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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 717 - : Pampering  

Chapter 717: Pampering

Everything was destined to be an extraordinary and exceptionally lively night.

Countless people took their phones out and took pictures of this rare scene.

There were even people who posted on Weibo.

[ Love Eating Mackerel: Today, I finally witnessed for myself how amazing the financial resources of the Gu family in Hong Kong City are. Thank you, Gu family, for showing me the world through such a welcoming ceremony. Sob, sob, sob! ]

The attached video was 5 minutes long.

This must have been shot after the fireworks had started. Upon clicking on it, countless electronic screens on both sides of the Lan River could be seen flashing with the words “Welcome Home, Tangtang”, accompanied by a gorgeous bloom of fireworks.

For a full five minutes, the fireworks were blooming along the river, as if they would never end.

It was a lively and beautiful scene.

Even through the screen, it was not difficult to feel the excitement and liveliness of the scene.

This was a small travel blogger with only a few hundred thousand followers. However, once this Weibo post was posted, the number of reposts and comments increased rapidly.

Everyone was shocked by this video.

[ F*ck! This is too surreal! I wouldn’t even dare to dream of such a scene. Ahhhhhhhhh! ]

[ As expected of the number one family in Hong Kong City, it’s so extravagant! I think I can hear the sound of money burning like crazy. ]

[ Before I clicked on the link: How extravagant can it be? After clicking on the link: How is this kind of extravagance possible? ]

[ I’ve got enough dream material for tonight! ]

Even if most people did not know the price of the electronic screens, after seeing the screens full of “Welcome Home, Tangtang”, after seeing the fireworks that bloomed in the sky, and after seeing the brilliant blue river, they were sure to know that this welcoming ceremony definitely cost a lot of money.

Probably because this video was too shocking, this Weibo post quickly became a hot topic.

The retweeting comments show that everyone is stunned. JPG.

Soon, a comment was pushed to the top.

[ Can anyone tell me who Tangtang is??? ]

This was also the question that countless people wanted to ask.

The Gu family of Hong Kong City had gone to such great lengths to organize this welcoming ceremony to welcome this ‘Tangtang’ home.

But this Tangtang– Who was this person?

Under this comment, there were all sorts of replies.

[ Since the Gu family said ‘Welcome home’, then this Tangtang must be a member of the Gu family. But when did the Gu family have such a person? ]

[ This name sounds like a girl’s nickname or nickname, right? But there doesn’t seem to be a girl in the Gu family, right? ]

[ Speaking of this, the Gu family once had a fourth young Miss Gu. Everyone in Hong Kong City knows that the Gu family greatly doted on this person. But, the fourth daughter of the Gu family passed away many years ago. Why is there another Tangtang here now? ]

[ The rumor is that this Tangtang is the daughter of the fourth daughter of the Gu family! It seems that there was an accident back then that caused her to be separated from the family for many years and it was only with great difficulty that they found her again. ]

[ Ah! If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that Tangtang is the Gu family’s only granddaughter? ]

[ The Gu family has always kept a low profile. It’s rare for them to put up such a show. Other than this, what else could it be? This is the Gu family’s only young miss… It’s no wonder the Gu family pampers her so much! ]

All kinds of speculations appeared on the Internet regarding ‘Tangtang’.

Many people were extremely curious, but because Tangtang had yet to make a public appearance, no one knew exactly what she looked like.

However, one thing was certain: this young miss of the Gu family was indeed pampered by the Gu family.

On the first night that she came to Hong Kong City, Shen Li stayed at the Mid-Levels Manor on Suyue Mountain.

This place was really huge. She lived on the second floor. Not only was she given her own master bedroom, but she also had her own study, drawing room, and so on.

Usually, only Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu lived here. However, the twin Gu brothers would come to visit from time to time, so it did not seem that desolate.

For example, for this period of time, Gu Siqi and his brother had been staying here.

Now that Shen Li had returned and the whole family had come to welcome her, it was even more lively.

After dinner, everyone took a family photo together.

It was a long time before the fireworks outside finally stopped, and the welcoming ceremony was finally completed.

The daughter of the fourth daughter of the Gu family, Gu Tingyin, had been found.

The news seemed to have grown wings and spread throughout the whole of Hong Kong City overnight.

After the Gu family’s grand welcoming ceremony had gone viral on the Internet for an entire night, the next day, all the major aristocratic families in Hong Kong City received invitations.

The Gu family would officially be holding a banquet in honor of this pearl that they had painstakingly retrieved. This was so she could acknowledge their ancestors and celebrate her return to their ancestral home.

The moment the invitations were sent out, it confirmed everyone’s previous speculations. In private, they could not help but feel a little curious about this “Tangtang”.

The Gu family was the number one family in Hong Kong City. For many years, their way of doing things had always been rather low-key. This time, it could be considered a big exception. It was not hard to see how much they valued this young lady.

Many people wanted to see Tangtang’s true identity. Some people were already starting to get restless. They wanted to use this opportunity to build a good relationship with the Gu family.

At ten o’clock the next morning, Shen Li went to the Dutian Racecourse.

She was accompanied by the Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng.

They had talked about seeing her ride Qingfeng before. Now that the opportunity had finally come, they were extremely excited.

After arriving at the horse farm, Shen Li went to change into her riding attire.

It was the same outfit that Gu Tingfeng and Liang Su had picked out together.

After she had changed, she let the twin brothers go to the horse racing area first while she went to the stables, intending on personally fetching Qingfeng herself.

She had just taken a few steps when she heard an unknown voice coming from behind her.

“This young miss of the Gu family is really something. She has only just returned and hasn’t even shown her face yet. However, such a big fuss has already been made about her.”