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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 730 - Sorry  

Chapter 730: Sorry

Xu Yini’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the calm and gentle voice. Her head snapped up to look at Gu Tingyun!

He had intentionally not lowered his voice, so it quickly attracted the attention of many of the people around him.

Some people even started to whisper among themselves.

“What did Third Master Gu mean by what he said just now?”

“Tsk, what else could it mean? He meant it literally! Don’t you guys know? In the past, Ning… Shen Li had been exposed when she went to Lin Fengmian’s private apartment and spent an afternoon there. Then, she was shown getting into the car of the Crown Prince of G&S, George, one night and leaving together. When the incident was exposed, everyone said that Shen Li had improper relationships with these two people and was cursed at for a long time!”

“I remember that too! In fact, after the matter had been clarified, everyone had found out that she and Lin Fengmian were like siblings. She had gone there to take care of Lin Fengmian who was injured. As for George, I don’t need to tell you how much the G&S Group values Ning, right? On that day, George had been taking her to the rehearsal for their big show.”

“I always thought that it was just the media that had found it out on their own, but now upon hearing Third Master Gu’s meaning… Do you think it’s related to Xu Yini?”

“Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that the news at that time was in an uproar. Then, in the end, the media that had broken the news first suddenly took the initiative to release a video to clarify the situation. I heard from a media friend that a few staff members related to the news, including a management team, had been fired. Now that I think about it, it was probably Third Master Gu who made that move at that time?”

“He definitely didn’t run away. If Third Master had not specially invited Xu Yini over today, why would he have wanted her to make an explanation to Shen Li in person? Huh, in what way is he asking her to explain? He’s clearly asking her to lower her head and apologize!”

All kinds of discussions came from all directions.

Even if Xu Yini did not want to hear it, she still could not stop the mocking and gossipy words from entering her ears, which completely humiliated her!

Gu Tingyun’s expression remained gentle.


It was obvious that he was waiting for her to speak.

The atmosphere was stiff and cold. Xu Yini’s mind was in a mess. She could only subconsciously deny it.

“I… I didn’t… I don’t know what you mean…”

Gu Tingyun raised his brows slightly. A hint of regret could be seen on his face.

“Miss Xu, I have a friendship with the Xu family and I admire you very much. That’s why I specially invited you here. I thought that if there was any misunderstanding, we could just clear the air here. However… If you don’t want to say it, then my good intentions have truly been wasted, haven’t they?”

Xu Yini’s face was red and white as she gritted her teeth.

Because of her anger, her lips were trembling slightly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Gu Tingyun did not say anything. Instead, he merely looked at her indifferently.

Even though he did not say anything, with that attitude, who would not understand what he meant?

Third Master Gu had said that Xu Yini was the one who had done those things, so that meant that she was the one who had done it!

Countless gazes fell on Xu Yini, causing her to feel as if a spotlight was shining on her back.

She had never thought that she would end up in such a situation!

This time, the Gu family had extended her an invitation to Hong Kong City to celebrate the return of the young miss of the Gu family.

Logically speaking, the Capital and Hong Kong City were thousands of miles apart. Moreover, the Xu family and the Gu family had not had many interactions before. Thus, it was unusual for them to have invited her.

However, the welcome celebration on New Year’s Day had been an extremely extravagant sensation.

Everyone knew that the Gu family had put in a lot of effort this time. They had specially used their connections to invite many of the aristocratic families and well-known people to attend the family recognition banquet.

The Xu family was one of the top aristocratic families in the Capital, and she was the only young miss. After thinking about it, she had felt that it was reasonable for her to receive an invitation.

So, she had come.

However, she had never expected that the precious Tangtang that the Gu family held in their hands was actually Shen Li!

The Gu family had invited her this time because they had wanted her to not only personally congratulate Shen Li, but also to lower her head and apologize to Shen Li!

The Shen Li that she had looked down on in the past was now on equal footing with her!

In addition, Hong Kong City was the Gu family’s territory, and Gu Tingyun had made up his mind to help avenge Shen Li. How could she resist?

In all the years that Xu Yini had lived, she had always been pampered.

However, ever since she had met Shen Li, it seemed like everything had gone wrong.

Today, this was even more embarrassing!

“Speaking of this matter, I had always thought that Second Master Lu had been the one to make a move. I didn’t expect Third Master Gu to be the one behind it…”

“Huh, who in the Capital doesn’t know that she was forced to leave the entertainment circle because she had offended Second Master Lu? Actually, there was once before when Second Master Lu had withdrawn all business cooperation between the Lu family’s business and her. He had only gone as far as that out of respect for the Xu family. It could be considered as just a partial ban. In the end, she had still not been able to take it lying down and had offended him even further. Now, with the addition of Third Master Gu, how could she still jump?”

“Whether it’s Second Master Lu or the Gu family, they are both famous for protecting their own. This is especially so, since Shen Li is the only daughter of the late fourth Miss Gu, and she suffered so much in the past. It would be strange if the Gu family did not settle the score with Xu Yini properly!”

Xu Yini turned her neck stiffly and her gaze fell on Lu Huaiyu.

He was standing beside Shen Li with a lazy posture and a casual smile on his lips.

Xu Yini felt chills all over her body.

Previously, she had also thought that it had been Lu Huaiyu who had done all those things, but now it seemed that it had not been him!

He had never been the only one who was protecting Shen Li!

Gu Tingyun seemed to be a little impatient from waiting. He lowered his voice slightly and said with a smile,”Perhaps Miss Xu is still young, so she’s embarrassed to speak. Actually, this is understandable. How about this, allow me to speak for you. If I get anything, please feel free to correct it at any time. Let’s explain everything clearly to Tangtang together. We’ll turn the conflict into an amicable friendship, and everything will be perfect. How about it?”

The expression on Xu Yini’s face was now beyond description.

When the people around them heard this, they secretly exchanged glances with one another.

Third Master Gu was truly ruthless!

Xu Yini was young, but wasn’t Shen Li younger than her? Clearly, she was the one who had done something wrong in the first place. Wouldn’t it be natural for her to apologize?

Moreover, if she did not say it herself, Third Master Gu would speak for her. That would be even more shameful than her saying it herself, right?

This was a clear statement from Third Master Gu: The Gu family knows exactly what you have done, Xu Yini!

The Gu family actually did not care whether Xu Yini herself said it or not– What they wanted was for her to apologize!

If these words could be understood by others, of course, Xu Yini could also understand them.

If she were to really allow Third Master Gu to speak on her behalf, then she–

“Thank you, Third Master Gu, for your kind intentions,” Xu Yini’s face was stiff as she enunciated each word slowly, “But there’s no need. What happened earlier–”

She suddenly stopped and felt something surging wildly in her chest, making her feel stifled and aggrieved!

She took a deep breath, feeling as if every word had to be squeezed out from between her teeth with great difficulty.

“… Earlier, I had mistakenly believed in other people’s words and misunderstood the relationship between Shen Li, George, and Lin Fengmian, which caused the subsequent series of troubles… I… I didn’t have any malicious intentions. However, I realize that I’ve caused you quite a bit of trouble, so today, I apologize to you. I’m sorry!”