Ultimately, she still had not given a clear explanation of what had happened back then, but this “sorry” was enough.

This meant that she tacitly agreed with what Third Master Gu had said.

She admitted that it had been her idea to expose the dirt. She admitted that the insults and accusations that had surged toward Shen Li had been instigated by her. She admitted that she had done all those things before and after!

There was no such thing as an impervious wall in this world. Whatever she did, traces would be left behind. Those who were well-informed could have already vaguely guessed that those things might have been done by Xu Yini.

In the end, however, those had only been speculations.

But now, it was different. She had admitted it in public!

So, from now on, this would become a stain that she would never be able to erase!

Everyone would clearly remember that on this night, in front of countless people, she had said “I’m sorry” to Shen Li!

Xu Yini had obviously realized this herself. That was why it was extremely difficult for her to say those words. With every word that she spoke, she felt as if she was slapping herself, again and again, loud and clear!

However, she had to admit that she had no other choice.

The moment the last word left her mouth, Xu Yini felt as if she was completely drained of energy. A sense of weakness from the inside to the outside surged up from every part of her body, making her feel extremely exhausted.

Right now, it was difficult for her to even lift a finger.

Gu Tingyun was not particularly satisfied with her performance, but since she had apologized, he did not bother to pursue the matter further since he was a fairly kind person.

“Tangtang, what do you think?”

Shen Li looked at Xu Yini and smiled.

“Since it was just a misunderstanding, it’s good that it’s out in the open. Besides, I think Miss Xu’s apology is sincere. This time, she even specially came to Hong Kong City to congratulate us. This is truly a rare friendship. So… we’ll let bygones be bygones.”

As she spoke, she took the initiative to hand over a glass of champagne.

“Miss Xu, may you have a good time tonight.”

Xu Yini stared at the glass of champagne without saying a word.

Have a good time?

It was Shen Li who was the happiest tonight, right?

How could she say such a thing?!

However, if she did not accept this, this matter would not be resolved.

She had even gathered the courage to say “I’m sorry”. In the end–

After holding herself back for a while, she finally said, “I’ve had a cold these past two days and have taken cephalosporin, so I’m afraid I can’t drink this wine.”

Shen Li called out to her and smiled.

“If this is not to Miss Xu’s liking, you can change it to something else.”

As she spoke, she put down the glass of champagne and took a glass of orange juice from the side instead.

This time, Xu Yini had no reason to refuse.

She stiffly raised her arm, accepted the glass of orange juice, and took a sip.

She did not feel the taste of the orange juice at all. All she felt was the cold liquid flowing down her throat, the coldness almost seeming to corrode her internal organs.

She held the glass tightly, her knuckles a mixture of red and white.

That was enough for tonight!

She put the glass down and said, “I have other plans tomorrow, so I’ll need to take my leave now.”

She could not stay in this place for another moment!

Shen Li smiled and nodded.

“I’ll arrange for someone to send Miss Xu off.”

Xu Yini was about to say that there was no need, but then she remembered that they were on Crescent Island. If she wanted to go in and out, whether it be through crossing the river or the bridge, she would need the Gu family’s permission.

She could only forcefully swallow her anger and reply in a hard voice,

“… Then, thank you very much.”

After saying that, she turned around to leave without hesitating any longer.

Shen Li gave some instructions to a waiter beside her, and the latter quickly followed after Xu Yini.

Xu Yi’s beautiful figure quickly disappeared from the banquet hall.

However, the good show today had clearly given her enough limelight. Even if she herself left, the rest of the people were still in high spirits and discussing the matter with relish.

It would not be surprising that everything that had happened here tonight would soon spread. It would not be long before even the people in the Capital’s social circles would know about it.

She had truly suffered a complete loss of face in Hong Kong City.

“Hey, Third Uncle, you’re really amazing.” Gu Siyang said as he walked over with a smile, “No matter what, Miss Xu is still a friend to my cousin, yet you’re bullying her.”

Gu Tingyun looked at him.

“Siyang, if you could wipe the smile off your face as you’re saying this, it would be more believable.”

Gu Siyang touched his face.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Besides, I was just trying to ease the relationship between them out of goodwill. In what way was I bullying anyone?”

Gu Tingyun smiled.

Gu Siyang made a silent “Tsk” in his heart.

It was rumored among outsiders that the Gu family’s masters had the worst tempers but that the second master, Gu Tingchuan, was the hardest to provoke.

However, the fact was, that his third uncle was not any easier to talk to than his second uncle.

Gu Tingyun’s temper always seemed to be good, but in reality, the people who knew him knew that if he were to get angry, he would be an absolutely dangerous person.

Wasn’t tonight’s incident the best example?

Gu Siyang thought that the pampered Miss Xu would never think of coming to Hong Kong City again.

Shen Li looked at Gu Tingyun.

“Thank you, Third Uncle.”

Gu Tingyun smiled.

“For what?”

Shen Li paused and said softly, “Actually, you’ve already helped me before. This time…”

Speaking of which, Xu Yini had already played tricks on her a few times, yet she had gotten back at her every time. Overall, she had never suffered much.

Therefore, she had not expected Gu Tingyun to specially invite Xu Yini over tonight to settle the debt.

Hearing this, Gu Tingyun gently patted her head.

“That was before, and so it will be in the future.”

Previously, it was because he had treated her as a junior who he had been fated to meet. It was because he liked her and felt somewhat close to her that he had helped her.

However, from now on, she would be Yin Yin’s daughter, a child of the Gu family.

Of course, this was certainly not the same.

Recalling the grievances she had suffered in the past, he now felt that he had not done enough back then. It had been too insufficient.

Shen Li felt something welling up in her heart, both a sweet and sour feeling.

She took a light breath, blinked, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, both you and Second Brother were there. I didn’t suffer.”

Gu Tingyun glanced at Lu Huaiyu.

That was… true.

However, Lu Huaiyu was Lu Huaiyu, and the Gu family was the Gu family. They still had to be counted separately.

Gu Siyang took a piece of semi-ripe cheese, his gaze sweeping over several people before finally landing on Lu Huaiyu.

A thought suddenly came to his mind and his eyes began to shine extremely brightly.

Sensing something, Lu Huaiyu raised his eyes slightly and looked over.

After briefly exchanging glances, Gu Siyang could not hide his excitement. He extended a hand, saying,”Second Master Lu, let’s get reacquainted with each other again!”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows and immediately extended his hand in cooperation.

Gu Siyang was overjoyed.

“I’m Shen Li’s cousin, Gu Siyang. You can call me cousin like her–”


His hand!

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Young Master Gu, what’s wrong? What is it that I should call you?”