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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 724 - Your Girlfriend Didn’t Come With You  

Chapter 724: Your Girlfriend Didn’t Come With You

January 8th.

This was the day the young miss of the Gu family would officially return home.

The acknowledgment ceremony would be held on Crescent Island.

Hong Kong City was near the sea. Lanjiang River ran through the city and into the sea. The islands, big and small, were scattered around.

Crescent Island was especially famous.

That was because the island belonged to the Gu family. It was separated from Suyue Mountain by the Lanjiang River and was only connected by a suspension bridge.

Crescent Island was shaped like the crescent moon, hence its name. It was small in size and had only an ancient castle on it. It was one of the top private clubhouses belonging to the Gu clan.

Because it was privately owned, Crescent Island was usually not open to the public. If anyone wanted to get onto the island, they would either have to cross the bridge or the river.

However, no matter which route they took, they would have to go through the layers of checkpoints set up by the Gu clan.

This time, the Gu clan had specially arranged for the family acknowledgment banquet to be held here. This was enough to show how much they valued this young lady.

Preparations had already begun on Crescent Island had already begun to prepare for the relevant matters.

On the 8th, it had become even more lively. Even the air seemed to be filled with joy.

Although the family’s acknowledgment banquet would only officially begin at seven o’clock in the evening, even from noon onwards, guests had begun to arrive one after another.

Time passed slowly. By afternoon, all kinds of luxury cars had already crossed the suspension bridge one after another.

The banquet hall was filled with flowers. The river breeze and the fragrance of the flowers intermingled, bringing with it an intoxicating sweet fragrance.

Anyone could tell that the Gu family had really put in a lot of effort this time.

At 6:30 pm, another car stopped in front of the Crescent Island Castle.

The uniformed usher immediately stepped forward to open the car door and bowed slightly.

“Mr. Yan, Second Miss Yan.”

A slightly plump middle-aged man got out of the car. It was Yan Baocheng.

After him, Yan Fei also got out of the car.

She was wearing a nude pink dress today. Her silky black hair was draped over her shoulders and she wore delicate light makeup. She looked fresh and gentle.

“Please come in–” the waiter said respectfully.

“There’s no rush.”

Yan Baocheng waved his hand and did not enter immediately. Instead, he turned around to look behind him.

“We’ll wait for Zhen Zhen to come over.”

The smile on Yan Fei’s face did not change. She was not surprised by Yan Baocheng’s words, but the look in her eyes became colder.

Before she had come, Yan Zhen had stated that she was not willing to share a car with Yan Fei. Yan Baocheng had no choice but to get someone to drive another car, especially for her, which would follow behind them.

This matter embarrassed Yan Fei greatly.

However, all she could do was endure it. After all, was it not her fate that she was an illegitimate daughter?

Over the years, dramas similar to this had happened many times. Every time, Yan Baocheng would make a big deal out of a molehill.

He seemed to dislike Yan Zhen for failing to live up to his expectations. He was always furious at her, yet he never really punished her.

Yan Fei knew very well that in his heart, Yan Baocheng still favored his first wife’s daughter.

After all, in a place like Hong Kong City, the identity of an illegitimate daughter was still considered the original sin.

No matter how outstanding she was, she could never rid herself of her background. Even if a marriage alliance were to happen, the aristocratic families would still be more inclined toward Yan Zhen– even if she was useless and nowhere near as comparable to Yan Fei in any aspect.

After being on the losing end several times, Yan Fei knew that it was best for her to wait quietly on the sidelines.

Soon, a silver-gray supercar drove over.

Yan Zhen pushed the door open and got out.

She was wearing a short, red strapless dress today. Her hair had been styled into big curls, and she was looking very flamboyant.

Noticing her arrival, Yan Baocheng called out to her.

“Zhen Zhen, it’s time to go in.”

Yan Fei also called out, “Sister.”

Yan Zhen walked over. Without even sparing a single glance at Yan Fei, she immediately entered the door.

Yan Baocheng frowned.

“She’s really getting more and more unruly!”

Yan Fei lowered her eyes to hide her expression as she softly advised,”Dad, let’s go in as well. The banquet is about to begin.”

Yan Baocheng frowned.

“If only she was half as sensible as you… Forget it, let’s go in!”

As he spoke, he led Yan Fei forward.

The luxurious and spacious banquet hall was already filled with luxuriously dressed people and was bustling with activity.

Many people looked over when they noticed the members of the Yan family enter.

Many people’s gazes fell on Yan Fei and were somewhat amazed.

Yan Zhen’s reputation was not looked upon well in Hong Kong City. Everyone knew about the mess between her and Zhong Haoqi, so they could not be bothered to pay attention to her.

However, Yan Fei was different.

Her appearance, her education, and her personality were all excellent.

Although her background was somewhat frowned upon, on the surface, she was still the second miss of the Yan family and attracted the favor of many young masters of aristocratic families.

Several people went up to talk to Yan Baocheng and praised Yan Fei.

Only then did Yan Baocheng’s mood improve a little, and he looked more and more satisfied as he looked at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei chatted with these people for a while. Then, knowing that these people wanted to chat with Yan Baocheng, she consciously stepped aside.

Sun Shiqi and a few others were standing together. When they saw her, they immediately waved at her.

Yan Fei walked over.

“What are you guys talking about?”

Sun Shiqi lowered her voice and smiled.

“I was telling them about the day I ran into Ning Li at the horse race track riding horses with the two young masters of the Gu family.”

Yan Fei was stunned for a moment and her eyes flashed.

“That Ning Li really went to such an extent to please the Gu Family?” Zuo Ling could not help but snicker. “However, it is true that it’s a rare opportunity for her to climb up the social ladder. Of course, she wouldn’t want to miss it.”

Yan Fei took a glass of fruit juice from the side.

“You can’t say that. Second Master Lu is very protective of her. With him around, she’d be able to live quite well.”

Zuo Ling pursed her lips.

“Look at what Second Master Lu’s background is. He may just like her for the moment. Is she really able to enter the Lu Family? Moreover, if she could really keep Second Master Lu under her control, why would she need to use so much effort to please the Gu family? In my opinion, perhaps it’s because she knows that she can’t stay with Second Master Lu for long that she thought to find a way out for herself?”

Yan Fei sipped her fruit juice but did not comment.

Sun Shiqi said with a smile,”Exactly. You didn’t see good she was at coaxing the two young masters. I’m afraid this skill is something we can’t learn.”

Zhuo Qianqian looked around.

“Strange, it’s already very late. Why isn’t she here yet?”

Sun Shiqi shrugged, a subtle smile on her face.

“Well, look at what day is it today. It’s the day the real young miss of the Gu family acknowledges her family. In what capacity would she be here? Wouldn’t she feel embarrassed?”

Just then, a voice came from behind them.

“Did you just mention Ning Li?”

The small group of people were startled and immediately turned back to look. Only then did they realize that there was another person behind the sofa next to them.

It was Xu Yini.

She was wearing a backless blue wraparound dress and her hair had been tied up. She looked beautiful but arrogant.

“Miss Xu, I didn’t expect you to come as well.”

Yan Fei reacted quickly and immediately greeted her with a smile.

Xu Yini glanced at the small group of people.

“After receiving the Gu family’s generous invitation, it’d be rude of us not to come.”

Yan Fei nodded in understanding and then answered her question.

“We were just… talking about her just now.”

Of course, Xu Yini had heard what they said just now. The reason she had asked this question was just to make sure.

She could not help but laugh coldly.

Lu Huaiyu’s girlfriend was really too much. She was even this shameless in Hong Kong City.

At that moment, the hall suddenly fell silent.

A tall and straight figure had appeared at the door.

He was wearing a custom-made black suit with a white shirt. He looked elegant and noble.

It was Lu Huaiyu.

Everyone’s eyes were involuntarily drawn to him.

The banquet hall was resplendent, but it could not compare to him.

Xu Yini walked towards him.


Everyone’s gaze was focused on him.

Xu Yini met his cold gaze and asked casually, “Didn’t your girlfriend come with you today?”

She laughed and said with an implied meaning, “I don’t think she would still need to accompany the two young masters of the Gu family to ride horses today, right?”