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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 719 - How Could She Compare to the Young Miss of the Gu Family  

Chapter 719: How Could She Compare to the Young Miss of the Gu Family

Yan Fei looked at the figure in the horse race area.

They were quite far away, so she could not hear what the people there were saying. However, it was not hard to see that the two young masters of the Gu family were very close to Ning Li.

Previously, Gu Siyang had protected her, but she had not expected that even these two would…

The corners of Yan Fei’s lips twitched without any hint of a smile.

“The Gu family… are indeed very protective of her.”

Sun Shiqi asked, “I heard that the Gu family likes her because she bears a slight resemblance to the former fourth Miss Gu?”

“Yes.” Yan Fei nodded. The tone of her voice still sounded calm, but her gaze seemed to be surging with emotions, “It’s said that she was also in the horse racing area at that time. Old Madam Gu saw her riding a horse from afar and mistook her for the fourth daughter of the Gu family. Since then, the Gu family has been taking extra care of her.”

She paused, raised her chin, and smiled faintly.

“The horse that she is riding now was directly given to her by Old Master Gu at that time.”

Sun Shiqi curled her lips.

“I know that, and the value of the horse is not cheap. Although a horse is nothing to the Gu family, what kind of status does she have that she could accept it so easily?”

During the horse race last August, a lot of things happened in Hong Kong City, and Ning Li’s name had also been talked about by people for a long time.

Although Sun Shiqi had not been here at that time, she still knew a lot about Ning Li.

“Even by becoming Second Master Lu’s girlfriend, she still can’t change her background. After all, a leopard can’t change its spots.”

Sun Shiqi shrugged and snorted.

“Girls from this kind background are all poor and afraid. Whenever there’s an opportunity, they will grab it. It wasn’t enough for her to get on Second Master Lu’s good side. She wouldn’t even let go of the Gu family.”

As she spoke, she looked over and narrowed her eyes slightly.

“But… hasn’t it been said that she’s a student of Xijing University? She’s not staying in the Capital at the moment. Why has she come to Hong Kong City for no reason?”

“I think it’s the school holidays now,” Yan Fei said indifferently.


Sun Shiqi did not hide her ridicule and contempt.

“She’s really proactive. She came here right the moment the holidays started? I wonder if she even went back to her own home? Oh, I almost forgot that there’s no need for her to go back to her family. A bankrupt mother and a father who’s still in prison… How could that be compared to the Gu family?”

“Isn’t it better to make the Gu family happy than anything else? Look, it’s not only Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu who are enchanted by her. Even these two young masters are so close to her.”

Just then, the slender figure had already started to gallop. The two young masters of the Gu family watched from the side with joy and excitement on their faces.

Sun Shiqi crossed her arms across her chest and looked at them coldly. She spoke with underlying meaning.

“She’s quite capable.”

Yan Fei did not comment.

The Yan family and the Gu family had frequent interactions. She knew very well that the members of the Gu family were not that easy to please, including the Gu twin brothers. They were both extremely smart.

She had tried to get closer to the Gu family before, but they had always treated her quite nonchalantly.

Later on, she had stopped thinking about it.

However… why did everything seem so easy with Ning Li?

Sun Shiqi suddenly thought of something. She rolled her eyes and sneered.

“But on second thought, all her efforts will be quite meaningless. In the end, there are only so many benefits that she can get from the Gu family just because she has a slight resemblance to the fourth young miss. Now that the fourth young miss’ daughter is back, there’ll be no place for her to stand.”

A strange smile appeared on her face.

“Look at how the Gu family treats the true daughter. That’s the one they really hold in their hearts.”

Now that the real thing had been found, who would want a high-quality imitation?

Yan Fei smiled faintly.

“What’s there to compare? One is the guest, while the other is the host.”

How could Ning Li be compared to the young lady of the Gu family?

Sun Shiqi laughed heartily at these words.

“Right, right! Feifei, you really hit the nail on the head!”

Yan Fei was about to continue saying something when she suddenly felt a gaze fall on her.

She looked in that direction and saw Ning Li looking in her direction.

At a distance, she could see that Ning Li was wearing a helmet. Half of her face was hidden under the shadow of the helmet, so her expression could not be seen clearly.

But… had she recognized her?

Just as this thought had come to Yan Fei’s mind, she saw that Ning Li had already withdrawn her gaze, shook the reins, and continued to move forward.

Yan Fei could not help but frown.

She did not know if it had just been an illusion, but she felt that Ning Li’s glance just now… had been very strange.

Even she had been able to recognize Ning Li, so how could Ning Li not recognize her?

The two of them had already seen each other, yet she still had this reaction. Had she just pretended not to see her because she did not think much of her?

This feeling made her very uncomfortable.

Sun Shiqi seemed to have also noticed something and sneered.

“I didn’t know that this Ning Li is so arrogant.”

Yan Fei pulled her hand.

“She shouldn’t have any ill intentions. I came into contact with her in Hong Kong City previously, and this seems to be her natural personality.”

Sun Shiqi could not help but roll her eyes.

“Personality? What personality? I see that she and the two young masters of the Gu family are chatting quite happily. Why is it that when she comes to our place, it’s like she’s suddenly a different person? Isn’t she just pretending?”

Yan Fei’s lips moved, but she did not continue to defend Ning Li. She only said, “Forget it, let’s just go.”

As the twin Gu brothers watched Shen Li ride around, they also started getting restless.

Noticing that Shen Li was looking in a certain direction, Gu Siqi could not help but ask,”Cousin, what were you looking at just now?”

Shen Li smiled.

“Nothing. I was just watching the show.”