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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 727 - Welcome, Guest  

Chapter 727: Welcome, Guest

It felt like the scene seemed to have been deliberately slowed down. Even the sound seemed to slow down until it broke down into bits and pieces and mechanically and coldly fell on Yan Fei’s ears.

“Welcome to my home, guest.”

Yan Fei’s mind was in turmoil, and her mind was in a daze.

Shen Li’s words continued to echo in her ears. They were so light and heavy at the same time that they almost suffocated her.

Who was the host?

Who was the guest?

A moment ago, she had said that she would welcome Shen Li to Hong Kong City as a guest in front of everyone, but in the end–

The Gu family was the number one family in Hong Kong City, and Crescent Island was the private property of the Gu family. As the only daughter of the Gu family, this was, of course, Shen Li’s home!

Moreover, tonight’s family acknowledgment banquet was being held for her. Who else was more qualified than her to stand here and say “Welcome”?!

Many people around also thought of this as they looked at her, their eyes full of ridicule and mockery.

This was the Gu family’s territory. How could an outsider like her have the right to criticize?

And the welcome… ? Was there anyone in this world who would welcome the arrival of the master of a home?

What a laugh!

When Yan Zhen heard that Shen Li was actually the Tangtang that belonged to the Gu family, she had originally been completely shocked. However, upon noticing Yan Fei’s constipated expression, she instantly felt happy.

She flipped her hair and laughed out loud.

Last year at the horse race event, she had also gotten into an altercation with Shen Li. However, compared to the mess that Yan Fei had caused today, it really was not as bad.

At the very least, she had not caused any unhappiness to this precious daughter in front of the Gu family.

This “younger sister” of hers was probably used to pretending to be gentle and considerate. She had to put on a show of never competing for anything in order to show her kindness and consideration. Today, she had not been able to hold herself back and had made a fool of herself again.

Who would have thought that she would end up figuratively facing the barrel of a gun?

Why had she not been more aware of what this place was?

The Yan family was of a lower status than the Gu family, and this was the Gu family’s territory. She was merely an illegitimate daughter of the Yan family who did not have much status herself, yet she had taken herself so seriously!

Many people heard Yan Zhen’s laughter, including Yan Fei.

A strong sense of shame surged up in her heart, almost causing her to tremble all over.

At this moment, she finally realized how much she had lost!

“Second Miss Yan,” Gu Siyang was standing at the side and asked with a lazy smile, “Are you not feeling well? Why does your face look so ill?”

Yan Fei forced a smile to try and make her expression look better.

“I… I’m not…”

“Didn’t my cousin say that you are all her friends? She welcomes all of you here so you don’t have to be nervous.”

Gu Siyang raised his chin and smiled brightly.

“Crescent Island is now under my cousin’s name. Since she has already said that she welcomes all of you, you should just relax! Furthermore, today is the day that my cousin has officially come home. This family acknowledgment banquet is just to make her happy! There’s no need to stand on ceremony! Just go ahead and have fun!”

Every word he said was full of enthusiasm and sincerity.

However, in Yan Fei’s eyes, it was like a slap to her face!

“Cousin, how did they all know that we went horse riding together?”

Gu Sicheng had stuck his head out with a questioning face.

Earlier, he seemed to have vaguely heard someone mention this matter, but was it really something very strange or extraordinary?

When this childish voice rang out, it immediately caused the expressions of many people, including Yan Fei, to change.

Shen Li raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Maybe it’s because the two of you were too rowdy while you were riding the horses?”


Gu Siqi immediately refuted this.

“We clearly listened to you, Cousin!”

Gu Tingchuan looked at the noisy brothers with annoyance before raising his eyes to sweep over the banquet hall from a certain direction.

Sun Shiqi and several others immediately felt uneasy. Subconsciously, they lowered their heads and avoided Gu Tingchuan’s gaze. At the same time, they took half a step back to try and hide within the crowd.

Gu Tingchuan then snorted coldly and said in a deep voice, “That’s because they all know that the two of you begged cousin for a long time before she finally came to teach you how to ride a horse.”

This sounded like a sound reason so the two brothers nodded in agreement.

Gu Sicheng said crisply, “That’s right! Cousin is usually too busy. She’s always doing scientific research with Fourth Uncle at school. Now that she’s finally back, of course, we just had to seize the opportunity!”

Fourth uncle.

The sudden appearance of this term shocked everyone.

Yes, they had almost forgotten that since Shen Li was the daughter of the fourth Miss Gu, then her father–

“That would be… Shen Zhijin?!”

Someone exclaimed in shock.

Hearing this, many people subconsciously looked in that person’s direction.

“Shen Zhijin? Who is that?”

Previously, because Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu had appeared together with Shen Li, everyone’s attention had been attracted in their direction. Thus, no one had paid much attention to what was behind them.

Now that they looked more carefully, they saw that there was another man who had come with the Gu family.

He looked to be less than 40 years old. His face was handsome and clean, with a tall and upright posture. He looked cold and elegant, but there was also a faint sense of detachment.

Hearing Gu Sicheng’s words, Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Tangtang is usually busy working together with Fourth Uncle. However, she has spent a lot of time with you since she came back this time.”

Shen Zhijin smiled.

“She’s supposed to be on vacation. Of course, Tangtang should relax.”

The conversation shocked everyone.

“It really is Shen Zhijin! The only son of academician Shen Zhou, the international astrophysics big shot, the president of the National Physics Association, and the Vice President of Xijing University!”

Of course, among the people who had come tonight, including all the gentry from all walks of life, there were some who knew of Shen Zhijin.

The person who had spoken could not help but gasp,”So, he’s Ning Li’s father?”

Hearing this, Shen Li’s peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly as the corners of her lips curved slightly.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to mention one thing. My name isn’t Ning Li now, it’s… Shen Li.”

Shen Li, Shen Tangtang.

— The Shen was from Shen Zhijin. She was the Gu family’s Tangtang.

After a short period of dead silence, someone finally remembered something.

“… Wait a minute, back then, the fourth miss of the Gu family had married Shen Zhijin…”

This marriage had caused quite a sensation back then. Everyone had said that the two of them were a match made in heaven, and the relationship between the two families had been extremely good.

However, after the fourth miss of the Gu family passed away, the Gu family had never mentioned Shen Zhijin again. Since then, Shen Zhijin had almost never come to Hong Kong City again as well.

The relationship between the two parties had been broken, and as time passed, many people had gradually forgotten about it.

That is, until now. Shen Li had returned home.

Only then did everyone finally remember that this time, not only had she returned to the Gu family, but she had also returned to the Shen family.

After being hit by one shock after another, Yan Fei’s legs almost went completely weak and she could not stand steadily.

She felt was as if her whole body had just been fished out of the water. From her forehead to her back, she was drenched in a cold sweat and she was completely drained of energy.

At the side, Xu Yini’s beautiful face had turned red and then white. It was exceptionally interesting.

Her lips moved and she spoke with difficulty.

“… So, you are… Shen Li?”