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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 728 - Pearl in the Palm  

Chapter 728: Pearl in the Palm

In just one night, Ning Li had become Shen Li.

Even though it was only a difference of one word, what it represented was a completely different life!

One was at the bottom of society, covered in muddy weeds, while the other was held in the hands of the Gu and Shen families, a truly precious and dazzling pearl.

Xu Yini could hardly believe what she had just seen and heard. Her mind had gone blank, leaving only a noisy buzzing sound, which almost gave her a splitting headache!

How could this be… How could this be?!

Shen Li raised her eyes slightly and looked straight at Xu Yini. As her eyes met Xu Yi Li’s incredulous gaze, the smile on her lips deepened.

“Miss Xu seems to be very surprised?”

The word ‘surprised’ was an understatement!

It was more than that. She was shocked and speechless. This situation seemed completely absurd!

Xu Yini felt her entire body go numb and stiff!

Shen Li tilted her head slightly, as if she suddenly had remembered something.

“Oh, that’s right. The last time we met at Luye, I forgot to mention this to Miss Xu.”

It would have been better if she had not brought this matter up now. The moment she mentioned this, the scene from that day instantly appeared in Xu Yini’s mind.

That’s right. At that time, Luye had just received a box of Veron oysters. She had specifically asked for it, but had been flatly rejected.

Their head chef had even stated that it had been specially reserved for a certain distinguished guest.

At that time, she had felt that it was completely laughable. What other distinguished guest could be more valuable than her?

It was only when Gu Siyang had brought Shen Li over that she realized that it had been prepared for this particular young master of the Gu family. The whole situation had ended on bad terms.

Gu Siyang also clapped his hands together fiercely.

“Oh, did you mean the time when Second Uncle specifically asked all the major docks to send you fresh seafood so that you could pick out which flavors you liked?”

Hearing this, Gu Tingchuan seemed to sense something was off and frowned.

“Siyang, what’s going on?”

Gu Siyang chuckled.

“Ah, it’s nothing much. Didn’t you ask all the major piers to pick out the best fresh seafood and send it to my cousin for a taste test? Miss Xu happened to be there at that time and had picked out a box of Veron oysters. However, because it had been prepared for my cousin, I didn’t give it to her.”

As he spoke, he shrugged.

“Miss Xu was quite unhappy about this matter.”

Xu Yini’s body swayed. She felt a dull pain in her chest and her eyes started to lose focus.

It turned out that the box of Veron oysters had specially been sent to Shen Li.

It turned out that all the piers in Hong Kong City had specially prepared a box of oysters each to be sent to Shen Li. The box of oysters that no one else had been able to obtain had only been one of them.

At that time, she had even mocked Shen Li by saying that Shen Li was using trickery to get the young master of the Gu family to protect her. Now that she thought about it, she felt extremely embarrassed. It was only right and proper for him, Gu Siyang, to protect his cousin!

Gu Siyang’s words were tactful, as if it was merely a trivial matter. However, Gu Tingchuan was astute enough to immediately guess most of what had happened.

His face darkened, and his already serious face became even more fierce.

“That had originally been meant for Tangtang. No one else could possibly snatch it away.”

These words were clearly aimed at Xu Yini.

Seeing that he was about to get angry, Yun Jingrou tugged at him and smiled at Xu Yini.

“Miss Xu, please don’t mind it. The subordinates are inflexible about the rules, hence, that’s why there was a misunderstanding. After all, it’s just a meal so it’s not a big deal. As for the Veron oysters, a lot of them were sent over from Kuiyi Pier today as well. Also, if Miss Xu still has other favorites, you can ask the other piers to pick out the good ones and send them over.”

As she spoke, she suddenly paused.

“Oh, but there are a few piers that belong to Tangtang now. She has to give her nod of approval for it to work.”

These words stunned everyone.

Even Shen Li was quite surprised. She turned around and looked.

“Second Aunt, you mean –”

Yun Jingrou blinked.

“Didn’t I tell you to pick the ones that you liked previously? The five piers that you liked the most have already been transferred to your name. In this way, it will be convenient for you to eat whatever you want in the future.”

Shen Li’s heart was slightly shaken.

Many people present could not help but gasp.

The second master of the Gu family, Gu Tingchuan, was in charge of the Gu family’s shipping business. All seventeen piers had been under his name.

Now, he had directly transferred five piers to Shen Li!

Shen Li understood and immediately looked at Gu Tingchuan.

She did not need to think to know that such a big decision had definitely been Gu Tingchuan’s idea.

It turned out that he had asked each pier to send a serving of seafood that day. He had not only wanted to find out what her tastes were like, but he had also wanted her to pick the pier!

Gu Tingfeng frowned slightly when he heard that.

Gu Siyang moved closer to his father and lowered his voice.

“Dad, you still lost to Second Uncle even though you gifted Crescent Island!”

Gu Tingyun raised his eyebrows. He had not expected Gu Tingchuan to have used such a trick.

Perhaps he had been agitated by the painting incident last time?

He sighed softly.


Shen Li seemed to have sensed something and looked over.

“Third Uncle?”

Gu Tingyun looked regretful.

“The gallery that I’ll be building for you will be completed by the end of the year at the earliest.”

Shen Li, “… That’s alright…”

“I can’t display the few paintings that I’ve taken previously so I’ll leave them at home for now. You can see where to place them later.”

Shen Li, “… Alright… Thank you, Third Uncle.”

Gu Tinglan watched from the side and laughed.

The procedures at the Dutian Racecourse were still being processed. Thus, it would be better to tell her later when it was done.

These were all things that belonged to Fourth Sister anyway.

However, even if Gu Tinglan did not say anything, the movements of the few masters in front of her were already shocking enough.

The entire Gu family had doted on the fourth miss of the Gu family back then.

Shen Li was her only daughter. She had been wandering outside for many years and had suffered countless hardships.

Naturally, they had to make it up to her.

But this was too…

Old Master Gu looked around and said, “Today is the day that Tangtang officially returns home. Thank you all for coming to witness it together.”

As he spoke, his tone paused slightly.

“Especially Tangtang’s friends. Please enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.”