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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 716 - The City    

Chapter 716: The City

This was a splendid and grand welcoming ceremony.

Shen Li watched in a daze as an emotion gradually welled up in her heart. It was full and sweet, as if it was about to overflow from her chest.

Gu Tingfeng looked at her and said with a smile, “Tangtang, Welcome Home.”

The Gu family’s old mansion had been built on Suyue Mountain which was next to the Lan River. It was a mountain villa.

Actually, it was more appropriate to call it a manor rather than a villa.

The plane slowly landed on the tarmac in the front yard.

It was already past 8 o’clock. It had already gotten dark, but the entire manor was brightly lit.

A group of servants and bodyguards had lined up outside and were waiting silently.

The moment Shen Li got out of the plane, she spotted Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu.

Behind her were Gu Tingchuan’s family, Gu Tingyun, and Gu Tinglan, who had specially rushed back to Hong Kong City on the same day.

She took a light breath and quickly walked over.

“Grandpa, Grandma, why are you all outside? Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Although the weather in Hong Kong City was like spring all year round, the wind was cold at night. The bodies of the elderly had to be carefully taken care of.

Old Master Gu looked at her. There seemed to be something surging in the depths of his weathered eyes. In the end, it only turned into one sentence.

“It wasn’t long. It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re back.”

He had already endured eighteen years. What were these short hours in comparison?

Old Madam Gu held her hand and looked at it carefully. Her smile was gentle and kind.

“Tangtang, you seem to have lost some weight. Have you been too tired recently?”

Shen Li smiled and hugged her, gently nuzzling against her shoulder.

“No, I just missed you and Grandpa.”

Old Madam Gu’s eyes were slightly hot.

Old Master Gu smiled when he saw this.

“Ah Qing, it’s a good thing that Tangtang has come home. Why are you crying again?”

Old Madam Gu pursed her lips and smiled.

“Yes, it’s a good thing. I’m just too happy.”

She had never thought that such a day would come.

Even in her dreams, she had not dared to think about it.


Finally, the Gu twin brothers could not hold themselves back anymore and ran over, with faces that were filled with excitement.

“Cousin! You’re finally here! We missed you so much!”

Shen Li stepped away from Old Madam Gu’s embrace and looked at the brothers with a smile.

“I know. You’ve said it so many times.”

“Cousin, when you came, did you see–” Gu Sicheng raised his hand and gestured. “The ‘Welcome Home’!”

Shen Li’s eyes curved in a smile.

“I saw it.”

How could she not have seen it?

On all the electronic screens on both sides of the Lan River, all the big and small screens had been filled with that sentence.

Gu Siyang walked over, knocked each of them on their heads, and said with a lazy smile, “Little brat, don’t worry. All the electronic screens in Hong Kong City have been completely booked for your cousin today, just to make her happy.”

He chuckled, turned around, and pointed down the mountain.

“Take a look. Even from here, we can still see it clearly.”

Shen Li followed the direction of his hand and looked.

At this moment, they were at the halfway point of the mountain, looking down from above.

Under the night sky, the Lan River meandered past. The cruise ships on the river shone brilliantly, and the sound of the cruise ships could be heard. On the high-rise buildings on both sides of the river, the bright characters on the screen continued rolling and flashing.

From a distance, the small characters on the small screens became like sparkling starlight, while the characters on the big screen were still clearly visible.

The light and shadow reflected on the river surface, reflecting a bustling scene.

Shen Li watched in a daze, as if she had peered into a corner of a blurred dream.


A bunch of fireworks suddenly bloomed in the dark night sky.

Shen Li suddenly woke up– This was not a dream.

Her family was here, her home was here.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if a switch had been turned on, the colorful fireworks bloomed one after another along the Lan River.

The originally dark night seemed to have been painted with a rich and dazzling light and color, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

The continuous sound of fireworks rang out in the sky above the Lan River, almost spreading throughout the entire port city along with the night wind!

Today was New Year’s Day, and Hong Kong City was filled with lights and streamers everywhere. It was a very lively atmosphere.

It was even more so on both sides of the Lan River.

According to the usual practice, on the night of New Year’s Day, there would be a light show on the Lan River.

Thousands of large electronic screens would flash with light in celebration of New Year’s Day.

In addition, there would be an especially grand fireworks show, beautiful and dreamy, with a jubilant atmosphere.

Therefore, by the time night had fallen, countless people had already gathered here. The atmosphere was noisy and lively, as people were ready to enjoy the festivities together.

However, when 8 o’clock came, everyone realized that this year’s New Year’s Day celebrations seemed to be a little different from the past.

On both banks of the Lan River, the lights were bright and flickering, and the words of light were slowly rolling. It was just as gorgeous and passionate as they had imagined.

However… something was different.

The words on it were different from what everyone had imagined.

— Welcome Home, Tangtang.

This line of words slid across the walls of the towering high-rise buildings and the surging waves of the Lan River, flashing before the eyes of all the people who were standing on the banks of the river.

Everyone was stunned. After a short moment of shock, the crowd became restless.

“Who is Tangtang?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard of her.”

“Amazing, it’s truly amazing! Did you see the clock tower across the river? I’ve heard that the quoted price for the use of the electronic screen is 100,000 yuan per second! This is a direct screen rotation… Isn’t this expenditure a little too much? More importantly, this would only be the cost of just one screen. There are so many screens on both sides of the river. How much would it cost to buy all of them?”

“There aren’t many people in Hong Kong City who can afford this, right? But who is this Tangtang? Why the necessity of such a big show?”

Countless people were shocked, confused, and full of curiosity. They questioned each other, but they still could not get an answer.

Just as everyone was still at a loss regarding this matter, the fireworks display began as scheduled.

Without giving anyone time to react, the brilliant fireworks bloomed across the sky, one after another.

From the end of the Lan River, the warm sound and brilliant light flowed along the river.

The Lan River ran through Hong Kong City like a belt made of pearls and jade. It was extremely luxurious.

Now, someone had monopolized all the light on this belt and focused it all on one person.

The bright fireworks almost lit up half the sky.

Everyone raised their heads to look, their expressions unable to hide their shock.

Their gazes unconsciously followed the flowing light. They saw the fireworks burn across the entire Lan River before heading in a certain direction.




The rolling hills quietly prostrated in the night, and the brilliant fireworks picked up the pace.

Finally, someone could not help but mutter softly, “That’s… Suyue Mountain?!”

As soon as these words were said, many people in the surroundings came back to their senses and immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Suyue Mountain? Isn’t that… where the Gu family lives?!”

Everyone knew that the manor owned by the Gu family was located on Suyue Mountain.

Over there, it could be far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet it could also overlook the Lan River. It truly belonged to the number one distinguished family in Hong Kong City, which was the Gu family.

Right at that moment, in the sky above Suyue Mountain, the grandest string of fireworks rose and bloomed!

The brilliant starlight gathered, and finally, a row of dazzling words was printed in the darkness of the night.

— Welcome Home, Tangtang.

Countless people were stunned on the spot, and their hearts and minds were shaken.

So it was the Gu family who had completely monopolized the prosperity and liveliness of this river and city, and had finally given it all to that person.

Just to welcome her home.